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Chapter 217: Hope (2)

Chapter 217: Hope (2)


"Yes, it's been a while."

Rose completely removed her cloak as she came closer.

The young lady was holding a long scythe in one hand.

Yoo Eun-hye asked with amazement.

"Why is Rose-nim here?"

"Master told me to come. Yes? By the way, am I scary? Why are you so cautious?"

"Rose-nim shouldn't be here. Or...did you come with the Saviour?"

Rose was confused.

"Saviour? Ahhh ~ that is him. By the way, is that big thing Hope?"

Rose pointed towards one of the team members with her scythe. Two members were carrying something.

But Yoo Eun-hye tensed up even more at Rose's words.

Why did she know the name Hope? Only a very small number of people, including Kim Yong-woo, knew that name.

Yoo Eun-hye formed tight fists and said.

"...That's correct."

"Wah ~ really? Master, it is correct!"

Rose turned her head and cried out.

Who was behind her?

Yoo Eun-hye's question was answered in a matter of seconds.

A shadow showed up behind Rose.

Yoo Eun-hye was shocked after seeing the shadow.


It was a man wearing a skull mask. A key figure in the guild who always disappeared, yet would reappear whenever they needed him.

People kept on saying he was dead. He had a tendency to move alone until he finally died when exploring a dungeon. Another time was due to a monster wave. At any rate, the majority of people thought he was dead.

Since then, Korea was invaded by demons and overwhelmed. Countless people died and cities were destroyed. Every time, Yoo Eun-hye and other Awakened always thought he would return.

He always appeared when they were facing danger. But he did not appear.

The demons unleashed a large number of creatures and devastated Korea.

So his presence was slowly forgotten.

"It has been a while. Yoo Eun-hye, Edward Windsor."

The man took off his mask.

At that moment, Yoo Eun-hye's eyes shook.


That face, she was sure of it.

There was no mistaking it.

It was a face she had memorized and seen many times.

He was the one who found Yoo Eun-hye and built up her foundation.

The man who led her from the front.

He also caused Edward's talents to bloom.

" are alive."

Yoo Eun-hye spoke with as much calm as possible. She wasn't her old self. The playful and bright Yoo Eun-hye had become an adult. She was a warrior who knew how to compromise with reality and fight coldly. Now she had the role of leading the party.

"Many things have happened."

His voice was different.

A heavy bass. A cold expression.

His arrogant eyes that looked down on everything.

She was pleased but couldn't crumple. Randalph Brigsiel had been her idol. However, he was already dead.

Maybe he was revived through a demon's plot.

It didn't matter if his appearance was the same.

It was now customary to have doubts first.


One of the members asked Yoo Eun-hye as they stepped forward. They noticed that an unusual atmosphere had formed.

The members who didn't know the relationship between those two or Rose's identity were confused.

However, Yoo Eun-hye didn't hear their voices. She was sweating and trying to conceal the fact that her heart was beating wildly.

"Why are you here? How does Rose-nim...?"

"Why do you think?"

He asked. Yoo Eun-hye was confused.

Rose was one of the Saviour's children. The Saviour saved Korea and soon disappeared. Only Roy and Rose remained. People held up his children as kings. The influence of the two dark elves in South Korea could be considered the best.

'...It isn't possible.'

Yoo Eun-hye's body trembled. It was like being hit by lightning.

She had considered it once in awhile. The Saviour hid his face. No one knew what he looked like. Yoo Eun-hye sometimes thought that the Saviour was 'him.' Randalph Brigsiel might have appeared like that on purpose.

But no matter how positive the thought was, it was unreasonable.

There were similar but slightly different parts. It wasn't simply referring to his appearance. To be honest...the person called the Saviour had a very atmosphere around him. Fear. There was something about him that touched their primitive instincts. Sometimes it was horrifying to see his indiscriminate slaughtering of creatures.

Randalph Brigsiel had a different atmosphere.

And their capabilities were different. Although the leader of the Devil Hunters had been the strongest human, he wasn't at the level of the Saviour.

The dark elves...demons or creatures.

The Awakened, including Yoo Eun-hye, were convinced that the Saviour was one of those existences.

Even so, none of them said anything. The civilians had no power. They needed to have faith and hope to rebuild Korea. If he could make them stand up then they wouldn't question the Saviour's identity. It was a secret they would keep inside them forever.

However, the captain of Devil Hunters had been a human. She believed he was a human.

He was violent, but Yoo Eun-hye thought he was different from a demon. So far, demons and creatures had never compromised with humans. Korea had only one dungeon but that was changed due to the invasion by other demons. The floors disappearing played a pivotal role.

So the captain couldn't be the Saviour. It was too far-fetched.

'Master, Saviour...'

Yoo Eun-hye considered Rose's words.

But...she just couldn't know.

Her body shook and her eyes rapidly moved. If those two were the same person...

"It seems like Kim Yong-woo hasn't said anything."

The man said.

Kim Yong-woo?

The guild master knew something?

It sounded like he knew and was deliberately hiding it from them.

The man had a cynical smile on his face as he spoke.

"I was the one who gave the warning that the demons would gather."

"The British leaders..."

"Humans tend to hide their own dirty linen. By the way..."

It seemed like he had confirmed something as he asked Yoo Eun-hye.

"It looks like your growth is fine. Wasn't the training room quite helpful?"



Yoo Eun-hye's legs weakened.

Only two words. But they were decisive. Yoo Eun-hye and the Saviour were the only ones who knew the meaning of those two words. The Saviour said that Yoo Eun-hye would know everything after she became stronger. His words were implying that this was the time.

" ally?"

She barely managed to open her mouth.

It was natural to think that the Saviour would be a friend.

Yet she still felt anxious.

She couldn't get rid of this anxiety that came from the deepest part of her heart.

She was glad but now everything was confusing.

If he turned into the enemy then nobody would be able to stop him. She thought that everything was playing into his hands.

"You...are you a demon, Randalph Brigsiel?"

The Saviour wasn't a human.

All the Awakened were sure of it.

There were some who believed he was an 'angel' or a 'god', but that was also uncertain.

When looking at the angels, the Saviour definitely couldn't be one. No holy power could be felt from him at all.

In contrast, a god...Yoo Eun-hye's belief in the gods was completely dead. She also ruled out the possibility that he was a god.

Creatures. They were the puppets of demons. They were affected by demons.

The rest...she hated to admit it, but there was only one option.

There were a few Awakened in Korea who thought the Saviour was a demon. They didn't want to believe it. They self-rationalized it.

More than anything else, the words wouldn't emerge from their mouths.

Human faith was surprisingly easy to collapse. And once faith collapsed, they were likely to feel despair.

In a world filled with despair, they tried to maintain a glimmer of hope.

Everyone knew it.

Now was the time to think about tomorrow and have hope.

Thanks to that, Korea was in the process of recovery.


Yoo Eun-hye looked at him and swallowed her saliva.

It was okay if he was a human.

All his actions could be justified.

But what if he was a demon?

Everything he had done since the beginning would be different.

And he would have had an agenda for raising Yoo Eun-hye.

Her idol that she trusted in would turn into a betrayer. All his actions would need to be reconsidered. It certainly wasn't good...

Soon he opened his mouth.

"That's right."


The members simultaneously pulled out their weapons.

The conversation was translated through magic items so everyone understood the meaning of 'demon.'


A target that needed to be handled before the creatures.

No, if the demon could be eliminated then the creatures in the dungeon would naturally disappear. matter the situation, they had to destroy the demons.

"S-stop. Don't attack him."

Yoo Eun-hye barely recovered and tried to stop the members.

However, they were members picked from different countries. They hadn't originally followed Yoo Eun-hye. She was only temporarily the leader because she was the strongest.

Due to this, they were able to move independently.

"But there are only two opponents."

"It can't be helped."

"Captain Yoo Eun-hye! How can we not fight? The two of them are suspicious so did you deliberately lead us towards them?"

"It isn't like that. Never!"

Doubts started to form. Even if Yoo Eun-hye denied it, the eyes of the members started to gradually change.

"Then please stay out of this. We can't just let a demon get away after encountering them."

They wanted to kill all demons and creatures. If the opponent appeared then they would attack first.

It seemed like humans and demons could never compromise.

"Power of Heaven!"

"Enhanced Strength!"

"Blessing of Strength!"

The members used buff skills and rushed towards him.

It was something that Yoo Eun-hye couldn't stop.

She could only stay still.

Yet he didn't seem threatened at all.

A sardonic smile was on his face.

"I won't spare those who aim their swords at me."

He declared.

Soon, his words became reality.