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Chapter 194: Magician of the Moon (2)

Chapter 194: Magician of the Moon (2)

They had a very good quality for skeletons. There was also one epic grade skill. Typically, creatures could be bought that surpassed the limit of general creatures.

The two chaos soldiers followed behind me as I moved. We eventually reached the entrance of the dungeon where some creatures were waiting.

Two bone dragons!

They were more expensive than expected, but there would be no harm if I bought them. If I had bought the bone dragons from the Demon World Auction, they would have been more than 56 million points due to the competition.

Their bodies were close to 100 metres long. Their wings were even bigger. There were even two of them. It was hard not to feel overwhelmed.

I slowly climbed on top of one dragon. The chaos soldiers boarded the other bone dragon and grabbed the reins. The combination of chaos soldiers and bone dragons would give me an unimaginable destructive power.

Of course, it wasn't a demonic dragon, but it was still a dragon!

Dragons were arrogant and prideful. It was almost impossible of make them follow someone. I had been very envious of demons who managed to obtain a dragon as a mount.

Now I was able to fly directly on a bone dragon. Weaker than a demonic dragon, the bone dragon was the strongest among the undead.

"Master ~ where are you going?"

Yihi who was napping rubbed her eyes and asked.

"I am going to meet Maxium. Report if anything urgent happens."

"Yihi will do her best. Yihihi."

I didn't have great faith in her but Yihi had matured a little bit after the accident. If there was an urgent matter then she would be the first to report it. Of course, her version of 'urgent' might be different but both Chrisley and Tashmal were busy.

"Talk to Julliom about small things."

Julliom of the dark elves was somewhat trustworthy. Yihi swelled up like she was upset.

"Trust Yihi, Master. No problem will be able to escape from my eyes."

I was glad.

I kicked the bone dragon lightly.


The bone dragon roared and spread open its wings.

As the chaos soldiers grabbed the reins more tightly, the bone dragons quickly left the dungeon entrance.

"Take care~"

Yihi bowed as carefully as possible.

The last contact was in Brazil. I was told that they were hiding in a small city called Belem.

It was quite far away but the dragon's speed was more than I imagined. I was able to reach the destination in only half a day.

It was adjacent to the sea but the city was already ruined.

The corpses and bones of all types of creatures were strewn around.

I got down from the dragon, looked around and came to a conclusion.

"There was a surprise raid. It was in the immediate vicinity."

It was literally a raid. It was unexpected and Maxium was greatly damaged.

Fortunately, I couldn't see Maxium's body anywhere.

The culprit was one of the demons in Upa's faction but...I was skeptical as I saw the remnants of a fierce battle.

'He wouldn't lose thousands of creatures in one step.'

In the meantime, I hadn't bothered going out. In order to interfere with Upa and Ariel, I had crammed a fishing rod between them.

Maxium obstructed them. He played that role for me.

'I have to find him.'

Maxium had many uses. He couldn't be lost in a place like this.

"Look around. If you see anything strange then notify me straight away."


100 shades started to move.

After losing contact, I had brought the shades just in case.

Approximately 30 minutes later, the shades started returning. Most of them found nothing, but a few discovered markings.

'Movement magic.'

Shabby markings.

It was half-erased but it was unmistakably a magic circle for movement magic.

It took a considerable amount of time and materials to set up the movement magic. No other demons were staying here so Maxium must have been the one to set it up. It was a precautionary measure in case he was attacked without notice.

'The flow of magic power is broken.'

Unfortunately, I discovered that the magic power circuit of the movement magic was completely blocked. I couldn't chase after the flow of magic power.

'Someone followed Maxium and deliberately blocked the flow of magic power.'

I raised a hand to my forehead. If Maxium was attacked and had to evacuate quickly then there would be no way for him to block the magic circuit.

It certainly wouldn't benefit Maxium.

Why? The enemy must believe that Maxium had a helper.

'There are some doubts but it is almost certain.'

My thoughts weren't foolish. Anyway, it was a wise judgment by the enemy. Thanks to this, I was blocked here. I didn't have the ability to recover the traces that had been erased.


While searching around, I found a sword in the ruins.

"This...Maxium's sword."

I grabbed the ordinary-looking sword.

It was obviously the sword that Maxium used. The sword gave off a splendid golden colour when fighting the enemy, but it usually looked plain like this.

Maybe this was the reason why the enemy didn't find the sword. They had always seen it shining brightly in Maxium's hands.

I injected magic power into the sword. A faint golden aura surrounded the sword.


At that moment, the sword shook. I moved it and the sword stopped shaking. I did the same thing and the sword shook again.

'The sword is responding to the southeast.'

I nodded.

The sword wasn't shaking for no reason.

It was almost unprecedented but it wasn't strange for a sword to develop an ego after being used for a long time. Maxium had used this sword for more than a thousand years.

It wasn't a complete ego sword but it knew where its master was.

I left the ruins.

Then I got on the dragon and said.

"To the southeast."

All of South America was Upa's area. I couldn't move around wildly. It could be a problem if I was caught.

'Somebody came.'

A demon near here...Drumin? He was a demon who had considerable attachment to this area.

He fiercely pursued me with dozens of wyverns.

"Speed up."

However, the wyverns couldn't keep up with the bone dragons' speed.


The bone dragons spread open their wings and flew even quicker.

There were a few more chases by the time I got to the place where the sword reacted strongly. It was a place with a lot of mountains and Maxium was clearly somewhere here.

"Wait here."

I was bound to be discovered when moving with the bone dragons. I hid their bodies as much as possible and moved alone. The chaos soldiers were also near the dragons.

'The smell of death.'

My frown deepened as I entered the mountains. There were no traces of creatures but an unpleasant smell was hanging around.

It was a similar smell to when I killed the commanders in the Underground World. It was very weak but still awful. However, this was Earth and the only commander was Maxium.

This smell obviously came from Maxium.

'I won't know until I check.'

Unless Upa came out directly...I never thought Maxium would be so easily hit by others.

Tsk. I clicked my tongue as I moved.

I moved in the direction that Maxium's sword pointed to and soon found a cave.

There was a strong smell coming from inside the cave.

Here. Maxium was in here.

The inside of the cave was quite long. I didn't see any other soldiers at all.

Soon...deep inside the cave, I found Maxium collapsed against a wall.

He was losing consciousness.

It was difficult to tell if he was dead or alive simply by his appearance.


I opened my magic power and gave him some strength.

After waiting dozens of seconds, Maxium moved slightly.

"Emperor...Your Majesty...?"

Maxium tried to stand up after recognizing me. I stopped him and said.

"That's right. You don't need to get up. Just explain what happened."



"Enormous magic power of the moon...magician..."

Maxium's story ended there. He lost consciousness again.

I slowly laid my hands on Maxium's shoulders.

'A non-demonic magician.'

If the opponent was a demon then he would have said the name. All Maxium said was 'magician.'

However, I didn't have any memories of a moon magician. Some human Awakened had similar names but it was impossible for them to face Maxium at their level. It didn't fit.

'Upa must have done something.'

I shook my head.

First I had to treat Maxium.