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Chapter 196: Magician of the Moon (4)

Chapter 196: Magician of the Moon (4)

I was waiting. A signal would eventually reach the top of the mountain. My perception was quite large and I would immediately notice if someone entered the area.

Maxium said that he hadn't noticed the magician of the moon until he was close. In other words, this was a test. I wondered if I could recognize the 'night' that the magician of the moon used.

I sat at the top and closed my eyes in meditation. A few days passed as I maintained my position.

'I just thought that moving my body was training.'

I had thought that moving my body was the key to becoming stronger. If I didn't do that then I wouldn't become strong. Indeed, it was true to some extent.

However, I received some enlightenment from the Tree of Origin. Now just meditating and imagining it was efficient. I could look at myself as objectively as possible and refine my techniques.

It was really incredible. I had judged that I couldn't become stronger without raising my stats, but I had gone one step further even with the same stats.

No...that wasn't it.

I knew it. But I had forgotten.

It was in my previous life. Was it before I came to Earth?

I knew better than anyone else how the weak could overcome the strong on the battlefield.

But after coming to Earth, I had been too focused on the status windows and skills. They were both visible and reliable indicators so I hadn't doubted them.

However, my shadow had overwhelmed me with the same stats. I was able to feel the difference between the same stats.

I had literally become a slave to the status window.

So I had neglected the other half of my development. It was my responsibility. I had to fix it.

'This feeling is...'

At that moment, I narrowed my eyes.

An alien feeling on my skin. Creepy...

I wanted to laugh but didn't. My body had reacted first. It was before I could even consciously think!

In this case, it meant only one thing.

Meeting a strong enemy!

I already met the grand dukes and knew how strong they were in my previous life. Their adjusted bodies weren't as good. I was surprised when I met the Fire Spirit King, but he was still within my range to some extent.

However...the approaching presence was different.

In any case, it had been a pretty long time. It wasn't an overwhelming feeling. It was just different. Everything was different. I couldn't understand it so I frowned.

Then I opened my eyes.

I looked towards the direction that gave me the alien feeling.

'He has arrived.'

Night was approaching from far away.

I confirmed it with the naked eye.


Maxium couldn't sense him but I did.

But that was it. I couldn't tell what he was.

The weak ability of foresight wasn't any use right now.

Therefore...I produced Pride's flames in order to confirm it.

'Who are you?'

A magician of the moon who created night. The secret weapon Upa had been hiding was right in front of me.

He was fiercely chasing the bone dragon.

As he came closer, my surroundings gradually turned into night.

However, my eyes were complex as I gazed at him.

I couldn't take his measure.

Strong, weak, the type of magic power...

He seemed to be complete since there was no instability.

The flow of magic power from him felt like the beginning when the world was being born. I had never seen that type of magic power before so I wasn't sure how to judge it.

'I have to face it.'

An unknown enemy.

If everything was covered in a veil then I needed to peel it back. If I peeled off even a little bit then an outline might appear.

I raised Wrath and the Emperor's Sword.

'Dark Sword.'

The two swords turned black.

I concentrated my magic power on the swords and swung towards the magician.


A huge explosion occurred that devoured hundreds of metres around it. The explosion expanded and compressed, destroying everything.

However, it didn't have an effect on the magician. His hair was just seared a little bit.

It didn't make sense. Even I would be a little hurt from that.

My eyes went to something behind him.

Moon. A large moon was shining brightly. He was also dragging the moon with him.

'A life vessel?'

It was sometimes used to save a lich's life. Many lich couldn't resist the temptation of immortality and the life vessel would save their lives. The moon felt similar to a life vessel.

But...preparing a separate life vessel reduced the efficiency of the magic power. Strong magic couldn't be used and if the body was broken, restoration would be very slow.

'It was destroyed and recovered in an instant.'

I was convinced the life vessel was the reason.

Just before the attack, I confirmed that his body was broken. It was a very short time but the blow was enough to crush parts of the magician. Regardless of what I thought, regeneration was impossible.

However, he was broken and restored simultaneously. It could be called recovery, but it exceeded the normal level of recovery. It was beyond shocking.

'Then what?'

I didn't know. That person was really strange. Dark Sword made repairing injuries impossible, except for transcendent beings. In other words, that person had entered the realm of transcendence.

The magician of the moon glanced at me. I was prepared for an attack from him. He definitely knew I was there after receiving my strike.

However, he just passed me like nothing had happened. He only chased after the bone dragon.

Was my attack not even on the level of a tickle for him?


It was really outrageous. I had never experienced this type of disregard in my previous life. If I attacked then an opponent had to respond.

I grinded my teeth and stared at the moon. If that was really a life vessel then I couldn't ignore it.

The wings made of Pride's flames burned even more intensely. Walls instantly rose up on all sides...but just like a real moon, I couldn't get close to it. I judged that it was disguised as the moon in the area of night but that wasn't it.

'This situation...'

I had wide limits in regards to my common sense. Still, the magician of the moon was beyond these limits.

I didn't know and checked the status window.

'This is the effect of Haien Moon's Necklace.'

When the moon was up, there was an option to increase magic power by three.

This was a real moon?

I attacked the moon but couldn't reach it.


It wasn't something could forcibly capture.

I descended.

In this time, one third of the bone dragon's wing had disappeared.

The bone dragon would soon be destroyed if this continued.

'I have to hit him.'

There was no other way. If I destroyed the body several times then he would eventually reach his limit. Then I would see if he could still ignore me.


-Paranormal's blessing has been granted.

All stats will rise by 2 points for one hour.

'Lightning God. Go and eat.'

I increased my strength even further. I triggered Dark Sword again around Wrath and the Emperor's Sword. I concentrated and added the power of Lightning God.

I had never done this before. Now all my different types of powers were gathered around the two swords.

I aimed the power that was on the verge of exploding at the magician of the moon.

He didn't even bother to avoid it. Of course, a huge explosion occurred the moment it hit.


It was an overwhelming sight that seemed to create a wall between heaven and earth.

It was ten times stronger than my previous attack.

'I can only use it a few times.'

I had forced a tremendous amount of magic power into it. There was still some left but I couldn't afford to recklessly repeat it.

So what about this time?

The explosion repeatedly expanded and compressed. I wasn't able to confirm the situation inside.

Soon, the aftermath of the explosion disappeared and I could see the target.

One of his arms had disappeared. To be precise, it was the area where the arm and legs should be.

It seemed he restored his body several times before it wasn't as effective.

'There is an effect.'

I couldn't be ignored this time.

The magician of the moon turned his head and looked at me.

Approximately three seconds.

Then he focused on killing the bone dragon again.


I had felt an indescribable feeling when I looked into his eyes.