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Chapter 220: Melee (2)

Chapter 220: Melee (2)

I climbed on top of Greenwich Observatory. It was evening with a full moon. The battle lasted a few days.

I placed creatures in Greenwich Observatory.

The number itself wasn't much and there weren't any high quality creatures, but the combination was good.

There were 500 saber tigers and 500 orc variants, with trolls and ogres mixed in moderately. And I also added 'doppelgangers.'

'They can only copy the appearance, but it doesn't matter in a situation like this.'

Doppelgangers could change their appearance to look like the opponents. Although it wasn't a strong intermediate creature, the utilization rate was excellent. In this situation, their uses as 'scammers' would shine even more.

I had hidden 300 doppelgangers in the basement of the Greenwich Observatory. All of them transformed into death knights. I also mixed in 30 real death knights among them. Thus, a good death knight unit was completed.

'There is no need to increase the damage.'

They were just a formality. I would use them to play the opponents. Despite not participating in the battle, I would be able to show off some influence.


It was already the second day.

Everyone was moving around the Ark.

Ariel, Upa, Pandemonium and the angels were engaged in a bloody feast!

Before they noticed something suspicious, I needed them to look at me.

It was too early to use Hope.

'The moment the winner is decided. Just when they think everything is over, I will be the one to laugh last.'

Although I could see the effect of the item through Mind's Eye, it still wasn't clear how strong Hope was. So, I needed to make moves to minimize the risk.

Waiting. Patience was something I was good at.

'How interesting.'

I turned around. Oswen had finished all the preparations.

"Your Majesty, if you tell me then Oswen will destroy all your enemies."

Oswen declared in a vigorous voice. I could feel his sincerity. He followed me for only one reason. I saved him and dealt a blow to the Hell Monarch.

I laughed.

"You sound like Maxium. Yes, have you received any contact from Maxium?"

"He has entered the dungeons of two demons of Upa's faction."

"Things are going well."

Oswen shrugged.

"It is thanks to the powerful reinforcement that Your Majesty gave him."

Originally, Maxium's role was to hinder Upa. Now he was given a new mission: to occupy dungeons.

I also refilled his troops. The high class Mago and bone dragons, as well as skeleton soldiers!

I gave him all the high class creatures that I didn't use to catch Gustarte.

It was in order to create more confusion in the melee fight.

'Upa will be distracted while fighting Ariel.'

If this was a normal situation, many of the troops would have left after hearing the news. However, Upa was currently waging a war against Ariel. He couldn't afford that right now.

Thanks to that, the task of occupying the dungeons was proceeding smoothly. It didn't matter if it was an important stronghold or the dungeon of a low ranking demon. All the mattered was getting as many dungeons as possible.

That alone was enough.

I was satisfied with that. I was doing several things at the same time and everything was going as I wanted.

"Your Majesty. Whose side do you like? Ariel Diablo, Upa Bullenon or Pandemonium? Or do you want to take the side of the angels?"

Right now, everyone was an enemy. The tacit agreement had been broken. Once the fire was set, nothing could stop it until the result was seen.

"The answer is obvious."

I pulled out my sword.

Then I said.

"All who oppose me are my enemies."

Chwang! Chwang!



All the creatures were crying out. The doppelgangers that weren't really death knights simultaneously pulled out their swords.

It was a suitable show.

I would ensure that we were noticed.

"Let's go."


Pride's flames emerged.

The first ones that aimed at me were the angels. Despite the angels rushing, I stayed still. I didn't want to be forced to move my hands.


"Yes, Your Majesty."

"Who do you think will win?"

A large ship. Upa and Ariel were engaged in a bloody battle near it. It was a fight that showed no signs of ending.


"Isn't Ariel slightly dominant?"

"A war isn't won with only one strong person."

Oswen was a commander in the Underground World. Despite regaining himself, that experience still seemed intact.

I tapped a finger against my forehead.

In the 1:1 fight between Upa and Ariel, the one that was dominating was Ariel.

If this continued then the gap would keep growing.

On the other the confrontation between demons and creatures, Upa was leading. Ariel only brought a few elites so her numbers were too few. The absolute number advantage was inevitable.

The gap between Ariel and Upa would keep on widening.

In particular, the silver knights...they were showing a great performance, but I used Mind's Eye to study their skills.

'They will fall at the same time. This is the end.'

Giant Mountains (Epic) was certainly a good skill, but it had the disadvantage of all of them collapsing at the same time once all the stamina was consumed. Little by little, gaps were forming and more troops were required to fill that vacancy.

"What about the fight between Pandemonium and the angels?"

"Pandemonium will win. His ability in melee combat is excellent."

I agreed.

The longest surviving demon. A person who mastered demonic magic.

That was Pandemonium. He was used to situations like this.

In contrast, the angels were forced on the defensive.

They were being grinded down.

"What do you think Pandemonium will do once he wins?"

"He will either deal with both or attach himself to Upa. Pandemonium and Upa have similar tendencies."

Upa and Pandemonium instinctively knew one thing.

Ariel Diablo's strength!

In my previous life, she was the winner. She survived until the very end.

"Then we will have to help Ariel Diablo."

"Weren't you aiming for that from the beginning?"

In this battlefield, at least one of them should be eliminated.

I was sure of that.

But it was a little bit difficult because it was Ariel Diablo.

She had the honour of complete victory in my previous life. Personally, I hoped that the final contest would be against her. It would be a neat ending.

In that sense, Upa and Pandemonium were tricky. So it might be easier to clean them up first.

My army was small, but it would be enough. I would give Ariel Diablo a chance to turn the situation.

My first action was the most important.

Upa, Pandemonium...

The result would be completely different depending on who I aimed for.

"Aim at Upa. Hash isn't a child that will break that easily."

"Isn't that a problem with the angels' command system?"

"That won't be a problem. Right now, Hash has a complete understanding of melee combat."

"Aren't you overestimating him?"

"Your Majesty, Tashmal has arrived. She is currently next to Hash."

I frowned.

I didn't understand Oswen's words for a moment.

"Tashmal is corrupted. How can the angels fail to notice that?"

"She isn't right next to him. She is following from a distance and giving advice. It isn't hard for her to use the angel system to convey a message. And...doesn't Hash follow Tashmal very well? He is like a child trying to look good in front of his mother. It will make a difference. Of course, the outcome won't change much, but the angels will be able to deal a bigger blow."

It was convincing.

Anyway, Oswen was better than me when it came to strategies on the battlefield. I could admit this fact.

I had always acted alone in my previous life.

I nodded and said.

"Okay. Attack Upa."

I concluded. If the angels were motivated to stop Pandemonium then I had some time. In the meantime, I would help Ariel take care of Upa.