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Chapter 201: Meeting the Messengers (3)

Chapter 201: Meeting the Messengers (3)

In front of Greenland's dungeon.

A white knight was guarding the dungeon door.

However, Oswen and Chrisley could see that it wasn't a simple opponent. The flow of magic power was strange and it smelled like a type of incense. It was clearly a high class creature.


A loud and beautiful female voice emerged from the helmet.

The knight guarding the dungeon door was a pure white woman covered in snow.

Oswen tried to step forward but Chrisley was faster.

"We are messengers from Grand Duke Randalph Brigsiel and have come with an invitation for Grand Duke Ariel Diablo."

"Randalph Brigsiel! I have heard that name before."

The white knight nodded.

But the atmosphere didn't seem very positive. A hostile feeling was directed towards them.

Chrisley ignored it and said.

"If you know then open the door. We don't want to fight."

"No. To cross this door, you have to prove your qualifications. Grand Duke Ariel won't meet with just anyone."

"We are here at the command of Grand Duke Randalph Brigsiel..."

"I will listen to weapons, man and woman."

The white knight took out a rapier.

A desire not to let them pass was coming from her.

Chrisley turned and looked at Oswen who nodded bitterly.

He couldn't gauge the opponent but she didn't seem that easy.

No, Oswen and Chrisley were both equivalent to high class creatures.

In particular, Oswen had a long and unimaginable experience. Now that his six arms were restored and his weapons were stronger, he could face the white knight.

He was confident about fighting the opponent.

Oswen pulled out his six swords and said.

"I will do as you requested."

The moment the knight's rapier headed towards him.

It disappeared. In the blink of an eye, the rapier had reached Oswen.


But it was shallow. Oswen was somewhat surprised but his body wasn't. His body had reacted first and avoided the rapier.

But even though he avoided it, Oswen had a headache.

It was due to the differences. He couldn't say the knight was weak...

'It won't be easy.'

Still, he would win. Oswen didn't think otherwise. The number of those stronger than him in the Underground World could be counted on one hand. The white knight wasn't one of those stronger than him.

Chu chu chuk!

Oswen overlapped his six swords. The rapier was blocked.

'I can't be a crazy bull.'

He couldn't rush recklessly. The knight was lacking power compared to her speed. There wasn't a strong sense of balance. However, small attacks became stronger when overlapped.

The white knight used small gaps to push Oswen. Even a small gap could break a huge rock.

"I must look very funny to you."

Oswen was originally a blacksmith. And a blacksmith had surprisingly high ambitions. If he didn't feel intense obsession for the sword then he wouldn't have created masterpieces. The same was true even now.

At least...he wanted to be acknowledged by his opponent. The temperament of a strong winner rose.

He was attacking.

He had confidence that his actions wouldn't be disparaged.


After regaining his ego, Oswen made six swords. He used the iron of the gods received from Dungeon Master to set up six pillars that represented hell. The name was Hell and after its completion, a 'skill' popped into his head.

The six swords would fire out hellfire when they were overlapped. The hellfire swallowed up Oswen and became one with him. Soon it was like a fierce lion had emerged from hell.

The white knight paused in her attacks. She started to intensely concentrate on the rapier.

It was an attack that concentrated all her destructive power on one point.

Oswen recognized it immediately. It would be better to avoid it, but he knew that dragging this out too long wouldn't be good.

So he would hang it on this one strike. Both of them were confident about their attacks.

Soon the two of them started to rush towards each other. As Oswen moved his feet, black fire spread in a manner reminiscent of hell. In contrast, the white knight's magic power gathered on the rapier shot forward like a projectile.

And...just as they were about to hit each other.

Chaeeeng! Ching!

The sword and rapier flew away.


A snow covered island. A woman left footsteps in this place.

A demon with colourful goat horns on her forehead that contrasted with her pale eyes.

The appearance of Ariel Diablo.

Ariel stood before everyone with an expressionless face. Although she didn't seem like she was going to harm Oswen and Chrisley, they had no idea what she was thinking.

Even her words were ambiguous. They could only follow her quietly.

The dungeon that they entered was calm.

There didn't seem to be any creatures. She had forcibly occupied this place so it wasn't surprising.

The friendly atmosphere made it seem even more hostile. In particular, Oswen was shocked that his attack had been blocked.

If it was just blocked then he wouldn't have been so surprised. However, if this had been a battlefield then his head would have flown away.

"You were sent by Randalph Brigsiel?"

After stepping on a magic circle, Ariel opened her mouth for the first time.

"That's right. We are here to pass on Grand Duke Randalph Brigsiel's invitation..."

"Those are long words."

She only wanted to check that one thing.

She activated the magic circle with a casual gesture.

A bright light shone and a small crack was opened. Once the light disappeared, everyone was in an entirely different space.

At the same time, Oswen and Chrisley were quite surprised.

White knights...there were at least 20 white knights lined up in two columns.

Their sizes were all different. Their identities couldn't be identified due to the armour completely covering their bodies, but some seemed to be young children. It was obvious that the white knight guarding the entrance was an older model.

Their strength couldn't be easily measured. Even if they weren't high class, at the very minimum they were advanced class.

"You've come back, Ariel Diablo"

"Set the table. Guests have come so we have to treat them."


Soon afterwards, Oswen and Chrisley were seated at a huge table. A white knight guided the two of them in an orderly manner.

Oswen and Chrisley couldn't open their mouths as food came out. They needed to grasp Ariel Diablo's intentions. But they couldn't read through her.

"You seem to be confused."

Ariel had a small smile on her face. This was the composure of the strong. Confidence and freedom were in every gesture.

She had an atmosphere around her that they would never be able to acquire. Since was possible since she had been born with the blood of a demon king.

Oswen was well aware of this. He knew of only one other person like this. The Hell Monarch.

"Randalph Brigsiel has something to tell me?"



Oswen restrained her when Chrisley tried to come forward.

Chrisley was still weak at handling things like this. It was impossible for her to deal with a strong powerhouse. He had wanted to give her a chance until he saw Ariel. Ariel Diablo wasn't someone who would overlook a lot. Maybe...Oswen's instincts shouted that she was more dangerous than Upa.

Ariel accepted the invitation and started to read it.


Unlike Upa, she showed no signs of irritation. She just read the contents of the invitation with very interested eyes.

It didn't take long. After 30 seconds, Ariel glanced at Oswen.

"This is very interesting. Are you giving invitations to the other grand dukes?"


If he mentioned that he met Upa first then Ariel might take it the wrong way. Ariel knocked lightly on the table at Oswen's words.

"It is unprecedented. After the demon king disappeared without a successor, there has never been a gathering of grand dukes. Yet the one who occupied Okullos' position as grand duke has convened all his enemies together! Huhuhu..."

Ariel seemed very excited.

She was at war with Upa, but Chrisley and Oswen were surprised by the completely different reaction.

Her attitude was like she didn't even care about Upa.

"The food will cool. Come on. It was made specially for you."

She certainly wasn't hostile.

But they still felt uneasy.

Oswen and Chrisley picked up the knife and fork. It was the beginning of a very quiet and long meal.

Once out of the dungeon, Oswen sighed.

"She is a woman with no gaps. She was the daughter of a demon king? Indeed..."

"Those knights. They seem to be a blend of things."

Then Chrisley opened her mouth. It seemed like she had been paying more attention to the knights around Ariel.

"Ahh, they aren't ordinary. They definitely feel strange...I don't know what the mixture is."

"Maybe those knights are Ariel Diablo's strongest weapons. Upa has tamed the magician of the moon."

"Our Dungeon Master has to deal with such monsters so it won't be easy."

Oswen clicked his tongue. The grand dukes were all playing games. It was highly likely that Pandemonium also had something.

"Let's finish it quickly and return. There are too many things to tell Dungeon Master."

"Now there is only one place left. Let's go."

The two people quickly got on the griffin and flew away.

I heard Oswen and Chrisley's report and started pacing around the Dungeon Core. The contents of the meeting with Upa, Ariel and Pandemonium were unexpected.

'What made them change?'

Upa, Ariel and Pandemonium were each hiding something. Ariel hadn't openly revealed it but it was still too soon.

If they had just increased the number of creatures like they originally did, it would have been a power struggle.


It seemed like they had changed plans due to Okullos.

Okullos had warned all the grand dukes after breaking the taboo. He died by my hands but the effect he caused wasn't dead yet. Maybe it wouldn't be strange for another grand duke to break a taboo.

Furthermore, Ariel had subdued Oswen at once. I had checked her status window at the auction but it seemed like she had been working hard. Even if he was caught off guard, Oswen was a high class creature. He should have noticed and been able to act.

Things were changing very quickly. I was as well.

"But, the winner will be me."

The word 'winner' was sweet. The confident words emerged from my mouth. They were changing but their speed didn't reach mine.

Even though I was alone, I had the power to deal with them.

'Hah, I didn't think Ariel would raise such strange things.'

Ariel's knights!

Although the qualities of a demon couldn't be removed, she was still the demon with the most integrity. Yet she had created something like the white knights.

I was told that a few things were mixed together to make them, but I couldn't understand their identities. She wasn't an expert in alchemy so I didn't know how she made them.

'This meeting will be quite interesting.'

One thing was for certain, it would be a place of indirect fighting.

There would be no deterrents like at the Demon World Auction. There was no penalty. If they wanted to fight then they would fight.

A huge wave. Hail. Overturning the world.

No one could stop it. I honestly hadn't expected it would become so large when I first thought about it.

It might be a disaster for humans but now no one could stop the changes.

It was the same for the demons. Even if a god appeared, would mediation be possible?

'I need to make the final preparations.'

My hands itched at the thought of seeing them all in one place.

Only five years. But for me, it had already been decades.

Those who would laugh and those who would cry...

I smiled and moved from my spot.