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Chapter 199: Meeting the Messengers (1)

Chapter 199: Meeting the Messengers (1)

Three days after, I was able to return thanks to 0001. My experience there was very unusual and I was able to learn a little bit about the 'gods.' There were regulations and rules, but the current situation on Earth was a little bit different.

But that didn't change my mindset. My purpose was to become the demon king and take out all enemies blocking my path.

I learnt that the magician of the moon was called Gustarte.

He was a god but now he was just a doll underneath a demon.

If the Moon Arrow didn't work then there was no way to get rid of Gustarte. I would do the minimum to keep my promise but I wouldn't hesitate to kill Gustarte.

Killing a god. I never thought I would say such a thing.

'A demon killing a god.'

How funny. It was a mythical feat that only existed in the books. I couldn't help laughing as I imagined my name in there.

I also set up some plans. Gustarte couldn't fully use his powers. He was designed to follow orders completely. If conflicting commands emerged then he would become very confused. He even stopped moving for a while.

The advent of the seraphim was still far away and a powerful enemy was right in front of me.

Gustarte. If he didn't want to die then he should stop being a doll.

Once I reached the ground again, the world was dark. A clear evening. I was able to land precisely where the collision had occurred.

The surrounding area was a mess. All the structures were destroyed and there were numerous holes in the ground. It was to the point of becoming dizzy as the holes seemed to go on endlessly.

'This magic power...'

I sensed many creatures and demons. It was imperative that I get out of here.

'I have to find Maxium.'

The dark night. I dashed out of the area quickly.

It wasn't difficult to find Maxium because the place to meet up had been pre-determined. There was a small island near Recife, Brazil where the bone dragons, chaos soldiers and Maxium were waiting while hiding.

"Ohh, Your Majesty!"

Maxium appeared as soon as I opened my magic power and revealed my presence. He was very pleased as he quickly kneeled down.

"I've been waiting for you."

Maxium had many injuries. It showed how intense the fight was. However, it wasn't over yet. Rather than praising him, I asked.

"Have you taken care of Arend?"

"I'm sorry. He bought time due to the reinforcement of other demons. I crushed that mouth but..."

I nodded. Maxium decided that destroying Arend's mouth would stop him from giving any more orders. It was a decent enough merit.

"Then the magician of the moon is with Arend."

"That isn't necessarily true."

"It's not?"

I looked at Maxium with surprise.

"The explosion seemed like the world was collapsing. It was an explosion caused by Your Majesty and the magician of the moon. Shortly afterwards, I went to the area but Your Majesty and the magician has disappeared. Just in case, I kept an eye on Arend but didn't see the magician of the moon around him."

Maxium didn't do things carelessly. He was confident so it was highly likely that his words were true.

The magician of the moon had disappeared...

I touched my jaw.

"The plan will be modified. Don't worry about Arend."

"Arend? Then I..."

"No, this time I will go forward."

At the same time, Maxium's eyes shook.

"......! Is it because I didn't do it fast enough? My abilities might be lacking but please give me a final chance!"

Kung! Kung!

Maxium bumped his head again the ground several times as he bowed.

It wasn't my intention but that was what it sounded like to Maxium.

I had a different purpose. I was waiting for Upa and Ariel to meet each other. And I also needed to handle Gustarte.

If I dealt with Arend then Gustarte might show up. At that time, I would need to deal with Gustarte.

The problem was still Upa. He might move.

Of course, I didn't intend on showing up directly at Arend's dungeon.

I simply had to turn Upa's attention away. He absolutely couldn't pay attention to Arend!

In order to do so, I needed to use some tactics.

'A meeting.'

A gathering of grand dukes.

After a series of invitations, they would gather in neutral territory to talk or provoke each other. They might ignore the invitation but it was worth trying.

'They will be quite curious.'

Upa and Pandemonium especially would have questions. I could sound them out and pick up information so it would be killing two birds with one stone. Conversely, they would try to get information from me but...that conflict wouldn't be so bad.

"I will leave attacking Arend's dungeon to you. I will also tell you how to check for the magician of the moon."

"......! New Maxium, I will do my best."

The shaking stopped as he felt relieved.

I looked down at Maxium.

While in the Reverse World, I thought of a way to tie up Gustarte's feet. There was a way to handle Arend and tie up Gustarte.

Once the meeting was over, I would be in an ideal position to deal with it.


The fairy's blessing!

It didn't work in the Reverse World but this was Earth.

After a while, Yihi's clear voice rang in my head.

'Yes ~ Master. Yihi is working hard right now.'

'There is work to do.'

'Yes ~ Master. Yihi is working hard right now.'

My eyes narrowed. It was the same answer. Her voice was oddly slack. I spoke in a grave voice.

'Have Oswen create four invitations. They should be completed by the time I get back.'

'Hup! Y-Yihi. Yihi wasn't sleeping. Invitations? I'll tell him. But what invitations? He just needs to make them?'

'They will be delivered to the grand dukes. I will take care of the words. Feel free to spend on the necessary materials.'


I stopped the communication after hearing Yihi's reply.

"You couldn't find any footprints left behind by the magician of the moon?"

"Yes, Your Majesty. By the time I arrived, they had already vanished."

"Hmm...then I guess I have to go back."

"I will start to attack Arend's dungeon."

He desired my recognition. A burning will filled his eyes. However, I shook my head.

"No, you will be coming with me."


"Don't you need new equipment?"


Maxium was greatly impressed. He was using equipment from the Underground World. The equipment itself was excellent but it had clearly been through a lot. Both the armour and helmet.

They were rusty and had holes in several places, making the defense poor. It had a lot of options but there was better equipment in the dungeon.

"Let's go."

I boarded the bone dragon with Maxium following behind me. And the chaos soldiers started moving the other bone dragon.

It felt like a returning tide.

When I arrived back at the dungeon, Oswen and Yihi were waiting for me.

"The invitations were completed. Will this be enough?"

I received the invitations that Oswen gave me and examined them.

The most impressive thing was that there was a little bit of Orihalcum powder. Stars surrounding Wrath and the Emperor's Sword were drawn on either side of the invitation. The space to write the contents was red and very provocative, so I liked it. They were magnificent invitations with no flaws.


"Thank you."

"Yihi. Call Chrisley and Julliom. I will be next to the Dungeon Core."

"I understand, yihihi! Yihi will go call them right now!"

Yihi flapped her wings and flew into the dungeon. It seemed like she was going to convey it directly.

'Now...I need to decide what the contents should be.'

It was the reason why I called Chrisley and Julliom.

The contents of the invitation!

I didn't know how to write an invitation so I would receive the help of two intelligent people.

The grand dukes' participation would depend on the invitation that was created.

TL Note: As people suggested, I will change Randalph's goal of becoming devil=demon king just to make things easier.