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Chapter 195: Magician of the Moon (3)

Chapter 195: Magician of the Moon (3)

Maxium recovered his senses two days later.

In the meantime, I watched the surroundings from deep in the mountains. It was because there were demons in the surroundings.

They weren't chasing after me...they were certainly looking for Maxium.

"What happened?"

Shortly after Maxium woke up.

I asked him bluntly.

His body was already dead so there was no need to restore his physical strength.

Maxium quickly kneeled down.

"...I was taken by surprise."

"I know. But I don't understand. A quick raid shouldn't have done this. Did I overestimate you?"

All the soldiers were wiped out. Maxium alone survived.

No matter how high level the demons, there were few who surpassed Maxium. The one who did this...I couldn't imagine.

"I'm sorry, Your Majesty. My abilities were lacking...I couldn't do anything against the demon Arend."

"Earl Arend led the raid."

I was familiar with him. In the past, he was an earl who was fairly strong. He was one of the earls in Upa's faction.

Maxium slightly raised his head. His eyes flashed as he said.

"That's right. But there was a nondescript person next to Arend. A mighty magician with the power of the moon! An unusual magician who turned the surroundings into night in an instant."

Maxium had said that moments before he collapsed. I had been curious about this part.

Furthermore, it seemed like the magician had hurt Maxium.

"Give me the details."

"He can turn an area into 'night.' The space is isolated so I didn't notice until I entered it. And he had an invincible power inside it the area. Of course...Your Majesty is stronger..."

In short, his abilities were to blame for Maxium not noticing the raid. This was a part that I had been dubious about.

'It means the magician is strong.'

My eyes narrowed. A magician that used the majestic power of the moon.

It was a bit surprising. If Upa has such a person under him then they would have been advantageous in the fight against Ariel.

No, if there was such a magician then I would have heard about it. Chrisley had visited many enemy territories around the world.

'Is there a reason why they can't be used?'

He was called the 'magician of the moon.' Anyone would have used him against Ariel. There was no reason to hide it.

Maybe...the magician was testing his strength against Maxium.

'Upa. What did you do?'

I pressed a hand against my forehead. The magician of the moon was likely to be within the area of transcendence. Or maybe he could exert his strength under special conditions.

He was obtained from either a summoning or special accomplishment.

Anyway, he was certainly an unexpected variable.

"Is that all you've found out?"

"Arend is controlling the magician. He is always located next to Arend."

If I monitored Arend then I would be able to know where the magician of the moon was. However, it meant entering the 'domain of night.'

Maxium hadn't noticed until he entered it.

Would it escape my detection?

'There is nothing as difficult as the unknown.'

I stood at the crossroads of choice. It wouldn't matter if I ignored it. I could gain something by default. The aim was to kill the winner of the fight between Ariel and Upa. However, if Upa had a subordinate that was as powerful as a transcendent person then the game was already over.

If he sent out the magician then it would lead to overwhelming victory. Then Upa would become an even bigger opponent. It was tricky.

Cutting off the bud...

This was one of the options but it had to be handled quietly.

"Maxium. We need a plan to quietly bring out the magician of the moon. At the very least, a one on one fight with me needs to be created."

I was inferior when it came to tactics. I didn't know much. This was a problem in the past but now I had subordinates who could do it for me. And Maxium was quite reliable in that area.

Maxium thought for awhile before opening his mouth.

"There is...but I require quite a few soldiers."

Maxium was very careful when he started to speak again.

I briefly answered.

"I can't give you a lot."

Giving him additional troops was a stumbling block. Currently Upa's demons were surrounding this area and watching.

It was fortunate that I came here with two bone dragons and two chaos soldiers. If there were more creatures then it would have been difficult to stay undetected.

"A lot of soldiers aren't required. Quality is more important."

"That is a simple matter. Follow me."

This place was inside a cave.

I led Maxium outside and slowly released a little of my magic power.

Eventually, I led him through a dense forest.


"Bone dragons and chaos soldiers. Is that enough?"

There were four high class creatures. It was enough power to capture one dungeon.

Maxium's body trembled.

"Ahh, it has been a long time since I've seen them. They were there when the Emperor first created the Underground World."

He also knew the chaos soldiers. Maxium was the Hell Monarch's oldest knight. It wasn't strange.

Maxium then continued.

"That is enough. No, it is more than enough. Tying up Arend's feet and separating the magician of the moon..."

"I will leave it to you."

"M-me? These creatures can only be moved by Your Majesty."

"I will leave them to you. I will take care of the rest."

Maxium stared at me blankly before forming a fist.

His eyes also changed. He was full of desire to do so.

After a moment, Maxium bowed even deeper.

"New Maxium, I will follow Your Majesty's order."

Arend was frantic to catch Maxium. Arend had persistently followed and harassed Maxium. Maxium was aiming for this.

"Your Majesty, please be patient. I will settle this in a week."

"Are you that confident?"

"It would be hard with me alone, but the bone dragons and chaos soldiers are the same as having half a million allies. How can I fail?"

It was natural that the operation would be a success.

"Then be careful. Your Majesty. The magician of the moon has strange magic. I couldn't understand everything."

I wasn't offended by his remark.

A mysterious magician who even fooled Maxium. It was enough to be tense.

"There is nobody in this world who can beat me."

I said confidently. In fact, those words weren't wrong. Even if the magician of the moon showed up, I was still the strongest in this area.

"I believe you. Then...I will move right away."

I nodded. Maxium climbed on the back of a bone dragon.

The creature wouldn't move unless I was the one controlling them. That might have been the case with the Hell Monarch but I also had the authority of the Dungeon Master.

'I can practice while waiting.'

I had entrusted it to him. I decided to act separately while listening to periodic reports.

But I wasn't playing around.

These mountains were remote with no humans. I would use this opportunity to review my fights with myself. I couldn't pass up this chance.

As soon as the creatures left, I found a place where I could concentrate. There was no need to train by moving my body and wielding my sword. I only needed a quiet place to meditate.

Maxium separated the two bone dragons and used one to raid Arend's troops. He skillfully attracted the enemies and destroyed them.

Only a few creatures could be handled at a time. However, the story was different if he repeated this dozens of times a day. Arend immediately convened all his troops and chased after Maxium.

"You are good at running away!"

The red-faced Arend shouted at Maxium who was running away. Maxium didn't stop and quickly disappeared on the bone dragon's back.

The speed of the bone dragon exceeded imagination. Once it started flying away, there was no way to catch it.

Nevertheless, Maxium didn't allow himself to completely escape. He was luring them somewhere on purpose. In the meantime, the other bone dragon didn't appear.

"If you are a knight then face me!"


Arend was frustrated every time he nearly caught Maxium. He felt queasy every time he saw Maxium's face.

A week passed and Arend felt desperate. He chased Maxium with his fastest creatures.

Naturally that included the magician of the moon. He was confident that he had enough troops.

Maxium deliberately allowed Arend to catch up with him.

"Your running ends here."


"Surrender. Then I will neatly kill you."

"I will never surrender to you in a million years."

"Ha! Even in a situation like this. You keep mouthing off!"

It was clear there would be a battle.

Thousands of creatures started to attack Maxium and the bone dragon.

Arend pursued Maxium with the magician of the moon while the rest of the creatures took on the bone dragon and chaos soldier.

Just before they clashed. Maxium raised his sword and golden light shot into the sky.



The sky turned gold and at the same time, a roar was heard from far away.

Immediately...a dragon and chaos soldier that hadn't been seen before appeared.

Two of each for a total of four creatures!

It was a small number but their power had doubled.

Arend only chose the quick creatures so the quality wasn't good. Except for the magician of the moon, the strength advantage had been reversed.


In contrast, Arend gritted his teeth.

"You deal with that dragon. I will take care of him."

He wanted to handle Maxium quickly but the situation had changed. It was dangerous for the creatures to deal with the bone dragon and chaos soldiers.

Maxium smiled as he saw the magician of the moon leaving.

'It is going as planned.'

It was halfway there.

The bent over magician of the moon straightened. The person with tangled black hair sprang up towards the sky and revealed two completely black eyes. It was like the night had been transferred into his eyes. The face and body were so dried out that it was difficult to tell if the magician was a man or woman.

The magician of the moon started to rise into the air. Darkness rushed to him and the surrounding area became as clear night. The moon rose in the space and both black eyes began to shine yellow.

The bone dragon instantly turned around. It noticed that the strongest creature was here.

The magician of the moon stretched out his hands and the moon shone brighter.


Light particles gathered at his fingertips. After a moment, the light split into thousands of rays. They were like shooting stars as the rays headed towards the bone dragon.



The bone dragon breathed out. It was a default skill for a dragon. The dragon's breath was one of the top ranked skills. It was common for everything in front of the breath to disappear.

However, the starlight touched the breath and started to absorb its power. Something unimaginable was happening in front of its eyes.

The bone dragon noticed the danger, stopped the breath and descended. Creatures ran up to it but the bone dragon quickly flapped its wings and left the area of night.

The magician followed with an expressionless face. His speed wasn't slower than the bone dragon's.

A cat and mouse chase. The area of night also moved with him, leaving only slight starlight in his path.

The magician of the moon didn't care as Arend got further away.

He received only one command. Deal with this bone dragon.