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Chapter 202: Greenwich Observatory (1)

Chapter 202: Greenwich Observatory (1)

Greenwich Observatory, London, United Kingdom.

Humans called this place the centre of the world. It was the place where the meeting would occur.

I moved quickly and arrived there first.

I had sent the invitation so I needed to decorate it.

However, there were too many people around.

Of course, I decided what to do. There was extreme confusion the moment that Gigantes and the hydra appeared.

The humans couldn't resist the strong creatures and fled. Even so, there were those who remained. For the humans left, I only said one word coldly.


I stood on top of the observatory and looked around.

A serene atmosphere.

Just a few hours ago, it was a place packed with humans.

'There are those already watching.'

Unlike the tranquil atmosphere, there were many eyes watching this place.

'Pandemonium's creatures.'

Most of Asia and Europe were Pandemonium's domain. The meeting would take place in his area so his creatures were the first to arrive.

"Is it really okay with these numbers? If you..."

"It's okay.

Chrisley had spoken in a worried voice but I declined firmly.

A low number of creatures had come here. They didn't exceed 100. The grand dukes would have hundreds or thousands of creatures...maybe more than that.

I couldn't afford to worry about it.

The reason was simple.

'The bigger they are, the more damage that will be received.'

The grand dukes were gathering. An unprecedented situation.

It was impossible for it to end without any problems.

Everyone knew it and were prepared.

Of course, bringing more creatures meant a higher chance of losing them in the chaos. Besides, I didn't intend this meeting of grand dukes to be that simple.

"My Dungeon Master. At least allow me to install a magic circle."

Chrisley was worried. I had already disappeared once and this was a place where all the grand dukes were gathering.

"Pandemonium is someone experienced with magic. If there is a magic circle then he will instantly identify it and nullify it. There is no need to cause a misunderstanding by installing it."

It wasn't well known but Upa was also quite perceptive. Chrisley wouldn't be able to deceive the vigilant demons with her skills.

"...I understand."

Chrisley stepped back. I didn't scold her.

I didn't know it before, but it wasn't bad to have someone worried about me. It was awkward but felt good.

'There is still time.'

The meeting would occur in a few days. I hadn't come here a few days early for simple cleanup.

I started moving and Chrisley hurriedly asked.

"My Dungeon Master, where are you going?"

"Buckingham Palace."


"They should have gathered by now."

I smiled coldly and moved.

Buckingham Palace, United Kingdom.

A very iconic place in the United Kingdom that was the Queen's residence. Since the British Prime Minister died in a monster wave, she was handling most of the work.

There was a space to conduct business.

A meeting at Buckingham Palace would only occur when something special happened.

"The Greenwich Observatory has been occupied by creatures."


Queen Mary struck the desk after receiving the report of the army chief.

"The report has already been received. And...I don't want a report from you but a future solution. The creatures are at the centre of the world."

The problem was the monsters.

If they were just monsters then this meeting wouldn't have been convened.

However, there were true monsters who occupied the top rankings.

The sweaty army chief opened his mouth.

"An all-out..."

"Stop. It isn't at a level that ordinary armies can deal with. What about the Awakened unit? How is their performance right now, Lieutenant General Karls?"

The mentioned Lieutenant General Karls stepped forward.

"They can destroy any army. Even if the opponent has the best creatures, our 'White Lion' unit can deal with them. Ma'am."

"How dependable. Do you want this task?"

"Your Majesty! Placing unverified Awakened into this position..."

The navy admiral protested but Queen Mary was firm. She was only looking at Karls.

The regular military forces had already been defeated several times.

Numerous governments tried to nurture Awakened but often failed. Once humans gained strength, they weren't easily controlled.

But Karls was a top level Awakened. There were no other Awakened gathered here except for Karls.

He had never failed in any missions and his patriotism towards England was very high. Queen Mary had high expectations for him.

"Lieutenant General Karls. Can I see them?"

"Of course, Your Majesty."

"So I would love to see them."

Karls hit the floor a few times. Then it seemed like his task was over. Question marks appeared above everyone's head. Was it after 30 seconds?


A light came pouring out of the floor of the conference room. As everyone's eyes except for Karls' widened, the light formed a hole and 30 warriors appeared through that hole.

They stood in an orderly manner and bowed to Queen Mary.

"They are the warriors of the White Lion unit., they are more like friends."

Karls laughed heartily. He showed off a confident figure.

The 30 people that appeared here gave off greater presences than anyone else in the room. Except for Karls.

They appeared through the floor.

There was no record of them ever visiting Buckingham Palace. In other words, there were no constraints on where they could go.

"Are they capable of destroying the monsters at Greenwich Observatory?"

"Doing it all at once will be hard. But it is possible to remove them one by one. Anyway, there are approximately 100 creatures gathered at Greenwich Observatory. Three days. Just give me three days, Your Majesty."

It was definitely tempting.

They couldn't be sure what would happen if powerful creatures were provoked.

However, they intended to handle them quietly, one by one.

"Then you will irritate the creatures. Wouldn't it better to handle them all at once?"

The army chief came forward.

It was a good point.

There was a chance their actions could provoke the creatures.

"A stalemate. Please choose wisely..."

It would be a problem if the creatures spread out through the United Kingdom. There would be casualties all over the place and buildings would be ruined. There was no guarantee that everyone would be safe.

The United Kingdom wasn't as risky as the other parts of the world. The Awakened had quite high levels and the army itself could hunt some creatures. Over the last five years, they had analyzed the creatures more than any other country.

"There are many Awakened in the army. The ones escorted to Buckingham Palace are the true warriors of the White Lion unit. Wouldn't it be better for 30 people to handle it? The rest of the world won't be able to laugh if we succeed."

They were good words.

If they could handle it then they would become pretty credible.

Lieutenant General Karls' face was full of confidence.

"True warriors...isn't it too early to shout out something like that?"

Some of the military officials scoffed as they looked at Karls. was definitely quiet. It was strangely quiet. They couldn't even hear themselves breathing.

Everyone here was extensively trained. They could hear a heartbeat even if it was a little distance away. However, they couldn't hear anything.

What was going on?