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Chapter 210: Gustarte (2)

Chapter 210: Gustarte (2)


Hundreds of black spheres rose around his body, creating an overwhelming black typhoon. The space twisted and the boundary between the earth and sky disappeared.

It wasn't a usual typhoon. Surprisingly...this phenomenon was nothing more than a weapon created by Grand Duke Upa.

His right hand grabbed the bottom of the typhoon and the typhoon followed the movements of his hand. The typhoon was handled like a sword and instantly evaporated the angels.

"...A monster beyond the level of a human."

Yoo Eun-hye said miserably. They weren't attacked because they weren't targets. They were a considerable distance from him, so if they were lucky enough to find a hiding spot then they might not get caught. However, the odds were very slim. Still, it was more risky to move away from this place.

A dilemma.

Once all the visible angels disappeared, it was likely that a big attack would head their way.

"That is a grand duke."

Kim Yura. She was a high priest along with her sister. They were always calm, but right now her voice was strange.

It was filled with something other than fear.

However, Yoo Eun-hye didn't realize the subtle difference.

"Is it different?"

"A grand duke is much stronger than those at the same level. For sure...yes."

There were 23 people surviving in the party. All of them were silent with fear after Kim Yura's words.

It was because they were stunned by the battle scene itself.


The huge typhoon rose and fell like a piece of paper. Nothing remained in the area that the typhoon swept past. It wasn't enough to say that they were processed. It was at a level to move a mountain.

And the black sun floating in the sky like a black hole was steadily pulling in the angels around it. One person was overwhelming the angels so it was impossible to measure his strength.


At that moment, Grand Duke Upa laughed loudly.

There was one angel not threatened by the typhoon or sucked into the black hole.

An angel with three pairs of wings. An intermediate rank angel.

Rays of light were pouring out from her. The light seemed to protect her from all attacks.

Upa said with a smile.

"Can that light protect you forever?"

"God's blessing is a solid thing that can't be penetrated!"

"That is great."

Soon Upa touched the typhoon with his right hand. The typhoon divided into hundreds or thousands of blades that wrapped around the angel.

Upa rode on one of the blades and approached the angel. And he carefully pushed his hand into the light.


It was a light that resisted evil. As soon as Upa's hand touched it, the light fiercely rebelled and tried to burn him. However, there was a triumphant smile on Upa's face and the area his hand was touching was turning dark.


Upa's hands grabbed the angel's neck.

"I will eat you myself."

Once all the light had disappeared, his right hand stroked the angel's body as his mouth bit her neck.


Yoo Eun-hye closed her eyes at the sight.

She didn't want to see an angel being eaten by a demon. The scene itself was a triumph for evil. Even if angels didn't help humans, they were still divine beings...she felt somewhat weird.

'I'd rather...'

Yoo Eun-hye was struggling.

They had brought a bomb. The name was 'Hope.'

If they used it from this distance, would they be able to kill Grand Duke Upa?

It would be one great achievement. Hundreds of thousands of creatures would also be wiped out so it wasn't a bad exchange.

'A last resort. If we get caught then I will press the switch for the explosion.'

She opened her eyes and breathed out.

She would act depending on what happened between Upa and the angels.

Fortunately, Upa turned around and all the creatures followed him.

"I'm going crazy."

Yoo Eun-hye finally spoke a while after Upa left.


"Crazy. What type of unspeakable monster is that?"

"Can we win, Captain?"

The remaining party members calmed down their wildly beating hearts.

"We still have Hope. As long as we have Hope, we can win."

Yoo Eun-hye repeated like she was hypnotizing them.

While all the party members agreed with her, Kim Yura and Kim Min-ji had a completely different reaction.

In particular, Kim Yura's eyes were complicated.

"Grand duke..."

I watched everything from the clock tower in the centre of the castle. My senses touched the sky and the earth, making it possible to read everything that was happening in the vicinity.

'Upa doesn't hesitate to use his force.'

Ariel Diablo was at war with Upa Bullenon. How much power did he have that he didn't hesitate to use it? I had to admire him.

'He has found most of the power from my previous life.'

It felt like Upa had transferred everything over from my previous life. There seemed to be no difference from then and now. How did he achieve this?

'I remember that once he transcends, he can summon the giant castle Bullenon.'

I had transcended but it wasn't true transcendence. The same was true for Upa. It meant he wasn't qualified to summon the castle Bullenon.


I shuddered just thinking about it.

It was carved out of the largest mountain in the Demon World and once Upa summoned it, no one could stop it.

'The only thing I don't see is Pandemonium's power.'

Ariel was leading her knights and slaughtering the angels. The white knights seemed to become stronger when they were together. Moreover, not all of them were fully grown yet so they weren't perfect.

On the other hand, Pandemonium wasn't active in removing the angels. He didn't even leave the castle.

"Pandemonium, he must be thinking that I would try to escape."

I started laughing.

I had created this situation. Naturally I couldn't be excluded.

A lot of creatures were left to watch over me.

"Pant pant! Master! Master!"

I suddenly heard a familiar voice.

When I turned my head, Yihi was flying towards me.

"What's going on?"

I immediately used magic power to block the area around me. I needed to be careful about surveillance. It would be a hassle if the 'work' I was planning was passed onto the enemy.

Yihi wiped her forehead with one hand and opened her mouth.

"Master. Yihi just received a communication. It was from Chrisley. Yihi wondered what it was..."

"Don't be afraid to tell me."

"The magician of the moon has been captured."

"I see."

I nodded.

The magician of the moon!

It was as I thought.

I suspected that Upa wouldn't bring the magician of the moon to this place due to his instability, so I had been planning to catch the magician of the moon.

Fortunately, my plan seemed to be working. The magician of the moon had been found.

'I'm not sure what they want but...'

The grand dukes' special event.

I still wasn't exactly sure what it was.

They wanted me for a specific purpose.

I was uncertain due to this part.

But at least I knew what I could get my hands on.

I looked beyond the horizon. There was no room for rest. The area was filled with dark smoke and blood. The angels were being pushed back. Upa and Ariel's offensives were very sharp.

If the angels were destroyed then Hash would be threatened. I was worried but I didn't mind at all.

'The angels aren't idiots.'

They wouldn't always be pushed. I had learned about the angels from Hash. The number of deaths was regrettable but they caused considerable damage to the demons.

I searched for something.

Soon I touched a sharp arrow. It was the item that 0001 had given me.

The legend ranked 'Moon Arrow.'

It was an essential item to take care of the magician of the moon 'Gustarte.'

I didn't know what this arrow would do.

My next move would depend on whether he was successfully bound or not.

"I need to move from this spot for a while."

"Huh? Do you plan to look around? Yihi thinks..."

I looked around me. In addition to Upa, the other grand dukes had a lot of creatures left. It would be difficult if they noticed my movements.

But I couldn't not move.

"Call Oswen. He will take care of the rest."

"Yes, Master. I just need to call him?"

Yihi flapped her wings.

"I believe that you will do it well."


I took out a teleport scroll and tore it. I blocked the flow of magic power in this area but this scroll was a special grade. There was a disadvantage of not being able to move far, but I could move quietly without disturbing the flow of magic power.

After a while, I quietly disappeared. The only one remaining was the confused Yihi.