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Chapter 211: Gustarte (3)

Chapter 211: Gustarte (3)


Yihi blinked.

She knew he used a teleport scroll. The problem was that it happened suddenly.

"Hiing. Where did he go without telling me?"

Yihi pouted. He had disappeared, leaving only the words 'I believe in you' behind. He had shrugged when saying it but he had faith in Yihi.

"Ah! This isn't the time. Don't I need to call Oswen?"

Yihi clapped and quickly moved her wings. Anyway, Oswen would know the whole story when she met him.

Oswen was sitting in the basement of the castle and taking a break.

"Oswen! This dead body!"

"I was killed by someone and became a skeleton...I've heard worst insults, Fairy-nim."

"Master sent Yihi to you."


"Yihi doesn't know. Master suddenly went somewhere."

Yihi shook her head.

Oswen was frustrated by her answer.

"You don't know?"

Oswen worried about it for a moment.

"I can roughly guess, but I wonder if Fairy-nim can do it well..."

"What? Yihi can do it well!"

"Really? Then I'm glad. Fairy-nim must imitate Master."


"You have to transform. Can you fool the enemies? If they discover that Master isn't here then they might wonder what he is doing."

Yihi's eyes widened.

Oswen laughed at her reaction.

"Are you not confident?"

"Ah, no, Yihi is confident. But how can Yihi imitate Master when Yihi is so small?"

"I have a way."

"You have a way?"

"Who am I? I am Oswen, Master's left arm. Of course, Fairy-nim is his right arm. I will make Fairy-nim so perfectly like Master that no one will notice."

After a moment, Oswen pulled out a book.

"This book contains a lot of details about Master. The book will change you into the person written in it."

"Uhh, eung..."

"Then shall we begin?"

Oswen opened the book. After reciting a few words, a grey light surrounded him.

After three minutes, Yhi looked exactly like Randalph Brigsiel.

Even the flow of magic power was similar. It should have been able to deceive the creatures. It was unknown if Yihi could pull off the role but...

Oswen would later reconsider having Yihi play the role, but the water had already been spilled.

The magician of the moon, Gustarte, was strong. It was natural. He was a god.

A god.

A unique being that was called divine and immortal.

It was natural that a mortal had no chance of beating him.

But Gustarte was under the control of a mortal. He was extremely unstable from losing his sense of ego. In other words, it meant he was only half a god. A god was a unique type of being. The spirit had to be intact.

It was easier to say that he was located between a mortal and an immortal.

So it didn't necessarily mean a mortal was doomed to perish against him. The problem was the method.

After the location was determined, Chrisley moved with powerful creatures. She gathered all the high class creatures and those with good maneuverability.

Then she started to move once all the grand dukes gathered at Greenwich Observatory.

Gustarte was with another demon.

Earl Rakikan!

He was one of Upa's dependable subordinates and his creatures were quite high level.

"We will block all external magic power."

Chrisley said. She pulled out a small bottle. The bottle was opened and she scattered powder on the ground.

The powder travelled in every direction and soon a thin wall was formed. The length reached dozens of kilometres.

"Using my magic power, the duration is three hours. We must lure in Gustarte."

"Do it. Win!"

The first one to answer was a titan. The 100 creatures around it stomped their feet like they understood. The hydra was also behind it.

Chrisley raised her wand.

The reason for this operation was simple.

To prevent communication with the outside. It was highly likely that Rakikan would send a message to Upa once they started to move.

Chrisley had to move with that possibility in mind. They had to move carefully and succeed in this mission.

The price of this powder was enormous. Even Dungeon Master suffered when buying it.

If the failed...the risk was too big.

Greenwich Observatory was very dangerous right now. Dungeon Master had a considerable shortage of creatures around him. It was due to the fact that all the high class creatures were here.

She wanted to be there but Dungeon Master said that her help was necessary for this operation to be a success.

If so, she had to succeed.

"The first goal is to kill the demon Rakikan. Keep that in mind."

Fire burned in Chrisley's eyes.

She subsequently said.

"Then let's get started."


The nine hydra heads roared at once.

Kung! Kung!

The other creatures advanced.

Earl Rakikan.

All the strong creatures were gathered here.

The magician of the moon was a variable but if they got rid of Rakikan quickly, there would be no one to control him. Then they could take care of the rest of the creatures.

'Everything is for the sake of My Dungeon Master.'

Chrisley's 'Death Wand' fluctuated due to her will.

Earl Rakikan.

He was the 5th rank demon in Upa's faction. It meant he was right after the dukes.

But he couldn't attend the important meeting. He needed to control the mysterious magician of the moon, Gustarte. It was unknown what would happen if Gustarte was left alone so he needed a watcher.

Rakikan was aware that this was important, but he still wanted to attend the meeting.

"I can't help feeling regret. It sounds like a pretty interesting situation."

Rakikan sat in a small castle and sipped wine. It was boring. It was obvious that most of the demons were gathered in one place so he was unlikely to receive an attack.

"Should I go and see the situation a little bit...? I can use this guy to take care of some demons."

These were his true intentions.

Anyway, there was no possibility of an enemy striking.

Only the device was needed to control Gustarte.

He didn't understand why a senior demon needed to be used for something like this.

"I know Upa-nim's real intentions but it is really boring."

He drank all of the remaining wine.

Two creatures were fighting in front of him.



An orc lord and bugbear!

The bugbear was an advanced 3Lv creature that was one level higher than the orc lord. However, the use of space was more important inside the castle. By taking advantage of the geographical features, the orc lord was slightly ahead.

Numerous creatures were gathered around to watch the fight.

This was entertainment. He didn't have anything to do so this would pass the time.

"The winner will be granted one wish. Whether it is females, weapons or a wider place to live in the dungeon."

Rakikan declared with a smile.

The creatures would fight harder if they were being paid.

Among the prizes, females or a higher floor in the dungeon were most desired. The closer they were to the top floor, the more magic power that was available. They could be more secure and breed powerful creatures. In addition, it meant getting Rakikan's favour.

If Rakikan sat on the left or right side of the devil then the creatures in his dungeon would also receive benefits.

The tribes were able to receive wider land and were guaranteed stability. Their species could keep on multiplying.

In many ways, the creatures also had dreams.



After a life and death struggle, the orc lord won over the bugbear. The orc lord immediately tore off the bugbear's head.



The bugbear's head rolled on the ground and soon the huge body collapsed.

"What is your name? Unlike the bugbears who don't think, you would have a name."

"I am Iron-eating Lion."

The orc lords had pretty high intelligence. They were able to speak easily.

"Iron-eating Lion. You have won a few times and now it is time to fulfill your desire. What do you wish for?"

"Red Wolf, fend off, please."

"The Red Wolf tribe?"

"We, the Iron Lion, confront our tribe."

Rakikan touched his jaw.

Cases like this didn't often happen.

Frankly, the orcs were often lacking from Rakikan's viewpoint. They wanted to replace each other but also used some ambiguous methods. Using 'survival' through fighting like this was also considered a honourable method.

It might be that the other tribe had a similar strength and defeating them wasn't easy.

'It might not be bad.'

It was already asked. A demon could forget that he made a promise, but this was something he did due to boredom. He didn't want to kill the tribes.

"Okay. The location of the Red Wolf orc tribe will be on the 6th floor in the future. Meanwhile, the Iron Lion tribe will be placed on the 14th floor."


Rakikan's dungeon consisted of 20 floors.

Among them, the 14th floor wasn't a place they could live in unless the creatures were pretty high level.

It was a great reward so the orc lord was thrilled.

'Once I return to the Demon World, I will create a separate dungeon.'

Rakikan laughed. Running a dungeon was quite fun. He wanted to repeat that fun in the Demon World.


The dungeon convulsed.

"...What is going on?"