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Chapter 219: Melee (1)

Chapter 219: Melee (1)

There was evil. But not all evil was the same. There was a difference in intensities.

I was evil. However, the degree of evil depended on my choices.

I chose to destroy the other demons. I had no desire for Earth since my dream was to win over the grand dukes and return to the Demon World as the devil. I would laugh loudly as I welcomed everyone.

Compared to that, I felt no desire to conquer a place like Earth. There was also the promise with the 72 gods. So...they could rest assured. Once I became the winner, Earth would be safe.

Yoo Eun-hye was troubled. But it wasn't an exaggeration to say that she had already come to a conclusion.

There was no better choice besides me. They wouldn't be able to break through the other demons on their own. Angels? They also killed humans.

I looked at her with relaxed eyes.

In addition, there was Hope.

It was contained in a large iron box.

The appearance didn't match its name.

I opened Mind's Eye.

-Name - Hope (Legend)

Description: A one time disposable item. A bomb filled with the hope of humanity. It is a mixture of skills, cores and self-sacrifice. Be careful. It will cause a huge explosion that will erase everything it touches. Nature friendly. There are no side effects.

** If the total of stamina, strength and intelligence is less than 250, there is a 100% chance of disappearing.

** If the total of stamina, strength and intelligence is between 250~260, there is a 80% chance of disappearing.

** If the total of stamina, strength and intelligence is between 260~270, there is a 60% chance of disappearing.

** If the total of stamina, strength and intelligence is between 270~280, there is a 40% chance of disappearing.

** If the total of stamina, strength and intelligence is between 280~290, there is a 20% chance of disappearing.

** If the total of stamina, strength and intelligence is over 290 then the effects are unknown.

Strength, stamina and intelligence were all defensive stats. Strength was a little bit different. However, the efficiency of Hope changed depending on every increase of 10 points.

For me, the total of those three stats had already surpassed 290. I didn't know what would happen but I wouldn't disappear. The grand dukes also wouldn't receive a significant blow.

'Humans have managed to create this type of thing.'

I couldn't help feeling surprised. A legend rating. The result of human desperation was quite brilliant. Self-sacrifice was a skill where the person literally sacrificed themselves. If it was used several times then it was impossible for the item to have a low rating.

I touched my jaw. It seemed to be a fairly powerful weapon. It wouldn't be very effective against strong or transcendent beings, but the bomb would reduce the enemy troops.

Million of creatures were gathered here and most of them belonged to other demons. If it was used at the appropriate time then many creatures could be killed.

"Rose will guide you to a place to install the bomb. Once the installation is complete, escape and wait for my signal."

Installing it in the centre of Greenwich Observatory was good but not very effective. It was better to drop it in the middle of the battlefield.

I didn't wait for Yoo Eun-hye's decision.

Even if she made the wrong decision, it wasn't easy to change the story.

'Kim Yong-woo. He deliberately kept his mouth shut.'

The guild master of Heaven's Will. He had a quick head that always thought about the benefits. He kept his mouth shut despite knowing my identity.

'He probably didn't want to make a big mess.'

The status of Devil Hunters would have fallen and Korea would have become enveloped in turmoil.

It was a situation where keeping his mouth shut was more advantageous.

I turned around slowly.

Anyway, I had achieved all my goals for coming here.

I secured the pieces from the training room. I also confirmed Yoo Eun-hye and Edward's growth. It was all very satisfying. In particular, the growth of Yoo Eun-hye and Edward was very steep. It was more than twice as fast as it was in my previous life. In the near future, demons would be reluctant to face both of them.

'I can't finish everything in this fight.'

It would take a little bit longer.

I could handle things during the turmoil, but pushing myself too much might cause a backlash.


I smiled coldly while maintaining my pace.

The battlefield would be changed. As long as Hope was as good as I thought it was. If it successfully exploded then a very interesting scene would be produced.

Hundreds of thousands of creatures were flocking. They pressed against Ariel Diablo's army. But things weren't progressing quickly.


White light was coming from the silver knights. That light connected the silver knights.

They shared strength, damage and skills.

It was 'Great Mountains (Epic).'

When thinking about it simply, it meant it was possible to deal a shock to all the silver knights.

However, the silver knights had excellent individual abilities. They were even able to fight against high class creatures. Upa had an absolute advantage in the number of creatures.

Ariel Diablo's demons were also unbelievable. They followed her like she was a queen. They all acted like knights. They never neglected their training. Thanks to that, they were able to continue fighting despite the numbers disadvantage.

"Damn cancer, I will stop this."

Upa was furious. He thought it was possible to win through overwhelming numbers, but that wasn't the case. It was also hard to concentrate on fighting with the angels around them.

"Upa Bullenon, if you don't watch your words then your mouth will be torn out."

Ariel wore armour and a weapon made from the bones of a balrog. A balrog was a high class Lv5 creature, so it was considered one of the best. The resistance to magic power embedded in those bones was beyond imagination. It had the ability to invalidate quite a few skills.

In a simple 1:1 confrontation, Ariel Diablo had the slight advantage.

It played a big role in arousing Upa's anger.

Upa spread his arms wide. A number of black spheres rose from his arms. The black spheres were black holes that sucked in everything around them. He gathered them together into one huge black hole.

The black hole had a very strong pulling force that didn't distinguish between friends and foes. But Upa didn't care. He needed to dispose of them.

Ariel's expression changed subtly.

She instinctively perceived the danger in this skill. It wouldn't leave anything alive.

"Abyss Sword."

The patented skill of Ariel Diablo!

Her sword was surrounded by chaos.

Ariel was threatened by Upa's skill, but she showed no intention of avoiding it. She was going to tear him apart piece by piece.

She didn't think that the black hole could stop the Abyss Sword.

Ariel Diablo and Upa collided in the air.


Pandemonium frowned.

The situation was grave. The movements of the angels were strange.

'We are being herded.'

The angels were driving the creatures with the Ark. He didn't notice at first, but it became clear as time passed.

'Do they want a melee?'

Ariel Diablo and Upa Bullenon were engaging in battle near the Ark. Pandemonium had no intention of intervening in their fight. It would be good for him if they fought. If the damage to both of them was great then he could get rid of both of them.

But this plan was broken due to the interruption of the angels.

It seemed like everyone was fighting near the Ark. Or there were some other intentions.


It was at that moment. Dozens of shadows gathered around Pandemonium.

"Did the mission fail?"

Suruk. Sururuk.

The shadows didn't speak. Instead, they only talked using subtle movements.


He clicked his tongue.

They were shadows created by Pandemonium himself.

Shadow hunters.

He created them to assassinate demons and creatures.

He had sent 3,000 of them and they looked like they had been in a violent fight.

'They weren't enough to catch the cherub.'

A cherub was the second ranked angel in the upper hierarchy.

He had experienced this once in the Demon World. They had amazing powers. There were 3,000 shadow hunters yet it still ended in failure.


The shadow hunters couldn't help shaking after seeing Pandemonium's disappointment.

"Hmm, you failed to hunt the cherub but did you get the thrones angel?"

Tak. Pandemonium clapped his hands. A thrones angel was a high ranking angel. It was lower than the cherub but it was better than nothing.

'The thrones angel is called Opinion.'

Opinion was a thrones angel who fell to Earth and Pandemonium knew a little bit about him. Among the angels, he was someone who had a strong leadership ability. His eyes that watched the battlefield were excellent and he did the work of 10 commanders.

He was killed. In order words, killing Opinion would crack the system between angels.

'It wasn't a total failure.'

Half of it was a success. Perhaps this result was better than assassinating a cherub.

It was a different story. It was time to move.

"Tell all the creatures. Move to the Ark. Let the angels know how difficult a melee battle is."

Melee combat wasn't something that everyone was capable of.

Could they keep their heads and solve complex situations?

Pandemonium had a lot of experience. He was confident. If Opinion was dead then he could win this battle without much damage. might not be impossible to hunt Upa and Ariel.

He tried to avoid direct combat with them, but it all depended on the circumstances.

Going to the Demon World was important, but he also had to eliminate competitors here.

'Randalph Brigsiel. You should be careful.'

Pandemonium didn't release his tension.

Suruk. Sururuk.

In response to Pandemonium's movement, the shadow hunters melted into the ground.