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Chapter 216: Hope (1)

Chapter 216: Hope (1)

The beginning was simple. Capture the Ark. However, a relationship between two people soon became a big obstacle.

Ariel Diablo. Upa Bullenon.

The two of them were at war.

They cut down each other's forces and plotted against each other.

After arriving here, it was tacitly agreed that they wouldn't fight.

But that was nothing more than putting out an urgent fire.

The fire roared up even bigger.

It wasn't a concern until it became a big problem.

The result was...

There were no surprising results.

The confrontation between the two was taken for granted.

In terms of sheer numbers, Upa was the winner. However, Ariel was far ahead in terms of quality. In addition, Ariel's faction were waiting nearby.

The simple confrontation between demons and angels spread in a totally different direction.

'This is the most fun thing in the world.'

I was remaining still. Once this happened, the only one hunting the angels was Pandemonium.

It would be easy if all the grand dukes were facing one enemy, but Pandemonium was forced to take on the angels alone.

I...was a bystander.

I hadn't brought that many creatures here in the first place. Many had gone to face the magician of the moon and were injured. I decided to go watch the fight between Ariel Diablo and Upa Bullenon.

If I was noticed then I could just pretend to hunt the angels.

Besides, I was the only one who could open the path for them. I wouldn't be outright attacked just yet.

The fire spread and no one could stop it.

"Are you going to ride the angels' ship? It is only suitable for being burnt!"

Ariel was insistent. She had the bloodline of a devil and had a very bad opinion of angels.

"Isn't the angels' ship still a ship? It is very good. This bitch, your eyes are already rotten."

Upa didn't change his opinion.

Most of the angels on the Ark were removed.

Now the only decision remaining was to own or burn the ship.

But the differences in opinion between the two couldn't be narrowed.

It wasn't a big deal, but the grand dukes had a lot of pride. They had no hesitation about fighting between each other.

"A way to solve this problem exists traditionally. Upa Bullenon, I will end you here."

Ariel Diablo raised her ivory sword.

Balrog. A sword made from the ivory of one of the strongest creatures! It was the balrog's bad luck that it was said to have been destroyed by the devil due to its strength. Their population was low so I was curious about how she obtained this sword on Earth.

"Okay. I will welcome any fight from this bitch."

Upa laughed wildly, revealing his teeth.

Hundreds of thousands of troops emerged simultaneously.

Ariel Diabo's army numbered approximately 5,000. Even if there was a qualitative difference, it was hard to bridge this absolute number difference. In other words...this was likely to be Ariel Diablo's grave!

"Visach Mentam. You will take the vanguard."

He was one of the dukes. Upa put him in the front as a vanguard.

The huge Ark had crashed to the ground. A huge war between Ariel and Upa was occurring.

A demon fight was very simple.

Gather, fight, crush.

It was the tradition of the demons to pour all their power in until the opponent was completely destroyed. There were rarely any fights on a small scale.

It might be like a duel between nobles, but an aspect involved a war of attrition.

Now the two of them had started a 'traditional' fight.

In conclusion, they would end up using all their strength.

Upa had overwhelming numbers but I guessed the odds of him winning as 6:4. The difference in numbers couldn't be ignored and I could see that Upa's side was a little superior. However, Ariel wouldn't have decided to fight if she didn't think there was a chance of winning.


This couldn't be better for me.

Both of their strengths would be shaved for me.

One person might be able to fight back but the damage would be considerable.

If so, it wouldn't take Pandemonium that long...he also couldn't afford to deal with the angels alone. Perhaps the one most confused about this situation right now was Pandemonium.

Thanks to me, he couldn't stand still and engaged in an all-out war with the angels.

It was clear that the angels had glimpsed an opportunity in the battle between the two grand dukes.

I expected that there might be a conflict, but I didn't think it would explode like this. I was satisfied and would love to watch this fight. However, I felt like I had to go to the next step.


I turned my head away.

I was looking at a little figure covered in a cloak behind me.


She took it off when I called out her name.


The dark elf female that was Roy's twin.

Originally she should be in Korea but I specifically called her.

Rose grinned after her head was revealed by the cloak.

"Yes Master."

"Follow me."

"Yes Master."

"Be on the lookout for the rest of the angels. There is no need to actively fight. White will lead the saber tigers and attract the angels here."

There were hundreds of newly born white tigers that grew rapidly in the dungeon. As one of the main creatures, I decided to use White and the saber tigers as bait.

I intended to attract the angels to this place and make the fight between the two even more dramatic.

I had brought approximately 3,000 creatures to Greenwich Observatory. Most of them were intermediate to advanced level creatures. There were many saber tigers mixed in among them.

There wouldn't be any difficulties in carrying out the operation.


White briefly cried out.

Then he quickly disappeared from my field of view.

Not to be outdone by him, I also moved.

'Now it is time for the item to be delivered.'

My cheeks were itchy with impatience.

I needed the humans' Hope to achieve another purpose. By now, they should have reached their goal at Greenwich Observatory.

The situation on the battlefield was urgent.

So Yoo Eun-hye was forced to move faster.

There was a battlefield where it was difficult to predict even one second ahead. A field where kings were fighting.

There was a high possibility that they would become caught in the middle. Being caughtup in it would just cause their deaths.

"There is an underground passage that is connected to the basement of Greenwich Observatory. There won't be many creatures and we can leave after installing Hope in the centre. Only a bit more to go."

The place where they were currently standing was a ruin. However, there was a gap between the buildings. That gap was the underground passageway connected to Greenwich Observatory.

Yoo Eun-hye and her team started removing the wreckage. Afterwards, they entered the passageway without releasing any of their tension.

The passage was naturally dark. If they weren't Awakened then they wouldn't have been able to see in front of them. Thanks to going beyond the limits of a human, they were able to find their way in the dark.

'The communication got cut off.'

Their line to the guild master Kim Yong-woo was disconnected. Yoo Eun-hye ignored it and just focused on the darkness around her. From now on, no outside assistance should be expected.

They had to overcome this ordeal by themselves.

Duk. Duuk.

Their footsteps could be heard.

Ssik! Squeak squeak!

There was a lot of rainwater and rats. It seemed like this place had been abandoned for a long time.

Yoo Eun-hye had seen so many horrible things that she wasn't surprised by rats anymore. She moved while preparing for any attacks from creatures.

'There is no reason for them to not know about the passage under the observatory.'

That's why she couldn't release her tension.

If she built a castle then it would have an underground area.

She would know all the places connected to the underground and would put guards on it in advance. It wasn't strange. matter how far they went, no creatures could be seen.

The only living organisms were rats.

'Is it this easy?'

She frowned. No creatures had emerged in this long passage. There were no defenses at all.


It was a possibility. However, demons wouldn't bother waiting for a trap. Rather, it was more convenient and effective to place a few creatures to protect the underground.

"Noona, I don't have a good feeling."

Edward spoke carefully.

"There are no creatures."

"Even if there are none...I don't feel good."

"There is no other road but this one. It is impossible to enter Greenwich Observatory from the normal methods."

She also didn't have a good feeling.

Yoo Eun-hye turned her head and looked at the team members once again.

They all had nervous expressions on their faces.

Now was the peak of their mission.

And...Kim Yura's expression was dark in another manner.

Apology? Guilt?

'She is probably just nervous.'

There was no time to dig into the details.

Yoo Eun-hye turned back to the front and started moving forward.

She had memorized the path of the passage in advance.

There were no obstacles blocking their path.

At that time, they heard a voice in the darkness.


At first, she mistook it for a hallucination. But the voice of a woman clearly entered their ears.

"I told you to stop."

On the other side of the passage.

They were almost at their target when someone showed up.

Yoo Eun-hye and Edward's eyes widened as they saw the person.

The others were puzzled and vigilant. But for Yoo Eun-hye and Edward, that presence wasn't normal.