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Chapter 208: Those who Gather (3)

Chapter 208: Those who Gather (3)

Special event!

It was an event that appeared suddenly and they didn't know when or where it would happen. But I didn't know about any special events right now.

In addition, the others didn't have a big reaction to the words 'special event.'

That wasn't it.

'Do all the other demons have a special event? But I didn't receive it.'

It was strange.

If everyone else experienced a special event then there was no reason for me to be excluded. But I was excluded and they responded quickly to my invitation.

At least, that was what I saw.

Pandemonium came close to me and said.

"Open the way to the Demon World, Randalph Brigsiel. You know how to do it. If not, you wouldn't have thought of gathering all of us like this. There is no time for a banquet."

All eyes turned towards me.

'This isn't good.'

My goal was to make the grand dukes hostile and uncontrollable towards each other.

But everyone was aiming towards me. I would never be able to win.

At that skin started to prickle as I felt holy power.

"The angels have left the sacred zone."

Ariel Diablo declared as she stared towards the east.

'Not good...'

The news made matters worse.

I only wanted one thing. The demons would start to crack at the meeting while the angels and humans pounced. All the demons and creatures were gathered here so they would receive considerable damage.

And I would start the negotiations from the most favourable place...

'It is broken.'

They were only focused on me for some reason. The words 'special event' rang in my ears. I didn't know why I didn't see it and they did.

'Shouldn't a special event happen to everyone?'

So I started to try and clean this up.

Right now I had a headache, but there was still a chance to turn this to my favour. Rather, I had the ability to reverse the situation to put myself on top.

I thought for a moment.

For example, the emergence of the Cruel Commander Maxium. The message was delivered to all demons and human Awakened. Not only that, I also had experience from my previous life. It was abnormal no matter how I thought about it.

Something had taken a terrible turn.

I wanted to find out but I had to pretend to know the situation.

If I didn't know then they were likely to have suspicions. The grand dukes would jump on me. I had to avoid that situation.

'The Demon World. They believe I can open the path to it. No...they are hoping I will open it.'

I inwardly nodded.

A large amount of angels were coming from the east but there was still time.

A method to travel to the Demon World. I know a possible way.


Yihi's golden crown.

It was a treasure she received that sent me to the Underground World. It was a simulated world created by the Hell Monarch.

As a wasn't impossible to return to the Demon World. It was only a prediction but the likelihood was high.

'I wonder why I didn't get a message about the special event. If Yihi is the key then that would also apply to me. The message not being delivered...maybe it is for those who belong to the system but have nothing to do with the special event or those who don't belong to the system.'

I scowled.

The system made by the devil was highly sophisticated.

Of course, I belonged to the system. I had come to Earth through the agreement with the devil.

I shouldn't be cut off from the special events.

So the only thing left were those who didn't belong...there were some creatures who appeared as special events in my previous life where clear messages weren't received. This was for sure.

'The Hell Monarch.'

I couldn't think of any more possibilities.

Of course, he was recognized as the Dungeon Master. But he couldn't operate the dungeon itself. At the same time, I was recognized as the Hell Monarch. Otherwise Yihi's crown should have returned me to the Demon World.

There were still many doubts.

I had the Heart of the Hell Monarch so the world might recognize me as the Hell Monarch.

Of course, the demons were unaware of these facts.

At the same time, I remembered the curse on the high dark elf. Chrisley's mother lost her life in an attack from someone with a similar magic power. It was hard to believe that there would be third person who inherited something from the Hell Monarch.

Was this somehow connected with returning to the Demon World?

As far as I knew, the Hell Monarch was one of the strongest. There were few who could fight against him in a 1:1 fight.

He died due to the manipulation of the gods but who could stop him if he was resurrected?

'Something must have happened in the Demon World for them to be so eager to return.'

It was obvious.

I formed a loose fist. I straightened my back and looked towards the east.


Kwa kwa kwang!

The outside of the castle was already a battlefield.

The creatures waiting outside and the angels coming from the east engaged in battle without hesitation.

Many demons also left the castle to control them.

This situation seemed unacceptable and I wanted to finish it as soon as possible.

I gave a small smile when I saw it.

At first it seemed complicated, but I just needed to look at the important parts.

'I am still holding the key.'

My mind became lighter.

The term 'cherub' referred to a superior angel who was said to have sublime wisdom. The second highest amongst the ninth level angels, they were very powerful.

It wasn't impossible to call them a one man army since they possessed the power to take care of a grand duke.

Right now, a cherub was the highest rank among the angels on earth. Although he hadn't been born for a long time, he exerted absolute influence on the angels.

Tens of thousands of angels appeared from all over the world.

They proclaimed a dungeon in China as another sacred zone. From there, they were able to become stronger and regain their lost strength.

Of course, the sacred zone was a fortress and the demons didn't dare attack.

Now the angels had forsaken that fortress and attacked the demons. Their numbers might be inferior...but most of the angels had recovered their strength and wouldn't be easy.

Even so, the results were fixed...

'Without the humans...'

The angels weren't the only ones moving under my hand.

Hash moving the angels on Earth had been a success, so now it was time to wait for the other side.

The joining of the humans.

The exact date was set so they would be fools if they didn't move.

It was quite a cheap method.

'Unless an upset happens, I can watch with both hands behind my back.'

I stood on top of the clock tower.

It was time to watch everything occurring.

The Awakened secretly hiding started to move. The moment that the grand dukes started to move, the humans thought of it as an 'opportunity to decide the world's fate.'

They used their information network to read the movements of the grand dukes and creatures, and became convinced they were heading to Greenwich Observatory.

At the very least, it was obvious that something unusual was happening at Greenwich Observatory. It was an opportunity to take care of the demons.

"There is a flower here. A! Should we have flower code names, Guild Master?"

Dozens of kilometres from Greenwich Observatory.

Yoo Eun-hye and her team were moving between the ruins of a shattered city.

An answer came from the radio after Yoo Eun-hye spoke.

-Then I'll give you a flower best-suited for you.

It was Kim Yong-woo's voice. He was directing the operation through the radio.

Yoo Eun-hye sighed.

"Will it be bad?"

-People call you the 'flower of the battlefield.' Didn't you clean up everybody? Then shall I call you the boss flower?

The strongest people from every country had been gathered in the underground bunker.

After defeating all of them, Yoo Eun-hye proved she was the strongest.

As promised, Kim Yong-woo started calling her 'boss.'

Of course, Yoo Eun-hye didn't dislike her position. were too vulnerable.

"Shut up. I will receive the next instructions. We have arrived at the designated position."

-Already? Then wait. There is another team that needs to reach that position.

Yoo Eun-hye asked with confusion.

"Huh? Don't we have the most important thing to do? Shouldn't we move in secret?"

-It is important, but it is an emergency right now. It was decided that another team is necessary to penetrate through.

"What's going on?"

-Angels are appearing. There are thousands of them.


Yoo Eun-hye slapped her forehead.

"Why all of a sudden? No, shouldn't we have known that in advance?"

-Electronic devices don't work inside the sacred zone. Furthermore, they suddenly appeared via a warp. How could we humans read that?

Yoo Eun-hye gritted her teeth after hearing Kim Yong-woo's complaints.

"I planned to go quietly. How can we move in the midst of a war zone?"

Yoo Eun-hye turned around.

Edward Windsor was walking while carrying a steel bag.

-That is humanity's hope. You need to move somehow. Just break through. You know that it is almost impossible to penetrate from the sky or the sea right? The Awakened have to move quietly and directly.

Inside the bag was the most powerful weapon in the history of mankind. Yoo Eun-hye had the role of bringing it to the centre of Greenwich Observatory.

If it was in the centre then they calculated they could kill a huge number of demons and creatures at once.

'This is a weapon created by the essence of science, numerous magic items and a large number of cores.'

Yoo Eun-hye bit her lip.

If she did it properly then it would be humanity's victory.

Hundreds of supercomputers made a quadrillion calculations so it couldn't be wrong.

The problem was how to move it.

Even a powerful jet fighter flying at mach speed wouldn't show any strength in front of a powerful creature. It was likely to be shot down. It was the same for the sea.

There was no other way but for strong Awakened to hide and move with it.

So Yoo Eun-hye and her team were picked.

"How long do I have to wait?"


Soon? It was an ambiguous answer.

However, Yoo Eun-hye and Edward were able to notice immediately.

A holy power that could even be felt from afar.

At first they thought of angels, but they were clearly humans.

That wasn't the only strange part.

It was too small to be called a 'team.'

There were only two women...

Ah! No. Fireballs were floating next to them with the appearance of teenage girls if they looked closely.

So there were four of them?



One was energetic while the other remained silent.

The fireballs just floated around quietly.

"Are you the team that Guild Master Kim Yong-woo said...?"

One of the women laughed at Yoo Eun-hye's question.

"Yes, that's right. I'm Kim Yura and my quiet sister over there is Kim Min-ji. We both have the 'high priest' job so we will be useful. And our partners are Rei and Sera."

The girls made of fire greeted them briefly.

Yoo Eun-hye knew that the girls were fire spirits. These days, quite a large number of Awakened had made contracts with fire spirits.

"Ah...I'm Yoo Eun-hye. I have the job of a soldier. Please take care of me."

"I will."

Kim Yura answered with a sweet smile.