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Chapter 214: Ark (1)

Chapter 214: Ark (1)


The silver knight hesitated. Leaving the position to grab honey water didn't make sense. If he wanted then his subordinates would instantly grab honey water for him.

Furthermore, he added 'Yihi' to his sentence. The silver knight couldn't help feeling misgivings.

Yihi swiftly realized her mistake and explained.

"Hum hum, it was for Yihi. Yihi! I, my lovely fairy."


The silver knight showed signs of distrust. Confusion was also visible.

Grand Duke Randalph Brigsiel. As of now, he was the most famous of the demons. As a demon, he wasn't the type to use the word lovely.

However, Yihi didn't pay attention to the silver knight's reaction and improvised.

"Listen well to my words. My Yihi! I...she is the best fairy."

"...I understand."

The silver knight had nothing more to say. She had made a decision.

"Then...I will tell Ariel Diablo that Randalph Brigsiel left to get honey water for his lovely fairy Yihi."

Yihi didn't sense the sarcasm and nodded. The silver knight stiffened with surprise.

"Can I really say that?"

Yihi quietly looked at the silver knight.

The silver knight didn't speak anymore.

'There must be a reason for this behaviour. He is Randalph Brigsiel' were her thoughts.

His appearance was so different from what had been seen before.

Out of all the demons, he was the one with the most overwhelming charisma.

It was natural to think there might be a trick.

Of course, Yihi had no idea and just wanted to praise herself while looking like Master. However, the silver knight obviously misunderstood.

The silver knight bowed and left.


Now Yihi's mouth loosened.

She was proud of herself for crossing that hill unharmed.

However, nobody knew what Ariel Diablo's reaction to this would be.

There was a little angel. He was looking down at the ground from the sky while wearing a crown made of grass. Around him, numerous angels were engaged in a fierce battle with the creatures.

But apart from that, the little angel had a very gentle look. His appearance was cute like a cupid, but a air of nobility was felt from him.

Hash was a top rank cherub.

At present, he was leading them on behalf of the angels and was playing the role of commander. Even though he didn't know everything about strategy, the other angels helped clean things up nicely.

He was young, but the angel hierarchy was strict.

"93rd unit, destroyed by Upa Bullenon."

"77th unit, engaging in a fight with Ariel Diablo. Assemble all nearby troops."

"33rd unit..."

There were battles going on but they didn't forget to report back. Numerous commanding angels hurried to Hash and suggested what to do.

All Hash needed was to give consent.

Even if he couldn't speak, his will was naturally transmitted to them.


A thrones angel also in the upper hierarchy called Opinion talked to him. The angel with huge wings approached with a resigned expression.

As Hash shifted his glance, Opinion continued talking.

"The situation isn't good. I will lead the troops and punish the seeds of darkness."

Like his words, the worst situation was currently happening on the battlefield. In particular, Ariel Diablo and Upa Bullenon's presences were very difficult. The two grand dukes were annihilating the angels so the momentum was with them.

At this rate, the damage would only increase. It wouldn't be a bad choice for the thrones angel to move and try to overturn the situation.

Opinion confronting the grand dukes was an option.

Hash closed his eyes. It wasn't long after he was born but Hash absorbed everything faster than anyone else. He finished understanding the life and death battlefield, and realized what qualities were needed for a leader.

There were three types of angels in the upper hierarchy and the cherub was near the top. Only the seraphim and Celestial Ruler were higher than them.

There were only two seraphims. There was one Celestial Ruler and Opinion was one of five thrones. Truly the best of the best. It was natural that his speed of learning would be extraordinary.

Even so, there was still a lack of experience. This was a battlefield that wouldn't even tolerate one mistake.

Right now a decision was needed.

And it needed to give the best outcome.

The best outcome was killing as many creatures and demons as possible.

He received a message from his master, Randalph Brigsiel.

Sending Opinion right now was the worst option. He needed to lead the battlefield until the end. Randalph Brigsiel was a warrior who knew more about the battlefield than Hash.

Hash couldn't stop here.

Hash opened his eyes.

As he felt thousands of eyes looking at him, Hash sent them a short message.

It was permission to use the 'Ark.'

After Grand Duke Upa swept through.

Yoo Eun-hye and her party were able to speed up a little more.

The road to reach the centre was hard and long, but they couldn't give up.

However, there were some regrets.

If they failed.

They regretted not taking out Upa and his demons when there was the chance.

It really was a golden opportunity while he was fighting the angels.

Upa and his demons wouldn't have noticed.

All the team members would have been swept away by the explosion, but they could have killed a grand duke and many demons.

'No. I can't give up Hope just to catch one of them.'

Yoo Eun-hye hardened her heart every time she felt this.

Sometimes creatures and angels moved like the were scouting. There was no need for the party to worry too much. Angels wouldn't attack humans first and the creatures wandering weren't strong.

"At this rate, we will arrive at our destination in three hours. Our ultimate goal is to plant Hope at the destination and return as quickly as possible. There must be no one who falls behind."

Yoo Eun-hye spoke from the front. She had given this warning several times.

Three hours.

Three hours spent in hell.

Everything around them was the enemy. There were many opponents they couldn't afford to cross.

If their luck was bad enough to get caught by a scout, they could lose both Hope and their lives.

Yoo Eun-hye continued encouraging her team members.

The story that they could win, that they were humanity's hope.

It didn't alleviate the grim atmosphere.

It had been too shocking. The sight of Upa wiping out the angels alone. It was enough to plant the perception of being untouchable in the hearts of the humans.

"Wait...what is that?"


The party stopped moving. Everyone was looking at one point with their mouths wide open. They were highly trained elites. Yet Yoo Eun-hye and the members were all amazed at what they saw.

It floated in the sky.

Even though it was a considerable distance away, the object was so big that it was visible to the naked eye.

"It is...a ship."

Kim Yura said with a strange expression.

That's right. A ship.

A wooden ship floating in the sky!

It looked like a normal ship, except for the fact that it was big enough to cover the sun.

'Please don't be a bad sign.'

Yoo Eun-hye barely suppressed her sigh as she stared at the sky.

Unexpected things kept on happening.

She was extremely worried about whether they could reach their destination safely.

Upa shifted his gaze from the angel whose wings he was tearing towards the sky.

"Something moderately interesting showed up."

Upa laughed roughly. He had been bored hunting ordinary angels. His opponents were only mid-rank angels and soldiers, with no high ranking angels being sent out.

It tasted of hunting.

The plan was obviously to consume a lot of his energy.

However, Upa followed this plan despite it being obvious.

He thought that the real opponents would come out if he kept on slaughtering the angels. seemed like the real thing had now appeared.

"Turn around. From now on, I will take over the ship."

There were some cerberuses with black wings. The symbol of Upa, the huge castle Bullenon, was painted on their collars.

Upa's hundreds of thousands of creatures started to move.

There was a half smile on Upa's face.

He desired that ship. So he would capture it directly.

It was a ship made by angels, but he thought it would be temporarily useful while he didn't have Bullenon.

Upa already imagined standing in the centre of that ship.


Ariel Diablo.

She had stopped hunting and was resting for a while.

The angels had only sent weak soldiers.

There was a huge difference between them so she lost interest.

She was just watching Upa hunt when a ship appeared in the sky.

Ariel Diablo raised her ivory sword. A sword made of balrog ivory.

A hazy bone armour was also around Ariel Diablo. The bone armour wrapped around her whole body and there was a long tail.

The bone helmet seemed to look like a dragon's head and her magic power naturally dominated the surroundings.

"Let's go. I deserve that angel ship."


Cheok! Cheok!

The silver knights lined up behind her.

An answer wasn't required.

They only acted according to her will.

Ariel Diablo kicked off from the ground.

Wind blew up the dust as she instantly disappeared.