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Chapter 213: Gustarte (5)

Chapter 213: Gustarte (5)

The creatures succeeded in escaping the dungeon. At the same time, Gustarte got free and started acting. The scene was like a miracle as Chrisley's hands started sweating.

Since the ground-based creatures scattered, only the maneuverable airborne ones were left behind to lure Gustarte.

Dungeon Master was coming using the bone dragon's speed, so Gustarte had to stay trapped until then.

At the very least, the griffin and king wyvern would be able to keep up with Gustarte. There was even a bone dragon here.

It was funny that all this power was here, but they were only focused on distracting the opponent.

'That's it.'

Chrisley coolly commenced with the plan.

Gustarte had no idea after losing all his ego.

Even though they were luring him, he showed no signs of stopping.

The target place had hundreds of small stones scattered.

Gustarte entered this place.

If a few stones could seal his movements for dozens of minutes, hundreds would be able to semi-permanently seal him.

'The giant slime is an item from the gods.'

Chrisley laughed at Gustarte from the back of the griffin.

A giant slime.

It was once a big headache for a duke's dungeon and it was now Dungeon Master's armour.


A few remnants of it had been picked up. This was the identity of the stones. They might be the remnants of a fake Greed, but the stones were quite effective on Gustarte.

In Dungeon Master's previous confrontation with Gustarte, he said that his armour wasn't seriously damaged. He focused on that to create a method to counter Gustarte.

It was great in hindsight. They would have received serious damage without it. She really respected this part.


Chrisley nodded.

They finally succeeded in attracting the target to the desired place.

It wasn't without damage, but the result was very good. Now everything would be perfect if the seal succeeded.

Chrisley thought of it as a huge mountain range. It was a spell that was invoked by the hundreds of Greeds planted throughout the mountain range.

And the spell was quite simple. The magic power of the stones was already connected to Chrisley.

Then Chrisley opened her mouth.



The entire mountain range turned red. Intense light was emitted from hundreds of stones towards Gustarte. The magic spell surrounded Gustarte and greedily swallowed his magic power. The result was a great success.

I folded my arms. I stared at the place where Gustarte had collapsed.

The night sky had cleared up. The moon had lost its light. It was simply Gustarte.

"It has been a while."

I laughed.

I wasn't expecting an answer.

A god had fallen to the ground and seemed no different from a mortal. His body was shivering like a wet lamb.

'Even though all the magic power is blocked, he still hasn't gained his awareness as a god?'

It was questionable. In order words, it meant that magic power wasn't controlling Gustarte. I wondered about the method to control a god.

I had met a big rabbit in the Reverse World. 0001 called it an 'infection.' The 'program' was a word that emerged from his mouth. It meant controlling Gustarte did simply involve magic power.

There was a slightly different, more unconventional way. It would be close to the secrets of the gods, meaning that Upa almost succeeded in tasting the fruit of the gods.

This happened in my previous life.

It was the strongest Ariel Diablo.

But in this life, Okullos and Upa were the ones involved.

I had directly punished Okullos but...if a similar thing happened again, I would have to be careful when striking Upa.

"Good job."

I turned and looked at Chrisley.

"I was just doing my job, My Dungeon Master."

Chrisley responded roughly. Her complexion made it seem like she was going to collapse soon. Some creatures were half dead before they managed to get Gustarte in the circle.

I wasn't greatly affected due to Infinity Armour. This was a phenomenon confirmed by several experiments. It was because Infinity Armour was made out of Greed's body.

"The damage?"

"Gigantes died and 30 advanced creatures were killed. There are approximately 20 seriously injured. Except for the dead, all the other creatures have succeeded in escaping."

Ho! My mouth formed a thin line. This was a great success. I honestly expected that I would lose more than half. It was obvious for a meeting like this.

However, the task was accomplished with far less damages than expected. Chrisley had played a large role in this.

Still, the death of Gigantes made me cold.

"It is regrettable since he was pretty loyal. Bury his body next to the Tree of Origin."

Chrisley went down on one knee.

"I will follow your command, My Dungeon Master."

"Make a comfortable spot for the rest of the dead creatures."


Joy appeared on Chrisley's face. Was it due to my attitude towards the creatures?

Anyway, her performance was very commendable.

Those who made great achievements should have suitable rewards.

They would receive a burial place near the Tree of Origin.

Being buried at the Tree of Origin was considered a great honour among the creatures. I set the rule that this wasn't allowed for just anyone.

Thanks to that, I was able to achieve this level of admiration. It was a welcome thing for me. There wouldn't be any separate troubles.

'Middle rank god, Gustarte.'

I pulled out the Moon Arrow. He was half caught due to Greed so the arrow would surely work. I didn't know what the effect was, but the legend ranked item would surely do something.


The tip of the arrow trembled.

The key to solving the 'arrow' was in the arrowhead. It was a matter of seeing whether Gustarte's ego would be restored like 0001 said.

'If there is no effect...'

It would be good if that happened. There were many things I wanted to try with Gustarte. The body of a god was so rare that it couldn't be found anywhere else in the world.

'I'm sorry, but I can't keep my promise for now.'

I laughed and put the Moon Arrow away again.

I made a promise with 0001, but a time wasn't set.

I wouldn't fulfill my promise to use the Moon Arrow until I fully experimented with Gustarte's body that was a god.

'There is a familiar feeling to him. This feeling...the Hell Monarch.

He wasn't sane right now, but he somewhat resembled the Hell Monarch.

My heart was beating wildly so it wasn't unrelated.

However, the Hell Monarch was someone who failed to become a god.

Now a real god had fallen in front of my eyes so I wanted to know the reason why.

I changed my mind.

I originally intended to use the arrow, but not anymore.

The secrets of the gods were also interesting. In addition, I intended to figure out the method that Upa used. It was necessary to dig the secrets out of Gustarte.

'I will get his body.'

I turned back to Chrisley.

"Tie him up using Greed's stones. Drag him to the dungeon for separate research. Leave it with the lich, but you should participate."

"I will do so, My Dungeon Master."

"It is only my guess, but you should be able to obtain a lot if you study Gustarte. The lich will like it."

Gaparam, the lich studying the homunculus, would joyfully jump at this chance. Creating a true homunculus was challenging the realm of the gods. He couldn't get anywhere without seeing a god itself.

Furthermore, it would be a good experience for Chrisley in many ways.

"My Dungeon Master. Are there any specific areas of research that you want?"

I stopped a smile from forming. Her eyes seemed pretty interested. Based on Chrisley expressing these words, it seemed like there was an experiment she wanted to try.

"Just dig into the secrets of the gods, including how Upa managed to control him. Add this to the research."

Chrisley was overflowing with motivation. I pulled out the Moon Arrow again and handed it to Chrisley.

"I feel an amazing divine power."

"The Moon Arrow is an item. It is legend grade and originally intended for Gustarte. If this arrow touches Gustarte's body then his condition should improve. However, that should only be done at the end. We can't study him if he recovers his divinity."

"I will keep that in mind."

"This arrow should be investigated separately."


Chrisley nodded to all my words. Chrisley liked research so she didn't mind being given this mission.

I had no doubt that there would be a good outcome. I didn't mind even if there weren't significant results. The secrets of a god weren't that easy to find.

"I will return to Greenwich Observatory. Wait for my return at the dungeon."

"...Please be safe."

"No one will harm me."

"I know."

She didn't doubt my strength. No matter what dangerous situations arose, I had the power to protect myself. Chrisley was well aware of this.

After I confirmed that Gustarte was restrained, I turned around.

I couldn't leave my position there for too long.

And this uneasy feeling wouldn't go away.

Yihi stood on the clock tower of Greenwich Observatory in the guise of the Dungeon Master. The Dungeon Master had crossed arms and a stern expression, but there was a sense of discomfort when looking closer.

Oswen advised 'don't say anything and stay calm', but it was unclear if she could follow those instructions.

Moreover, the surrounding gazes were irritating.


Yihi inwardly cried out. Her mouth drooped down a little bit. It was awkward due to the unfamiliar body and she couldn't even stand properly.

Creatures were hiding all over the castle. Now they were simultaneously staring at the Dungeon Master. There seemed to be dozens, perhaps hundreds.

Their gazes were casual so it was like she was sitting on a thorny cushion. Yihi couldn't be blamed for feeling uncomfortable.

"Grand Duke Randalph Brigsiel."

Then someone suddenly appeared next to her. A silver knight with a white emblem! It was one of Ariel Diablo's aides that she had seen a few times.

Yihi involuntarily swallowed her saliva. She didn't know what to do in this situation. She hadn't been aware that someone would casually walk over and just talk to her.

Yihi's face distorted before returning to normal.


She didn't say anything.

Now she had no choice but to follow Oswen's words to stay silent.

'Master is taciturn so it doesn't matter.'

Besides, this was the position of a grand duke. There was no need to be friendly to an opponent.

"Excuse me, but when are you going to move? Ariel Diablo said that you wouldn't continue to stay here. Unless there is a special reason."


It felt like thorns had entered her mouth. She wanted to answer but she knew her own bad habits. She couldn't stop herself from saying 'Yihi!'

'Oh my god.'

'Master saying Yihi!' She couldn't even imagine it.

She didn't even want to imagine him with such a habit.

The silver knight continued talking as there was no response.

"She added that staying here means you won't have any good intentions. I hope that we can continue our good relationship with Grand Duke Randalph Brigsiel. Please tell us why you have blocked the nearby magic power. For a moment, it seemed like you were going somewhere else and didn't want to be tracked..."

It was very blatant. The question being asked was very blatant. And the silver knight was waiting for an answer.

'Tell me what you were doing.' How should she answer? At any rate, Yihi was certain that the silver knight wasn't stupid.

There was no answer so the silver knight took one step back.

"If you don't say anything then I will tell Ariel Diablo."


Yihi's eyes twitched.

If the opponent received the wrong meaning then an irreversible misunderstanding might occur. No, it was likely to happen!

Ariel Diablo hadn't showed any intentions to touch Master. She acted friendly towards him. But what would happen if the opponent's attitude changed? Master was sure to scold Yihi.

Therefore, Yihi tried to speak as sternly as possible.

"I...for a moment...went to drink honey water. Yihi."