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Chapter 203: Greenwich Observatory (2)

Chapter 203: Greenwich Observatory (2)

Just before they were about to ask.


The door opened and 20 new people appeared.

One of them was dragging a fallen soldier while another one was chewing gum. Unlike the previous 30 people, most of them didn't have good attitudes.

"Let me introduce the last of the White Lion troops. My friends are somewhat rough but their skills are excellent."

"This...what are you trying to do, Lieutenant General Karls?"

All the military officials were furious. Fighting in the sacred Buckingham Palace.

Furthermore, it seemed like all the guards had been taken care of. It was enough to be called a traitor.

However, Queen Mary didn't mind.

"Great skills. I didn't hear anything."

"They are great friends. How about it Your Majesty? If you give me three days then I will clean up the creatures."

"Were the guards killed?"

"They are a little rough but they won't kill anyone without my command. They are only stunned."

"Okay, then I will leave this mission entirely to Lieutenant General Karls."

Queen Mary readily accepted. It was a serious matter but it was an excellent way to show the power of the White Lion unit. Thanks to that, all the others had red faces but couldn't say anything.

Times had changed. Power was everything. The stronger the power, the better.

Karls smiled and shook Queen Mary's hand.

If this mission was cleared up then there would be no more obstacles in the United Kingdom. There would be no more interference every time the unit tried to do something.

He imagined a bright future as he shook her hand.

"Three days might not be enough."


Karls hurried in front of Queen Mary and turned towards the voice. The White Lion unit also reacted.

The window above.

A man with a pale face and dressed in a suit who had been sitting on the window sill jumped down.

They hadn't noticed him. Nobody in here!

Karls' body stiffened.

Among the Awakened here, he was acclaimed as the strongest. He was from the United Kingdom but his fame had spread throughout the world. He could handle a great number of advanced creatures alone and he could sense them to some extent.

But...this happened.

He hadn't known. He didn't feel anything. It was ominous.

The White Lion troops quickly surrounded the man. They were ready to cast skills and destroy him. There was a total of 50 White Lion troops and Karls, making them able to deal with a high class creature. They were even confident about handling demons. Even if that man entered here unnoticed, he wouldn't be able to escape.

"Keep this in mind. Anyone who attacks me will die."

The man chuckled slightly. It wasn't a false cynicism. He had an infinite amount of confidence. No, his expression showed no worries at all.

He ignored the White Lion troops!

They had only been formed a few years ago but the White Lion troops were elites that had personally been chosen by Karls. Every day was life and death training so they had a lot of pride.

They were truly the best in the world.

They were the strongest unit of Awakened.

'Was I scared?'

Originally, he would have attacked as soon as the enemy was discovered. Karls was someone willing to cause turmoil in the sacred Buckingham Palace.

But he was frozen. He couldn't make a decision. It was because the man said that anyone who attacked him would die.

"You are moderately strong for humans..."

The man glanced at all the unit members. Then he laughed. It was a look full of ridicule.

"You are lacking. The creatures will destroy Greenwich Observatory within three days. I guarantee that all of you will die within three minutes."

"Crazy bastard!"

There were 20 members who hadn't been fully trained. They were good but had problems with their attitudes. Therefore, they were normally placed in the rear. But they were very proud that they belonged to the White Lion unit.

Now that pride was stepped on by a man that they hadn't even heard of.

The first 30 people didn't move without Karls' command...the other 20 people rebelled.


A small crack of light appeared behind the man. One of the soldiers had opened a crack. The soldier appeared inside the crack and prepared to stab the man in the back.


Thunder struck. Or at least it seemed like that. The soldier turned to ash as his sword fell to the ground. The man didn't even care.


Instead, flames appeared behind the man. The flames wrapped around the entire room.

They felt if now. An overwhelming magic power! A fearsome presence! Karls felt like he was falling into an abyss as he found it difficult to breathe.

Cheok! Cheok!

The White Lion unit quickly prepared to attack. They instinctively moved despite not hearing a command.


The members moved back. Among them, three members caught on fire. Despite using recovery or water skills, the flames never died out.

They wouldn't be extinguished until the victim's life was completely gone.

Ddubeok. Ddubeok.

The man walked forward. Some of the members ran forward but they were just like moths flying into a fire. Just like moths, they burned up.

The difference was too big. The man ignored everything. The White Lion unit members had never felt such a large difference before. They had managed to defeat every creature and demon they encountered.

Lieutenant General Karls opened his mouth.


Sweat flowed down his body. His back was already wet.

It was the first time he had felt like this.

"Captain. We were handpicked..."

The members were still filled with desire to fight but Karls shook his head.

"You can't do anything."

He was sure of it.

That man was a monster.

Someone on an entirely different dimension from the other creatures.

The world had changed! Demons.

They invaded Earth with their creatures. The giant dungeons were their bases.

Only the brave would be able to attack them. Karls knew exactly how to distinguish between them.

This man was far beyond them. The location especially wasn't good. It didn't matter if they died as long as Queen Mary was protected.

She was the symbol of the United Kingdom. The spiritual support of all citizens. If she died then the United Kingdom would collapse. All the citizens would lose hope. There was no future for a country without hope.


Karls swallowed his saliva and spoke.

"You...who are you? Why did you come here?"

His black eyes were dispassionate and his footsteps sounded heavy. The man laughed. It seemed like he thought everything was ridiculous.

Karls blocking Queen Mary's view was impolite behaviour but...

Soon the man opened his mouth.

"I am one of the four grand dukes. Randalph. I have come to pass on both despair and hope to you."

"Grand duke."

Lieutenant Karls moaned. It wasn't the first time he heard the words 'grand duke.'

He had more information than others. In particular, he knew quite a lot of secrets about the demons. He was aware that each of the 72 dungeons was managed by a demon and they each had a rank.

The grand dukes were at the very top.

The demons above the other demons. Officially, only Ariel Diablo had revealed herself as a grand duke. She revealed her name to the world while leading a massive invasion, so every country leader knew the name Ariel Diablo.

Her power was amazing. None of the humans could stop Ariel Diablo. Even the arrogant 'Templar Knights' had to give up fighting. An unofficial Awakened the past, they had been just as famous as the Freemasons and Illuminati.

Karls was confident that their power was no less than his unit's. However, they had prematurely went against a grand duke.

It was okay if they attacked a demon who was a baron, but a grand duke was an entirely different thing.

Their power was completely lacking!

"Despair and hope? Do you mean to give us Pandora's Box?"

But he hid it. It was like showing no fear in front of a wild beast. Then he would look for the slightest ray of hope.

However...the opponent was too good. The man had eyes like a snake. It felt like he could see through everything.

"You can't win."

Short words. Karls understood what he meant. In other words, he was speaking about all humans. Humans couldn't beat demons.

The man's voice was full of confidence. It was like he was speaking the absolute truth.

Lieutenant General Karls didn't answer. He didn't know if it was due to a grand duke's presence or the absolute confidence...

"I will give you a chance."

"...A chance?"

"Demons will gather at Greenwich Observatory. That includes me, the other three grand dukes, the demons they lead and their creatures. This is the only chance for the human race to win."


Karls and the others' eyes widened.

Everybody would be gathered in one place. Demons and their creatures were very tricky. If they were gathered in one place then it was possible to try modern weapons. There had been cases where advanced creatures had been killed by nukes!

"Why are you giving us this information? On the contrary, it might be a trap by the demons."


The man scoffed.

"Humans have only been holding onto life for one reason. Competition! In the demons weren't competing with each other then the humans would have already been destroyed."

Was it really like that?

It wasn't likely.

After the massive offensive of the demons began, humanity couldn't fight back properly. Important bases were lost and modern science became useless. Thousands of jet fighters had turned into piles of junk.

There was only merciless slaughter.

Karls wanted to tell him not to joke around.

But at that moment, the man's eyes stared at him.

"Think carefully."

The man disappeared like the wind, leaving only those words behind.

However, a large amount of items poured out as the man left.

Glowing stones. Cores.

When hunting in the dungeon, there was a 0.001% chance of obtaining an advanced core.

But...all the cores here were advanced or high class.

The amount here could produce countless weapons with powerful magic spells. There could even be some unique grade weapons.

If they were lucky...epic grade items might emerge.

"I don't understand his intentions."

Karls sighed and said with a frown.

That man was holding out an apple. However, there was a chance that the apple could be poisoned.

He was a demon but it would be a great opportunity if his words were true.

'What should we do?'

Karls and everyone else gathered there were deep in thought.

In the meantime, a woman was gazing at the window with a calm expression.

Britain's ruler and hope...Queen Mary's eyes weren't dead yet.

Therefore Karls felt a ray of hope.

Anyway, she was the only one who had the authority to make the decision.