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Chapter 192: Spirit Contract (2)

Chapter 192: Spirit Contract (2)

She lowered her body slightly and scratched the skin of the man in the lead. It wasn't a fatal injury but the scratch on his cheek was bleeding.

"Shit! This bitch is crazy!"

The man whose face was scratched burst out. He never imagined a surprise attack.

It was a pity for Kim Yura. He was hurt but wouldn't have any problems moving. In the end, it seemed like a situation where she had to deal with eight people.

'Holy Armour.'

It was a skill that surrounded her body in holy power. In fact, Kim Yura awakened as a Saintess but she didn't have any attack skills. Healing and defense were the main ones.

Holy Armour wrapped a wall around her that minimized damage. A unique rated skill. A decent Awakened wouldn't be able to leave a scratch on her.

Kim Yura moved with the armour around her body.

"Eh eh? What is this?"

"The knife isn't going in!"

The men panicked as the knife didn't pierce the skin. Meanwhile, Kim Yura moved the knife and stabbed a man's thigh.


The stabbed man sat down.

It was possible to take his life but Kim Yura stopped, believing that was enough to stop him fighting.

'I can do it.'


She swallowed her saliva. It was the first time she had to take care of people like this. Her life, along with her sister's was at risk. Her sister couldn't run away so she needed to handle it as quickly as possible.

"T-that bitch..."

At this point, the men couldn't easily rush towards her. They thought she was a cornered deer or mouse, only to find out differently.

"What are you doing against a woman? Pull yourselves together, you idiots!"

The man with his thigh stabbed cried out loudly. The confused group immediately changed attitudes. They had needed to survive in a world of creatures.

They instinctively sensed danger from Kim Yura. The men realized there was no chance of victory if they didn't move.

"Hah, hah...!"

Kim Yura panted harshly.

It was fortunate that the level of the male Awakened were below average. They were hunting civilians but...Kim Yura, who awakened as a Saintess, was different from them.

If she had a little more experience then they wouldn't have gotten this far.

The men's expressions changed over time.

As one, two and three men fell, they couldn't ignore her anymore.

Kim Yura licked her lips and took a stance.

"If you approach then I will kill you."

It was the first time that she had blood on her hands. She tried to stop her hands from trembling.

She glared poisonously at the men.

It was a world where only the strong survived.

The weak were killed. Even if they were weak, being able to survive until now was enough to be considered strong.

"Saintess-nim, look here."

It was at that moment. She was confronting the five men when she heard a voice behind her. She turned around...she saw the first man she stabbed with a knife to Min-ji's neck.

An ordinary person wouldn't be able to move easily with a stabbed thigh, but Kim Yura had overlooked that he was an Awakened. She had placed an Awakened on the same level as the general public.

"Put the knife down. Yes? You wouldn't want marks on the pretty neck of your sister."


The villages knew how much Kim Yura took care of her sister. The flustered faces of the men started to recover.

Kim Yura's face paled. It was the end the moment she put down the knife. For her and her sister. However, she couldn't let her sister be harmed.

"Eh eh? You're not putting it down? Should I show Saintess-nim her blood?"

"Stop! I am putting it down. Down..."

Kim Yura closed her eyes at the man's intimidation. She slowly placed the small knife on the floor.

At that moment, the men ran up to Kim Yura and pushed her to the ground.

Kim Yura sensed her future. She could take damage to her body but her sister was the problem.

"My sister...don't touch my sister."

"It depends on how sweetly Saintess-nim submits to us. Isn't that right, friends?"

"Yes yes."

"We won't kill you."

The man holding her sister hostage shrugged and the others agreed. However, their eyes still weren't normal.

"Ah, God.'

Would it have been better to avoid the people when she smelt blood?

Or was treating injured people a sin...

All the good people died. All that was left in the world were those who sinned. She shouldn't have trusted, it was her mistake.

She didn't know why this was happening to her and her sister.

-Do you want to contract with me?

At that moment, a voice was heard in her head.


-I am Rei. A proud name my father gave me. If you form a contract with me then I will defeat all those humans.

The voice she was hearing became more evident.

It was a girl's voice. However, there was no girl in the area.

-Quickly. It will be too late soon. It will be different.

There was a possibility that was a hallucination caused by her own desire. However, she was already on a cliff.

"The contract...I agree."


At the end of her words, flames appeared out of thin air.



The flames grew largely and started to swallow up the men. It was so powerful that their skin was quickly melted.

"W-what? Shit! What is this?"

The man holding the knife to Kim Min-ji's neck was dismayed as he saw the other men killed by the flames. He tried to escape but couldn't run quickly due to his thigh.


The flames burned the last man.

The flames moved in front of Kim Yura and transformed into a female.

"I am pleased to meet you, despite the urgent situation. As I said before, my name is Rei. What is Contractor's name?"

It happened in an instant.

Kim Yura had barely recovered her mental state. She replied in a terrified voice.

"Yu...ra. Kim Yura."

"Kim Yura! Let's do our best in the future."

The beautiful girl with hair made of flames smiled.

I was watching the scene from afar.

Intermediate or lower ranked spirits had to sign a contract before they could be seen. Despite already having a contract with me, they weren't capable of showing themselves to others without a contractor.

'Kim Yura will stand out thanks to the spirit contract.'

Kim Yura the Saintess. She would attract people's attention everywhere she went. After Rei, the spirits would continue to extend their contracts among the humans.

I decided not to intervene and gave Rei full authority.

The more that the spirits contracted with humans, the stronger my forces would become.

'I wish there was a way to obtain spirits with other attributes.'

In order to do that, I needed to raise the fire spirits properly. It wouldn't be difficult to enter the Spirit World and I could use them to appeal to other spirit kings.

I would also receive additional rewards if I returned the fire spirits that I raised.

There were many things that would benefit me if I looked ahead.

'Now I need to go see Maxium. There is currently a truce between Upa and Aiel so I need to help.'

Upa and Ariel.

Upa had the advantage so I added Maxium to balance the odds.

And Maxium lost a lot of power while trying to hinder Upa.

If I didn't refill his troops while there was a truce, there would no longer be another chance.

'Five million points should be enough.'

I calculated the points I would use to buy additional troops for Maxium and moved back to the dungeon.

Troops could be purchased from the Achievements Store.

It contained a number of the Hell Monarch's treasures, with many of them not being opened yet.

'The treasure is further divided into warehouses and opening them requires points or achievement points.'

I touched my jaw.

Hell Monarch's warehouse. There were multiple warehouses. Not all of them were released immediately. It took a considerable amount to open the warehouses so I had placed them on hold.

'I won't need to use points for a while, so it wouldn't be bad to open one.'

I looked through the long list.

[Sealed Warehouse List]

-Opening the sealed warehouses can be purchased using points.

Magic Weapons Warehouse - 1,500 achievement points or 2,500,000pt

Unknown Secret Warehouse - 2,000 achievement points or 3,200,000pt

Scrolls Warehouse - 1,000 achievement points or 2,000,000pt

Skeleton Soldiers' Warehouse - 2,500 achievement points or 4,000,000pt


I had around 10,000 achievement points. My normal points were around 15 million. It wasn't at a level where opening one warehouse would be a burden.

'Maxium needs soldiers. Skeletons will be perfect.'

There were few skeleton soldiers. Most magicians were reluctant to release their recipe for creating them.

However, there was a high probability that there would be general skeleton soldiers in the warehouse.

'I need to open the Skeleton Soldiers' Warehouse.'

-4,000,000pt have been used to unlock the 'Skeleton Soldiers' Warehouse.'

The Achievements Store will list the types of soldiers stored in the Skeleton Soldiers' Warehouse.

I nodded. I used normal points to unlock the seal for the warehouse.

Another list appeared in front of me.

[Skeleton Soldiers' Warehouse]

Skeleton Warlock - 100 achievement points or 100,000pt

Skeleton Guardian - 300 achievement points or 400,000pt

Chaos Soldier - 1,000 achievement points or 1,300,000pt

Bone Dragon (2) - 3,000 or 4,000,000pt