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Chapter 204: Greenwich Observatory (3)

Chapter 204: Greenwich Observatory (3)

If this wasn't an emergency then what would be called an emergency situation?

It was indeed a serious emergency!

Leaders from each country were gathered. It was accomplished in only a few days. Normally such a complex procedure would take a long time.

However, the issue was significant.

Many people wanted to join this meeting and powerful but unofficial groups participated.

The Builder Bug Club, Triangular Committee, the Triad and the Mafia.

The Templar Knights, Freemasons and Illuminati also made a statement for the first time. They declared their existence and gathered attention. They were three organizations completely obscured by secrecy that revealed themselves.

Whether that would happen again in the future...

Every country was heading towards the United Kingdom due to the event happening at Greenwich Observatory.

The meeting proceeded strictly. Queen Mary and Lieutenant General Karls were sitting at a long round table with other major members having seats.

"Are you trying to imitate the Knights of the Round Table?"

The Mafia Godfather Don Gullenom laughed. His position was very far from Queen Mary and the Triad members were sitting near him.

In contrast, the Templar Knights, the Freemasons and the Illuminati were given seats close to Queen Mary. Don Gullenom had no choice but to be in this position.

The bad groups were isolated. Even when the world was like this, they were still obsessed with past faults...Don Gullenom scoffed at Queen Mary's foolishness.

"It must be hard to get up with such a heavy rear."

The Triad leader, Li Chao Xiong. He didn't even turn his head as he spoke to Gullenom. No, Don Gullenom thought that he seemed to be trying to say something. It was because there was no one else around except for him.

"The smell of food is too good. It is something I can't live without."

Don Gullenom laughed, revealing all gold teeth. That's right. Materialism, a capitalist society and those who controlled the world with gold had their power weakened.

Now the armed forces were the best in the world.

At this meeting, Don Gullenom was convinced that something would happen to change the world's landscape. The number of people who participated was great. It was difficult to tell the influence of the 100 people gathered here.

"Snob. I have been worried about a man."

"Is he a demonic grand duke?"

Li Chao Xiong nodded his head.

This meeting and the main subject.

It was to discuss the emergence of the grand duke and what would happen at Greenwich Observatory.

Li Chao Xiong spoke like he was talking to himself.

"It wasn't long after the dungeons appeared. My brother Lei Feng and mercenaries from other countries cooperated to attack the Korean dungeon that was known to contain treasures. Everyone was wiped out. No, I thought they were all wiped out."

"Any survivors?"

"One...a mercenary from the United States survived. His whole body was injured and his mind wasn't normal. I got some decent prosthetics for him and had him accompany me."

"Ah, that ignorant looking man behind you."

Don Gullenom moved his gaze.

A man with a steel arm and leg was standing firmly behind Li Chao Xiong. His chicken hair was prominent but he must have been very skilled to be a guard. However, he didn't look normal as he kept on drooling.

"He responded to the face drawn in the invitation."

Queen Mary had sent an image along with the invitation. The image of a burning man. It seemed like the chicken haired man had remembered that man.


"That grand duke, it is very likely that he is in charge of Korea's dungeon."

"North Korea?"

"South Korea."

Don Gullenom stroked his chin.

"Korea, Korea..."

The location of a grand duke was identified.

Great information.

Maybe he could use that as a weapon in this meeting.

Li Chao Xiong handing this information to was obvious. It was to join forces. In this meeting of world leaders, it was essential to distinguish between friend and foe.

Don Gullenom knocked his shoulder against Li Chao Xiong. The result was an implicit alliance.

Not long after they were all seated, Queen Mary cleared her throat.

"For those who have gathered here, thank you for coming such a long way."

Queen Mary smiled gently. Don Gullenom thought her smile was smarmy. He knew that Queen Mary had absolute support in England but wasn't sure of the reason.

"This meeting is taking place to determine humanity's future. It is a great opportunity to remove the cancer infecting this world."

Greenwich Observatory.

Something big was happening there. That was the only thing written on the invitation.

"Can we really get rid of the creatures?"

The president of the United States asked. Queen Mary shook his head.

"It isn't the creatures. Don't you know? It is the presence of the demons."


"The demons will gather."


The eyes of the Awakened widened.

The only ones who didn't react were the three mysterious groups, including the Templar Knights.

'Are they humans?'

Don Gullenom clicked his tongue.

Those in the three groups never even changed their expressions. They were really bland humans. He even wanted to call them robots.

Then the president of Russia opened his mouth.

"Where did you get that information?"

"...From now on, I want everybody to keep this secret. There is no time."

Queen Mary warned. Everybody nodded so she continued.

"The man in the invitation told me directly. He referred to himself as a grand duke."

"Are you confident about that?"

"After seeing his ominous power, I am sure that he is a grand duke. Even Lieutenant General Karls gave up when he saw the enemy."

"Lieutenant General Karls...him?"

Lieutenant General Karls was a famous Awakened.

It wasn't common for him to just give up.

Queen Mary frowned as she was reminded of that time.

"Most of all, the members of the Templar Knights confirmed it directly."

At the same time, the leader of the Templar Knights opened his mouth.

"I can read the past of a place. The only time I can't read the past is when there is an extraordinary presence. And I couldn't read the past at Buckingham Palace."

The leader of the Templar Knights was a strange man wearing silver armour and holding a thin sword. A face that seemed both young and old. His age couldn't be guessed at all.

"There was a skill like that? No, how can you be sure the man is a grand duke just because the past couldn't be read?"

Australia's leader. It was a country relatively free from the aggression of the creatures and had developed their strength. However, the leader of the Templar Knights just casually looked in his eyes.

"I said 'place' but that also includes humans. I can read the past of everyone in this place, including the nasty things you did inside the airplane yesterday. Aang and Raineri...I know you enjoyed them."


There was silence. They all looked uncomfortable.

It was difficult to imagine that something was installed in the plane. They always searched with state of the art detectors as well as unique magic power detectors.

"The Knights Templar have followed the whereabouts of the demons. The most in-depth ones are the grand dukes...! We can read other demons, but not the grand dukes. This means they are highly dangerous."

"I agree."

"I agree."

The leaders of the Freemasons and Illuminati also agreed.

They viewed the grand dukes as different...

The identities of the grand dukes were unknown except for Ariel Diablo!

Queen Mary said quietly.

"And there is one more clue. His name is Randalph. I coincidentally heard that name in Korea."

Don Gullenom swallowed his saliva.

The weapon he thought about using was already known?

"At this meeting, Kim Yong-woo who is the general leader of the South Korean Awakened and Heaven's Will guild master is present."

"Heaven's Will. I've heard of it."

It was a name they heard once in awhile. It was due to the fact that they had more achievements than other guilds. But South Korea had been ruined by the invasion of numerous demons and creatures.

Kim Yong-woo was behind Queen Mary.

He bowed his head but had a displeased expression on his face.

"You said his name is Randalph Brigsiel?"

Kim Yong-woo scratched his head at Queen Mary's question.

"That name, don't say it so casually. He is our savior. The hero who saved South Korea. To dare compare him to a demon..."

"Wasn't his performance amazing compared to normal Awakened? I heard from some of your guild members, so it is doubtful that he is a human."

"Of course! A hero can't be like ordinary humans! Each Awakened has different strengths and he is just on a higher level. I am uncomfortable to be here, but I came in order to resolve Queen Mary's misunderstanding."

His words could be considered rude but Queen Mary didn't lose her smile.

Kim Yong-woo's faith was amazing. There was blind faith in his eyes. Other people didn't know it, but eyes held great secrets.

Don Gullenom couldn't understand it either.

The same name could be a coincidence. It was highly likely. Nevertheless, why was she like this? Queen Mary was confident.

And if she was right, what type of person was Randalph Brigsiel? He was very curious...

It was ironic that a demonic grand duke would be called a saviour and hero.

That much faith was unusual.

Heaven's Will. They were once lauded as the best guild.

Who could instill such faith in their guild master?

If all the puzzles were joined together to form a single picture...

Don Gullenom felt goose bumps form on his body.

'He really is the best scammer!'