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Chapter 193: Magician of the Moon (1)

Chapter 193: Magician of the Moon (1)

There were four types of skeletons. In particular, the warlock and guardian were familiar names that I had seen a few times in my previous life. They had been mass produced by Pandemonium, but individually, they weren't very strong.

But...the chaos soldier was unfamiliar.

Not only that, the next item was enough to amaze me.

'Bone dragon.'

A high class 2Lv creature! I could purchase a maximum of two of them.

'The Hell Monarch possessed a great number of high class creatures.'

The Hell Monarch was someone who tried to become a god. Someone who reached a level that was impossible for humans and caused fear in demons. It wasn't strange that he would place a lot of high class creatures in the Underground World.

Maybe there were other similar high class creatures in the sealed warehouses.

'Conceding in quality.'

I touched my jaw. I could fill the numbers with warlocks and guardians but there might be better strategies. Anyway, Maxium engaged in guerilla warfare rather than a frontal battle.

He could pressure the opponent with small numbers. Maxium's fighting ability was efficient. In terms of strategy, Maxium was better than me.


I nodded as I decided to make a purchase.

It would be a considerable expenditure but it was well worth the investment.

Belem, Brazil in South America.

In the past, it was a port city that was the centre of commerce and transportation.

It originally had a population of over one million people. However, now it was so devastated that it was hard to find any people.

Maxium was in the centre.

He led 5,000 skeleton soldiers but he only succeeded in delaying for some time. Of course, that alone was great. He moved the army while avoiding being caught by Upa.

But that didn't last long. The five thousand soldiers had been reduced to only two thousand. The quality of the skeleton soldiers wasn't very good so there was a limit.

"Hrmm, it is too bad that a resupply of troops is needed."

Maxium muttered from near the shore.

The soldiers were made from dead bodies. They didn't need to eat. The problem was that their rate of recruitment was much slower.

He turned his head and saw a pile of bones a short distance away.

Two liches were commanding the soldiers and combining the bones.

There were human bones, creature bones and animal bones, but not all of them could be used to create soldiers.

"Even if it isn't a surprise...kuoong."

He didn't know when the enemy would come to interfere. It didn't make sense for there to be no obstacles but he secured some bases. Then he had been ambushed by some of Grand Duke Upa's troops late at night.

He was a bit late and almost lost all the soldiers. They were able to be preserved due to Maxium's skill.

'Now is the perfect time to restore some of the troops.'

Upa had stopped advancing. He was stationed in South Africa and didn't move. At first Maxium was nervous because he thought something was discovered, but that wasn't the case. The sacred zone that occurred caused the demons to reduce their activities.

Anyway, now was the chance to increase his troops without any interruptions.

He had never been able to stay more than five days in one place, so the speed of production was very slow.

"Is the work going well?"

Maxium approached the two liches and asked.

"These humans, too weak. Good bones, not many."

"Speed up the pace anyway. It should be twice as quick."

"Hands, more help! Two people, there is a limit."

The liches' voices were adamant.

They collected dead bodies and extracted the bones. The materials weren't very good so there was a limit of 30 created per day.

The skeleton soldiers moved and collected the bones. Clattering filled the surrounding area but Maxium wasn't satisfied.

'His Majesty entrusted this task to me. If I stop here then I won't be able to maintain my pride.'

The Underground World. Vacant and empty. Maxium was called the Cruel Commander. Unlike the other commanders, he maintained his neutrality and stayed out of the fight for the treasure trove. He might have been sitting still, but in truth, he was maintaining his troops for when His Majesty would return.

If someone truly aimed at the treasure trove then he would move...but he was half-exhausted.

Then he was forcibly summoned to a strange world and heard the sound of the heart. It was at this time that he discovered what he needed to do.

After returning to the Underground World from Earth, he instantly started to stop the battle between commanders. Then he was surprised when His Majesty came to the Underground World.

He didn't like the word fate but he devoted his loyalty to His Majesty on that day.

He was entrusted an important task so he couldn't stop here.

'I need to hit the weak dungeons.'

It was a bit extreme but it was the most obvious way. He had a rough idea of where the dungeons in Upa's faction were located. If he occupied the weakest one then he would be able to restore all his power at once.

The problem was after that. Upa wouldn't be able to stay still. He couldn't act rashly.



It happened while Maxium was looking to see if there was another way.

Giant stones started to fall all over the place, the ground was torn and flames appeared.

'These signs...Earl Arend!'

His magic power was unique. He had sensed it the other day when he was ambushed by Arend.

Now he was somehow in the rear.

Maxium looked towards the sea and saw a few krakens and huge boats.

He hadn't noticed at all until they moved. If he made a mistake then it was a mistake, but it didn't make any sense.

'I put up as many defenses as'

The liches installed magic warnings in various spots and soldiers were placed in the surroundings. Yet he hadn't heard any news. They started attacking before he noticed.

'There is a magician with great talent.'

It was impossible for a lich to compare to a magician with a lot of skill.

Maxium urgently pulled out his sword.

"Keep your ranks and respond!"

He was determined. seemed like this fight wouldn't be easy.

Earl Arend, a member of Upa's faction, smiled while revealing his teeth.

"Huhu, your face is an amusing sight. You didn't notice until I got behind you."

Arend was ordered to kill Maxium. But whenever he approached, his target would run away like a ghost. He wasn't able to catch Maxium.

Sometimes Maxium would hide for hours. It was also difficult to deal with Maxium in a one on one fight because he was the leader of an army and at least a high class 3Lv creature.

But it would end today.

Arend laughed and looked back.

There was someone sitting on all fours like a dog and their long hair made it difficult to tell if they were a man or woman.

Upa had given them to Arend directly. A magician who could even deceive high class creatures. They were very useful despite having some limitations.

'Upa-nim gave me this opportunity. I must use it.'


A death knight.

He didn't know where Maxium came from, but he had to catch him this time. He might be an event like the angels but it was strange that two would be occurring at the same time. There was a chance someone had caused his appearance.

"There is no place to escape. Death awaits on land, ocean and even underneath you."

Arend raised his hand. At the same time, one of his skills 'Earth Explosion' was used.


Fire and earth rose up on all sides. The hot flames swallowed up the skeleton soldiers and melted their bones.

It was the worst situation, but he was a seasoned veteran.

Maxium had already set up movement magic in preparation for a situation like this. There was a restriction that large amounts of materials were needed and the magic circle couldn't be moved, but it was necessary when preparing a base.

'The liches and main soldiers need time to get away.'

It took a considerable amount of time for the movement magic to activate. That time needed to be earned. In this situation, he had to survive.

Even if all his troops were lost. Because Maxium was worth more than them.

However, he couldn't assume failure from the beginning and retreat alone.

Maxium aimed to buy some time.

His sword shone a brilliant gold and he swept it around him.

A cerberus and many other creatures around him were wiped out.


Maxium only had eyes for one person. Earl Arend. Next to him was an unidentified creature.

'That guy.'

Ahh. He realized it immediately.

That guy was the magician. The magic power flowing around him was very different.

'I have to kill him.'

It wouldn't end with just this.

They had obviously planned for a surprise of this scale.

A magician was very dangerous when chasing someone. It was very risky.

'If he lives then he will be a stumbling block to His Majesty.'

At the very least, it was more urgent to get rid of the magician than Arend.

The liches had no way of matching the magician's black magic. No matter how strong His Majesty was, the magician would be troublesome. was best to cut off the bud now.



The sword trembled and the gold light spread out more widely.

Shortly after that, Maxium ignored all creatures and started running.

I scowled.


The crystal ball I gave to Maxium before he left had lost its light. It was proof that it was destroyed or couldn't be contacted.

If something happened then it would have been reported. However, it was clear that something had abruptly happened.

'Maxium would have noticed if someone was about to ambush him.'

Maxium had an outstanding ability as a commander. He wouldn't be caught off guard. He always prepared a few things in case something happened.

But there were some doubts. I didn't feel good.

After getting some foresight, my senses had become more sharp. If I felt like this, nine out of 10 times I was right.

Crunch. Dalgurak.

A sound came from the rear while I was looking into the crystal ball.

I turned around and two unusual skeletons greeted me.

'Chaos soldier.'

Eight legs reminiscent of a spider and two torsos.

Of course, there were two heads and four arms.

They were all made of bones and had a geometric look.

Both of them were chaos soldiers.

I immediately opened Mind's Eye and saw their status windows.

Name: Chaos Soldier


Strength 101 Intelligence 66

Agility 88 Stamina 99

Magic Power 77

Potential: (431/431)

Uniqueness: Born in the midst of chaos, a powerful skeleton soldier.

Skill: Chaos and Destruction (Epic), Seconds Acceleration (Ex U)