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Chapter 221: Melee (3)

Chapter 221: Melee (3)

Just in case of an angel attack, Upa had left many creatures in the rear. There was a chance he might be surrounded by Ariel's troops and the angels.

So he built a wall of creatures.

I decided to hit the weakest spot.

Even a solid wall would collapse if there was a gap.

The first one that stood out was Groggy. Groggy Inpir. He was one of Upa's demons who loved succubi. His one accomplishment was being able to summon the succubus queen.

Thousands of succubi were flying in the sky. Originally succubi were intermediate 4Lv creatures. However, they were enhanced due to the influence of the succubus queen.

I set the 30 real death knights here.

The remaining 300 death knights, that were actually doppelgangers, were placed at the rear as a screen. They wouldn't be that much help in this fight anyway. They were just there to give a sense of pressure.

The succubi turned towards me. Groggy, who was touching the succubus queen's chest, stared at me.

"Hah, Grand Duke Randalph Brigsiel! Aren't you protecting the castle? Stepping outside the castle is too dangerous for you!"

His tone was full of ridicule. Soon, Groggy and the succubus queen descended from the sky.

"This place looks good."

I replied leisurely. Groggy's smile widened further.

"Huhu! Then watch quietly. There is no place for you on this battlefield!"

"If I don't have a place then I should make it. Oswen."

Oswen briefly bowed his head.

"Yes, Your Majesty."

"Can you get rid of the guy in front of you?"

"It is the easiest thing to do. Instead, please take care of the succubus queen."

"Isn't it usually the other way around?"

"I think this can save a lot of time."

Oswen said with a smirk.

Indeed, Groggy Inpir was easy to kill. I would be able to leave him to Oswen.

"Believing in your creatures...this is a surprise. Randalph Brigsiel, if you interfere then I will kill you here."

I clicked my tongue.

"First and foremost, cut off his tongue. That voice is disgusting."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Kill him. Groggy Inpir's face was red due to our attitude.

The battle had already been going on for a few days. It was natural to get excited about small things.

"I disapprove of you having the title of grand duke! The only true grand duke is Upa!"

Thousands of succubi flew at me in a flash.

The bat wings filled the sky. Evening. The full moon further strengthened the succubi. They were similar to wolf type creatures. There was also the influence of the succubus queen...she looked like a normal succubus but was bigger.

'In short, the first thing I need to do is subdue the succubus queen.'

Wrath and the Emperor's sword.

The succubus queen had a very beautiful appearance. Violet hair and seductive eyes. Her red lips were swollen like they would burst. She had a shapely waist and protruding buttocks that were revealed by tight leather clothes, making any man want to jump on her.

-Mind's Eye has discovered 'Temptation of Instincts (Epic).'

High intelligence (111) calibration has succeeded in defending against 100%.

The skill was caught. It was entirely useless. Seduction skills didn't work on me.

'This is the first time I've seen a succubus queen.'

It was a bit of a novelty. Succubus queen. I had only seen it in books, so this was my first actual experience with one. I was told that the succubus queen could attract men and women due to her looks.

In that sense, Groggy was great. How much love did he have for succubi that he summoned a queen? No, maybe it was a direct birth.

'A high class creature.'

I used Mind's Eye.

Name: Succubus Queen, Dolla


Strength 99 Intelligence 91

Agility 97 Stamina 82

Magic Power 105

Potential: (474/474)

Uniqueness: Succubus queen. She has inherited the name of Dolla, the legendary succubus queen. Has a strong protection blessing. Every succubus in the vicinity will be affected by her.

Skill: Dolla's Protection (Epic), Temptation of Instinct (Epic), Queen's Anger (Ex Epic), Festival of the Whip (Epic)

Indeed...she was strong among the high class creatures. She was between a high class 3Lv and 4Lv creature. A creature that received Upa's recognition. It was the reason they were the only ones in such a wide space.

It was unfortunate that I was here. Then one more message popped up.

-Dolla's Protection (Epic) has encountered Power of Domination (Ex Epic).

Power of Domination will offset 64.4% of Dolla's Protection.

Dolla's Protection has become very weak.

I smirked. The Power of Domination had various effects, and it seemed to exert itself on a wide area skill.

It wasn't bad. Dolla's Protection had been a light imposition. I wanted to finish this quickly.

However, there was no need to overdo things.

Despite being weakened, the succubi were still moderately strong intermediate creatures. Their numbers weren't enough to reverse the situation.

Groggy's expression became determined.

However, the fight had already begun.

"Then I will teach you something, demon."

Oswen held six swords with his six hands.

They were excellent swords. They were all directly made by Oswen. He was a blacksmith good enough to create the Seven Sins set.

He absolutely never made half-hearted things. Oswen desperately made the weapons. That was Oswen's pride.

The succubus queen grabbed a whip. I stared into her eyes and thought.

'An existence in a book. This isn't your place.'

At first she was a novelty. That was all.

A few thousand. A succubus queen had appeared in the world after a few thousand years.

However, I would return the succubus queen to the storybooks once again.

The wall created by Upa was surprisingly poor.

Was he not worried?

Or the error might be because he was focused on Ariel Diablo.

I only joined briefly and there was already a hole.

It wasn't surprising so I didn't care.

'We were enemies from the beginning. I am not gentlemanly enough to be kind to the enemy.'

I was a little better than other demons. There was no point in feeling resentment towards me. At any rate, this was a perfect opportunity to defeat a grand duke with no risk. I would borrow Ariel Diablo's hands to do so.

I just needed to pierce through Upa's blind spot.

Blind spot. I was currently located in his blind spot.

All of Upa's nerves were completely focused on Ariel Diablo, so he couldn't easily move even if he heard the news.

Even if he did move, the timing would need to be perfect. It was because Ariel Diablo couldn't be left out.

He had no choice but to keep fighting her. That was Upa's fate.

"This is enough."

I had killed three of Upa's demons. I also received some damage. A large majority of my creatures were lost.

This was enough for now. There was a gap and it was Ariel Diablo's job to find this gap. I had no reason to care anymore.

"Hu! Now what do we do, Your Majesty?"

Oswen asked while wiping his brow. Actually, he was an undead so he was just pretending to be sweating.

I put away Wrath and the Emperor's Sword before turning away.

"You have worked hard. The doppelgangers that have turned into death knights, it is enough if they just wander around without fighting."

"I will watch Upa."

"I will return to the castle."

"Your Majesty, is that okay? Right now there are no loyal followers of Your Majesty in the castle."

Oswen joked around. I gave a moderate reply.

"Don't meddle. I will go back and look at the situation. If you need anything then come and find me."

Oswen nodded his head.

"Yes, I will lead the rest of the creatures."

His task was decided.

I started moving. I soon assimilated with the wind and disappeared.

I had a reason for returning to the castle.

It was to see the pieces. And I needed to find the timing to launch 'Hope.'

Hope wouldn't explode unless I instructed it to. In order to get the timing accurate, it was better to watch from the castle since it was slightly away from the battle. I needed to understand the whole context to get the best timing.

Underneath the castle. There was a secret room hidden. I could see all the areas of the castle from here.

Thousands of crystal balls were intricately linked.

'It is a device that instantaneously boosts all the magic power in the castle. Pandemonium also won't be able to find me here.'

This was one of the items belonging to the Hell Monarch. A device that caused an enormous amount of magic power amplification. Pandemonium might be experienced in magic but he wouldn't be able to find the Hell Monarch's device.

I constantly monitored the situation in the castle using dozens of crystal balls.

I looked into the crystal balls as I pulled out five pieces from the training room.

'The advanced training room.'

The pieces were tokens obtained from clearing the room.

Chrisley, Tashmal, Yoo Eun-hye and Edward had entered the advanced training room. If so, there should only be four pieces. However, I already had five.

'One was used by Hash.'

That's right. The method I used to mature Hash in a short amount of time was the advanced training room.

The body didn't age in the training room. But it was possible for the spirit to grow. The flesh wasn't grown but he could be able to think like a reasonable adult.

If not, I wouldn't have allowed him to go to the angels' sacred zone. Even if he was a cherub, there was a possibility that he would be influenced by the other angels. However, that worry decreased after his spirit grew to some extent.

'Why did the Hell Monarch prepare this?'

I had that question from the beginning.

He was close to perfect yet he prepared something like this.

I was curious about the reason it was placed among his treasures.

There were many other legendary items so this one was conspicuous.

It wasn't intended to grow his subordinates. I also wondered why only five people could enter. There were also the pieces given after they left the room safely. I strongly sensed that something would happen once all the pieces were gathered.

I was going to check it now.

I placed the five pieces on the ground.

But I didn't have a chance to put them together. I placed the pieces back into my magic bag.

'A guest.'

I felt indications that there were many creatures present.

It was like they were prowling around looking for someone.

They suddenly appeared. They didn't seem to have any good intentions.

I shook my head and exited.

It seemed like I needed to welcome these guests.

This place wasn't for them.