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Chapter 191: Spirit Contract (1)

Chapter 191: Spirit Contract (1)

The growth of the spirits was smooth.

Rei and Sera weren't the only intermediate spirits as more than 10 had already joined them. The spirits had also developed their egos and were no longer dependent on me.

There was a clear difference in rewards between the lowest grade, low grade, intermediate and advanced spirits. Not all spirits would be able to reach the higher ranks.

Experience was experience, but they needed to go through special occasions to enter the path of evolution. It was difficult to reach the upper hierarchy of the spirits.

Looking at the compensation from the skill 'Spirit Communication,' the low grade gave 500pt, the intermediate grade 5,000pt and the advanced grade 500,000pt. It jumped up by 100 times once it reached intermediate grade.

After filling up Yihi's empty spots, the spirits had learned how to communicate. Originally I had scheduled the contract with humans for later but I changed my mind.

The Awakened were growing due to the Trees of Life and Death so it was an appropriate time for the spirits to form contracts.

'The double contract will make it easier to move the humans.'

There were approximately 100,000 spirits. All of them were already contracted to me.

It was normally impossible but I guessed it was due to the great fire that I had.

Thanks to this, I could forcibly destroy the second contract with the humans if I wanted to.

It was good enough to send out the spirits and quietly move behind the humans.

"Father. Please find Sera and I a contractor."

"Yes please."

Rei and Sera who had the bodies of adults came to visit me.

The two of them were now able to change into a shape similar to humans. Just like their names, they looked like normal girls but the difference was their hair was made of fire.

I was sitting on a chair made of stone near the Tree of Origin.

It was the first time I was sitting down without any thoughts and worries.

Usually I would split the time with training...but I wasn't feeling motivated at all. This was the effect of swallowing up the clone.

It wasn't a bad feeling.

However, Rei and Sera had interrupted my first break.

"Are you asking me to find them?"

"T-that...not one child has made a contract yet. We would like to try a demonstration first..."

"I'm sorry..."

Rei and Sera sensed my anger and shrank back.

I sat back and rubbed my brow.

"So you want to form a contract?"

"Yes. It will be enough if we demonstrate it to the children. We are connected so they will receive the knowledge."

"That's right."

Rei responded as sincerely as possible.

'That is an obstacle.'

Even if they knew how to communicate, none of the fire spirits had left the dungeon. Looking for a contractor themselves would be unrealistic.

That's why Rei and Sera came to me for advice. Sitting motionlessly would delay the work.

'Rei and Sera's contractors...'

Both were special. They were the first ones to evolve into intermediate spirits and followed me the best. They showed the most growth among the mid-level spirits. In the near future, one of them might become an advanced spirit.

The first contract was very important so it wouldn't hurt finding someone special for them. There was a good reason to set an example.

However, I couldn't think of someone suitable.

Yoo Eun-hye and Edward?

Neither of them would benefit greatly from the intermediate spirits.

By default, a spirit should be compatible with the contractor and grow with them while fighting together. The two of them had polished their basic techniques so they likely wouldn't help the spirits.

The spirits also ate a lot of magic power.

'Kim Yura and Kim Min-ji.'

I nodded.

Strictly speaking, they were under my control but were currently humans outside the dungeon.

'This might be able to solve Kim Min-ji's problem.'

The spirits had been a great help in recovering Yihi's soul. Kim Min-ji had also lost her spirit.

Both of them had Awakened as very strong Saintesses. At the same time, the synergy between them was greatly amplified. I knew this so there was no reason not to use it.

In order to do that, some ego needed to be restored.

'Right now they are outside the dungeon, so I need to look for them.'

Kim Yura had suggested going outside the dungeon for her sister's recovery. She hoped that seeing familiar sights would help. I readily allowed it so now they were walking among crowds of humans.

All the conditions were met.

"Follow me. I will introduce you to your contractors."

"Yes, Father."

"I'm excited!"

I laughed and started to move.

Rei and Sera followed behind me.

Kim Yura was wandering around South Korea with her sister.

She had a lot of hope as she walked with her sister.

After Awakening, all of Kim Yura's wounds were healed and her stamina was so great she could walk around for hours. Unfortunately, their fortunes had reversed and Kim Min-ji was now the one in the wheelchair.

"Isn't this a nice place?"

There were partly destroyed buildings and overgrown weeds but Kim Yura was delighted. Although her sister wasn't in a normal condition, she was still alive.

The only problem was her 'spirit.'

On the surface, her artificial lower body looked no different from other people.

'It is all thanks to Saviour-nim.'

It was believable that he was the Dungeon Master but...he was her greatest benefactor. He saved her sister's life.

In addition, he was the Saviour.

Kim Yura thought there was some reason for him to be the Dungeon Master.

He was acting behind the scenes while saving the world.

If not, Kim Yura didn't know what to do if he was truly the enemy of humans.

For now, her sister came first.

She didn't doubt that her sister would return to normal. In that sense, she deserved to be called the Saintess.

"It is time to leave. We've been here too long."

Kim Yura looked around.

People were wandering around vigorously.

In addition, they bowed as soon as they saw Kim Yura.

"Ah, Saintess-nim. Are you taking a walk?"

"Saintess-nim! My injured shoulder is fine. Thank you."

Kim Yura responded with a small smile.

Saintess. In fact, her healing was much stronger than those with the occupation 'priest.' She could even delay or cure terminal illnesses, so it was like a miracle.

At first, she only healed injured people but rumours spread and many people came looking for her. In the meantime, she started to be called the Saintess.

In fact, she was the Saintess.

'There isn't much time to delay here...'

Kim Yura's eyes darkened.

From that moment on, her house was the dungeon. Her chest had become tight after leaving the dungeon. She didn't know why, but she guessed it was related to the Saviour.

Kim Yura had to solve the problem with her sister as soon as possible in order to return.

Spending more time outside would be ingratitude. She hadn't even been able to say thank you yet.

'I have to leave quietly in the evening.'

Kim Yura made a decision.

She had stayed in this village for too long.

The people had been kind to her so far. But they might change if she left the area.

"Min-ji. Is the sky clear? I can hear the sound of crying insects."

Kim Yura made a decision deep in her heart and talked to her sister Kim Min-ji. There was no answer but she just continued.

The sun had set and the moon was rising.

A clear evening. It was time for everyone to go to bed.

Kim Yura quietly left the village.

'I'm a little sorry.'

The villagers were good-natured.

They heard rumours that she was the Saintess so they gave her a home and food. She only had to sometimes cure patients. She was able to leisurely spend time with her sister so she wasn't too stingy with the treatments.

"Min-ji. We have to cross a mountain. Please put up with a little inconvenience."

The only way out of the village was through the mountain. It was a tough place to climb in a wheelchair but Kim Yura had Awakened.

She could push it with strength.

Duk! Duduk!

The sound of rocks being kicked was heard.

They had been climbing for a while and Kim Yura frowned as she smelled blood.

'Definitely...the smell of people bleeding.

Even if she disliked the scent, it couldn't be helped.

If someone was injured then Kim Yura needed to treat them.

She walked for five minutes and arrived at the source of the blood.

At the same time, Kim Yura was at a loss for words.

"Aren't you just scum? You should just die."

"Hey, a vain effort. Vain effort. That Awakened could handle a sword pretty well. I hurt my leg."

"The injured will go see the Saintess in the morning. Our Saintess-nim will cure you."

Bodies were on the ground while people were sitting on top of them.

They were people from the village.

They seemed to be hunting humans.


The wheelchair moved across a twig and made a sound.

At the same time, the villagers turned their attention towards Kim Yura.

"Huh? Saintess-nim?"

"Where are you going in the middle of the night?"

Their eyes were half blurred. They had taken drugs.

Kim Yura frowned and said.

"This...what is going on? Why are you fighting people?"

Even though they were caught, they maintained casual attitudes.

They shrugged and laughed at Kim Yura.

"That? We want to live. It can't be helped."

"Yet Saintess-nim somehow caught us. Saintess-nim is indispensable. The death rate significantly reduced after Saintess-nim came."

"Kilkil! Saintess-nim, this part of me is injured so can you treat it?"

They didn't hesitate to spit out obscene jokes.


For sure. They were all drunk.

At the same time, they were dangerous.

She didn't know what they were going to do.

Eight people. Could she deal with all of them?

'I have to.'

She would rather die but her sister wouldn't be able to run away.

'So...this is why I can't believe in people.'

People who seemed good could do wicked deeds like this.

Kim Yura carefully tied the wheelchair to a tree and bit her lip.

They continued to talk.

"It is a little troublesome to fight you. If your legs are cut off, will you still be able to heal?"

"Are we going to cut them?"

"You idiot, of course. Will the cells die if everything is attached?"

"The young have a strange colour...huhuhu. In the meantime, I've learnt ways to prevent death. Isn't that face better than a few celebrities'?"

"I'll go first. Preferences should be given to seniors."

It was a tiring conversation. They approached like they were taking a walk.

Kim Yura pulled out a small knife. She had no other skills and brought it for self-defense, but it was better than nothing.

Awakening strengthened the entire body. Despite the men being Awakened, she wouldn't be an easy target. It was a problem if she was caught...but she couldn't allow them to get at her sister.

"It will poke me."

"Will you stab me with it when I approach?"

"Aigoo ~ I'm scared!"

In their eyes, Kim Yura was just a toy.

'I can't allow myself to be beaten.'

Kim Yura tried to calm herself as much as possible. She had experienced many harsh things in her life so she wouldn't panic. In these circumstances, it would be advantageous to hit first rather than wait.