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Chapter 206: Those who Gather (1)

Chapter 206: Those who Gather (1)

Gathering all the grand dukes.

It was a public meeting at the Greenwich Observatory. At the very least, I needed to decorate the meeting place. I had showed off my status by sending the invitations so I couldn't skip this task.

I called the dwarf king and all the dwarves. Of course, Oswen was necessary and he arrived first at the Greenwich Observatory.

"Your Majesty. You are giving me too many things to do."

"I know."

"Isn't unravelling the high dark elf's curse the most important task that Your Majesty gave me? It takes a considerable amount of time to create a weapon that will block a curse like that..."

"I know."

"I was just finishing off an idea for an experiment. At the very least, my skills are needed to create..."


"Hum hum, I couldn't help saying such words. It is very important."

Oswen was somewhat disgruntled. It seemed like unravelling the high dark elf's curse wasn't going that well.

Chrisley's mother and Aojin's lover. She had been killed by a very powerful being and trapped by a curse. It wasn't easy even for Oswen.

I understood but he needed to cool his overheated head a little bit.

He had profound knowledge in the blacksmithing area, but wasn't he also my subordinate? I wouldn't have cared in my previous life but now I felt some sympathy. If things weren't going well then he should take a break.

"Complete it in two days."

"Two days is a little tight. 200 dwarves will be required."

Oswen's eyes burned as he decided to change his mindset. Even if things didn't work out, it was clear that he liked making things.

I nodded lightly.

"I will give you 400 dwarves so take care of it."

" is possible to decorate things a little more luxuriously."

"Did you complete the request I asked for a week ago?"

"Ah, that request. It is finished. There are exactly 200."

I touched my jaw. I had clearly entrusted many things to Oswen. This was because Oswen was the only one who could do it. I had great respect for Oswen's abilities.

When talking about 'usefulness,' Oswen was one of the top two. He was sly but thoroughly capable. I didn't care as long as he didn't go against me.

Anyway...Oswen was busy with the high dark elf's curse when I presented him with a task. Fortunately, he managed to complete it amongst everything else he had to do.

"Install half of them."

"Should I make them as inconspicuous as possible?"

"You understand."

"I will tell Fairy-nim what is necessary."

"Do so."


Oswen bowed and left.

There were many tasks but he had no substitute. He could only blame his own excellent abilities.

However, Oswen never did a shoddy job. He was always committed to producing the best possible results. I couldn't not use him.

'This magic power?'

Just like the wind carrying a scent, I turned my eyes in the direction that the magic power was coming from. As soon as I noticed, the source of the magic power appeared next to me.

"This is a fairly decent place."

A familiar face. The grand duke who won in my previous life.

I remembered being struck by her and dying.

"Ariel Diablo. The appointment time is still far away."

"It is polite to come early."

"This is the first time I've heart that."

Demons. It was natural for them to come later than the set time. It wasn't polite but they took it for granted. I never thought that the grand dukes would show up exactly at the set time.

Of course, Ariel Diablo was a very special person. She was different from the other demons. I had no intention of denying it.

'It has become troublesome.'

However, Oswen had just left. It was to install the pre-prepared things. It would become complicated if Ariel Diablo noticed.

Ariel Diablo spread out her arms and said confidently.

"My army will arrive soon. During that time, I want to relax and see this place."

There was no apparent hostility.

She was friendly and asked many questions. I couldn't rule out the possibility that she had come here first for some secret reason.

But I still had a lot of work to do. I didn't have time to show Ariel Diablo around.

'It is a little tough.'

I should have written on the invitation not to come in advance. However, there had been no reason for it. I shrugged and said.

"It is fine as long as you behave well as a guest."

"Haha, I'm not as brutish as Upa."

The two of them were at war. It was natural for them to gossip about each other. Maxium had interfered in the war between them, however I spoke impatiently.

"I will assign someone to guide you."

"The other guys don't fit. Can't we have a leisurely conversation while walking?"


Something small popped out as soon as I called her name! It was Yihi arriving.

"Yihihihi. Master, did you call Yihi?"

"Be a guide."

"Who...? Ah! Demon!"

Yihi screamed and hurriedly summoned her sword, helmet and shield. They were all tokens of a fairy knight. Ariel Diablo gazed at her appearance with interested eyes.

"A magical fairy."

"Get away from Master! You bad demon!"

Yihi brandished her sword in preparation for battle. An ordinary fairy would find it impossible to attack a demon, but Yihi had considerable strength. But Ariel just stretched out her hand.



Yihi rubbed her forehead while sitting on the ground. She didn't disappear from the blow due to being connected to the Dungeon Core.

"Hmm...there is a way to upgrade a fairy? How interesting."

Her eyes were filled with curiosity. Before I knew it, I was in the background.

"Yihi. She is Grand Duke Ariel Diablo. Guide her moderately."

I emphasized the idea of 'not everything.'

It wasn't strange since she was an enemy.

'Keep to the outskirts. Avoid the interior as much as possible.'

I sent those words to Yihi.

The perception of Ariel Diablo's eyes transcended imagination. It wasn't just limited to the physical. It would be a problem if she found what Oswen was installing. I believed in Oswen but it didn't hurt to be cautious.

Yihi blinked and replied.

"Yes~ Master. Yihi...well, yes. Yihi will guide this bad demon. Che."

She shook her rear and flew up again. Ariel Diablo folded her arms and looked at Yihi.

"I am not a bad demon. Mysterious Fairy."

"No ~ all demons are bad except for Master ~ Yihi knows it well."

"You resemble your master."

Ariel Diablo laughed. She continued.

"Then guide me well."

"Come along ~"


Yihi flew off at her highest speed. She was fast like the wind.

"A funny fairy."

"She is a troublemaker."

Ariel touched her chin as she wondered.

"I wonder how you managed such a thing."

I frowned.

She had an attitude when talking about me. I didn't like it. Ariel Diablo saw my expression and shook her head.

"I have no intentions of causing trouble. I...need to catch that cute fairy. Then I'll see you later."

She clasped her hands behind her back.

She slowly moved her feet.


As soon as she took the next step, she disappeared.

'Yihi is slower.'

She would be caught sooner or later so I moved.

The time remaining was short and I had a lot to do.