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Chapter 188: Sacred Zone (3)

Chapter 188: Sacred Zone (3)

Kim Yura remained silent while moving. She sometimes looked at me with complicated eyes but she didn't open her mouth.

I was the Saviour and also the master of the dungeon.

It was an unchanging fact.

Due to the atmosphere, Kim Yura didn't dare speak and just moved her feet.


A place where the dark elves lived.

I stepped on the floor where the Tree of Origin was.

It was a presence larger than any creature we had passed.

Kim Yura's eyes widened. Due to her awakening and the holy power of a Saintess, the Tree of Origin was welcoming her.

"Divine tree..."

Kim Yura muttered in a small voice.

I just laughed.

"It isn't a big deal."

We had different perspectives. Some might called it a divine tree but from my point of view, the Tree of Origin was just an unusual tree.

I had met the gods of the earth before returning to the past and the tree didn't feel like them. It was just some pressure. I wasn't going to look up to it.

"Welcome, Dungeon Master."

Julliom was the first one to notice my presence. The dark elves of the village lined up behind him.

There was roughly 1,000 of them. There were many seemed like the population of dark elves had been increasing.

At the same time, they were looking at me with total loyalty. I took such devotion for granted but Kim Yura stared at them with fascination.

"Dark elves..."

The dark elves were famous for not following anyone. The only person they followed was naturally the Dungeon Master. Kim Yura bit her lip as if there was no doubt now.

Whether she believed it or not, I went straight to the point.

"Bring me to the female human that I left here."

"Yes. Although she hasn't regained her spirit."

Julliom replied. I shook my head and said.

"I will see her."

"Follow me."

Julliom led the way. An unusually lush forest area in the centre. After walking through some buildings, Julliom's house appeared.

I had left Kim Min-ji, who needed treatment, with Julliom. The dark elves didn't like humans very much...they followed my orders but that wouldn't change.

Kim Min-ji lay on a bed made of grass and leaves. Dark elves were taking turns feeding her some porridge.


Kim Yura was overcome with emotions as she ran towards Kim Min-ji. But for some reason, Kim Min-ji acted like she couldn't hear it at all.

"Is something wrong?"

I asked about Kim Min-ji's strange attitude and Julliom replied.

"That...she seems to have lost something important."


"Her spirit. I don't know why but she is just like a doll."

I turned my eyes towards Kim Min-ji. Kim Min-ji was expressionless like a marionette.

Spirit. The spirit.

Originally it was normal. In addition to the physical injuries, she seemed to have received a larger shock.

Was there a problem with the awakening?

"Is she an idiot?"

To be honest, I didn't know if she had really lost her spirit. But this type of reaction was usually seen from those who were idiots.

Julliom shook his head.

"She isn't an idiot. She reacts to some things. But...isn't she connected to that human woman? Then there might be a reaction."

Kim Yura was sobbing while holding Kim Min-ji. Even so, there was no reaction.

"I will be back after a while. I will be near the Tree of Origin."

"Go take a look, Dungeon Master."

Julliom glanced towards two dark elves. I refused to allow them to accompany me and started walking alone.

Yihi could communicate with the Tree of Origin as the Origin Fairy, but I had never managed to talk to it. It was a special challenge that I hadn't tried.

But after hearing the story about Camael and the sun swallowing the moon...I wanted to come here and think for a minute.

'It isn't me.'

It wasn't in my nature but I decided it wouldn't hurt to be emotional for once. I leaned back against the Tree of Origin and folded my arms.

'Camael, the sun swallowing the moon...'

A strong being that hadn't appeared in my previous life. His emergence was due to me.

'I am changing everything.'

Change was never bad. I looked at these changes positively. However, the changes were often abrupt.

Despite Camael and the angels, my goal to become the devil was unchanged. Still, it was crucial to become stronger faster. The current me couldn't beat a seraphim.

'I went to the Underground World and became stronger. More than anyone else. I won't stop here and will surely continue to isn't enough.'

Camael was a very big variable.

And I needed to get my hands on this variable.

Right now he was out of reach.

'There is no meaning in becoming stronger alone. Expanding my forces is one way to become stronger. I can consolidate my dungeons and increase my power.'

I frowned.


I had seen a seraphim in my previous life.

He was powerful. He was an enemy that brought great fear to the demons.

Hundreds of thousands of creatures were wiped out by him. It wasn't unreasonable for him to fight a grand duke one on one. It took an enormous sacrifice in order to eliminate him.

'I want to win.'

However...I wanted to win.

I wanted to kill Camael alone.

Getting rid of Camael with my creatures wasn't an accomplishment that would be remembered for long, but the story would be completely different if I took care of him alone.

In order to do that, I had to be stronger than I was now.

'I have to look at just my pure stat points.'

My potential was 555 points. However, I still hadn't filled all of it. At best, I had 440 points. I still needed to raise my stats by more than 100 points.

Filling it all was possible. I thought it was possible. The stats calibration would increase it up to 650 points. It wasn't impossible to be called a 'god' and I could even deal with Camael!

'Upgrade my pure stats.'

I predicted that they would rise to 500 points without much difficulty. If not, my potential limit wouldn't rise. However, that wasn't enough to fulfil my greed.

'Something unexpected. A strange idea that I wouldn't normally think of...'

The conventional methods wouldn't work.

I needed a method that no one had thought of but was efficient.

But ideas that no one could figure out also applied to me. It was like catching a cloud in the sky.

I worried about it for a long time.

Then my eyes were caught by the giant tree that extended endlessly.

Origin resembled purity. Origin didn't have a colour.

I raised my hand and brought it to the Tree of Origin.

"I need an answer. In Heaven, the Celestial King can communicate directly with the Tree of Origin when there is a serious matter. If so...tell me the answer to my troubles."

It was just a story. There was no credibility and no one could confirm it. However, my eyes were serious.

My senses were saying 'the Tree of Origin has an answer.' No, it was like I gained a similar ability after killing Martin and taking his eyes.

It took a few seconds for a result, but the response was very strong.

I had never communicated with the Tree of Origin but this time was different. I had previously opened my magic power and talked as the Dungeon Master yet the Tree of Origin hadn't reacted.


Soon the branches started to move.


The ground shook and roots popped out to swallow me.

At the same time, I received a vision.

After coming back, I opened my eyes and found that I was still in front of the Tree of Origin.

The roots and branches wrapped around me were gone.

'It felt like a dream.'

I scowled. I barely remembered what had happened.

'Definitely...I fought with myself.'

It was blurred as I forced myself to recall it. I had fought against myself. But that was all. The contents and result of the fight were erased from my head.

'Do I need to fight with myself because I have no enemies?'

I clicked my tongue as I looked at the Tree of Origin. Anyway, the fact that my memory was ambiguous meant the result wasn't good.

"I'll come again."

I turned around.

I had received an answer. I didn't know if this method would make me stronger but it was better than doing nothing.

Angels scattered all over the world started moving. They spread their long wings and gathered in one place, ignoring all enemies.

It was like they had all received a revelation.

The angels gathered in Ukraine, Europe.

It was the place where Martin's dungeon was located.

"For eternal glory."

Thousands of angels gathered on the top floor of the dungeon and Alex, a thrones angel stabbed his sword into the floor and declared a territory.


At the same time, a divine light exited the dungeon and spread through the sky.

The dungeon was transformed into one huge cradle.

The cradle scattered holy power around. All creatures in the area were melted down, leaving no traces behind.

Only the pious humans could stay in this place. The wicked would have to take care of themselves.

As they prayed, a multitude of lights was simultaneously seen around the world.

Demons, humans and the remaining angels started to focus on the light.