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Chapter 197: World (1)

Chapter 197: World (1)

'Let's see how long he can ignore me for.'

The attack had clearly hurt him yet the magician had only glanced at me for three seconds.

In fact, I had never seen this before.

I had decided to test him.

He didn't even think of avoiding it...that didn't make him difficult. I could simply attack wildly.

Wrath and the Emperor's Sword were filled with magic power. Due to his regenerative power, it wasn't enough to simply cut his neck. I needed to make a big impact on his body.


A huge amount of magic power was squeezed out of the swords and rushed towards the magician of the moon.


It took a long time. A sigh emerged from my mouth. I didn't move my body but my magic power was almost depleted. I attacked like crazy for more than an hour.

At this point, he couldn't afford to ignore me. His empty eyes moved from the bone dragon towards me.

However, the magician of the moon didn't move. Approximately one third of his body had suffered irreparable blows.

It was great. To be honest, I couldn't really believe it.

So far, I had launched so many direct hits that a seraphim wouldn't be fine. Even the Fire Spirit King and grand dukes from my previous life would have disappeared after being hit by such enormous attacks. That was under the assumption that I hit them.

Incredibly, the magician of the moon managed to maintain a lot of his body. It seemed like he would only reach his limits after hundreds or maybe thousands of attacks.

"Who are you?"

I approached him quietly. The magician of the moon still didn't move. His eyes only faced my direction. I felt like there was a little bit of 'confusion' in his eyes.

Perhaps he didn't know how to deal with me. His body was at risk but he couldn't decide what to do.

'I heard he is always next to Arend.'

Maybe...he was nothing but a puppet following a command. He was ordered to deal with the bone dragon and chased it up to here. Even if I attacked, his order to was to exterminate the bone dragon.

'A doll with strong capabilities.'

I couldn't imagine how Upa had obtained such an existence.

It was impossible through simple summoning. The presence of nothingness, it was completely different from when I met Contegonom.

I didn't know if he had similar accomplishments such as raising a Tree of Origin and upgrading the dungeon to unique, but such events seemed unbelievable.

The magician of the moon. The person in front of me was someone who hadn't appeared in my previous life.


My instincts warned me.

I saw him attack the bone dragon. He wielded the power randomly so the efficiency wasn't good, but the offensive power of one strike was outstanding. If he had such high regenerative power then it was no wonder Maxium called him 'invincible.'

Even I felt the risk.

What if Arend showed up and commanded him to take care of me?

I needed to make a calm judgement. It was advantageous if he kept on moving like a doll.

'The Power of Domination isn't acting.'

I was a threat. He had been in a critical condition many times. However, Power of Domination didn't show any signs of manifesting at all.

It was unlikely that Upa's dominance was greater than mine. It was strange that the power hadn't manifested.

It was proof that the existence of the person called the magician of the moon was as great as the fire essence with the power of domination.

The great fire...

One of the nine fires that the fire spirits worshipped.

A god of fire to the spirits. They weren't real gods but some parts were true. When dealing with creatures, many advanced creatures bowed to their power.

"I have to kill him here."

I said in a heavy tone. I couldn't let him go back and add to Upa's power. If I couldn't have him then I needed to get rid of him now.

I gazed at him seriously. Even now, there was a delay in his reaction. He was curious about my sudden appearance.

It wasn't impossible to approach him.

However, there was confusion in his eyes.

This was the first time he had been physically hurt and he would die if he didn't ignore the command. If he died then he couldn't kill the bone dragon. The confusion caused him to stop acting altogether.

I gathered my magic power.

Wrath and the Emperor's Sword became overheated but I didn't stop.

The moment when all my magic power was gathered.

His eyes changed.

I was his pure enemy!

It seemed like he realized he had to kill me in order to fulfill the command.

'It is too late.'

I was already on the verge of completing my attack. When he realized...



The 'night' that surrounded him was sucked into his body. Only the moon stayed there.

The night was sucked in so I felt like something intense would happen.

I struck first.

The previous strikes couldn't be compared to the power used now.

That attack that contained all my magic power finally reached the magician of the moon.


It seemed like my whole body was burning up. I opened my eyes to terrible pain and the hot sun.

Swaaack! Swaaack!

The sound of rough waves could be heard. After I raised my body with difficulty, I was convinced that this was the beach.

'Where is this place?'

However, the beach was unfamiliar to me.

The last attack had destroyed the magician of the moon but the 'night' that he absorbed caused an explosion. It was quite a formidable explosion...maybe the blast swept me away.

All my magic power was depleted so I fell unconscious after being hit by the blast.

'I have almost no magic power left.'

My magic power was empty. It wouldn't recover anytime soon. That meant I couldn't use most of my skills. The depletion of magic power also affected my body, so I wouldn't be as powerful as before.

I calmly examined my body's condition.

'The worst.'

I would only have the strength to face up to advanced level creatures. I needed to find a place to recover for a while. It was imperative that I restore my magic power.

At least I was wearing the Conqueror's Ring. It was an item that recovered magic power by an extra 10% for each territory. According to my estimates, it would take three or four days to recover all my magic power.

Of course, I didn't need to stay here during that period.


I could communicate with Yihi over a far distance. This was due to Yihi's blessing.

I wanted to have Chrisley or Tashmal bring me back.

However, the communication didn't reach her. There was no answer from Yihi.


A similar thing had happened in the Underground World.

Yet the area around me looked like Earth. There wasn't an alien feeling like in the Underground World.

"Wahh! What to do? At this rate, the world will fall!"

At that moment, a creature passed me at a tremendous speed. The appearance was similar to a rabbit but it was approximately two metres tall. The pure white fur and red eyes were impressive, but the problem was that it was too fast. It was running past the beach.

If it wasn't for my keen eyes, I wouldn't have seen it.


The rabbit glanced at me as it ran past.

"A bug has occurred near 666! Aish, I'm so busy I feel like dying!"

It left behind those strange words.

It disappeared in one direction.

'I guess I have to follow.'

I'd never heard of such a creature. It was similar to a creature but didn't give off the same presence.

In addition, the rabbit's smell was similar to that of the magician of the moon.

If so, this wasn't a normal place.

I walked in the direction that the rabbit had disappeared in.


My speed was slow due to my magic power exhaustion so I naturally frowned. I started to run with just my pure body.

This lasted for several hours.

The traces of the rabbit were obvious but it was too far away to be seen.

Instead, I saw both familiar and unusual looking creatures.

"Areas 811 and 544 have failed. I have to repair them!"


Giants were moving around carrying hammers.

They also didn't see me as I walked past.

Large warts were sunbathing while magpie-like birds were pecking at the ground.

They were muttering something unknown but didn't acknowledge me when I approached.

I tried to touch one but nothing happened.

"Hey, can't you see me?"

It was the same when I went up a being that looked like a nose and talked.

It didn't pay attention to me at all.

'It seems like the rabbit is the key.'

The first rabbit that I saw was the only one who acknowledged me.

I left the nose and followed the trail of the rabbit.