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Chapter 187: Sacred Zone (2)

Chapter 187: Sacred Zone (2)

"Aren't you a fallen angel?"

Ha! I sneered. The laws of Heaven were very strict. A fallen angel wasn't considered an angel. It wasn't strange to be treated the same as a demon after falling.

A revelation!

It was the act of hearing God's voice directly. In my previous life, many angels died due to their intervention.

Tashmal found it difficult to understand my feelings.

"The revelation is real. On the day that the sun swallows the moon, Camael-nim will descend."

I looked at Tashmal carefully. She couldn't lie to me as I was the Dungeon Master, so she must really think it was real.

'Camael. It is Camael.'

I heard there were seven angels in Heaven with the rank of seraphim. In my previous life, I had seen Zadkiel in the last war. The angel burned three dukes and several demons so I was left with a strong impression. Now an angel with similar powers was coming down?

'The balance will collapse.'

The demons were still inferior. Now it was time to start running. If Camael descended then even the grand dukes wouldn't be safe.

"What does it mean by the sun swallowing the moon?"

"I don't know. Revelations are always abstract. However...what I saw was terrible. The destruction of the world..."

Tashmal swallowed her words. She was slightly nervous.

"I don't know the exact timing."

That was the most important part.

I couldn't help but worry.

If the revelation was real then Camael would descend. It wasn't bad to decide the place where he would arrive. It would be worse if he was randomly summoned. So it was a wise choice to leave him within my reach.

The problem was that once a sacred area was proclaimed, all the angels would gather. I needed to decide if I could afford it or not. A wise choice that I could cope with was necessary.

"Camael is strong?"

Zadkiel was strong. Stronger than I was now. He was huge enough to cover the sky. It wasn't the common form of an angel. He was round like a planet and constantly shooting out rays, with each one having the power to destroy an island.

So I had to ask.

"He is immortal. If his 1,140,000 subordinate angels aren't killed then he won't die."

"1.14 million...?"

The army was truly different. I didn't even have one million creatures. At best, it was tens of thousands.

Yet he had 1.14 million subordinate angels. It was far beyond what I had.

"Are you saying he will come down with 1.14 million angels?"

Tashmal nodded.

"That's right. Once the sun swallows the moon..."

"Wait, isn't his purpose the demons?"

Camael would descend when the sun swallowed the moon. Listening to Tashmal's words, it seemed like the reason Camael was descending was due to the sun.

"Unfortunately, that is all I know. I can't give you any more answers even if I wanted to."

Tsk. I clicked my tongue.

There was information missing.

Anyway, Camael was coming down with 1.14 million angels. The story was different if those 1.14 million angels needed to be killed first.

'It will be difficult. I have to designate a sacred zone.'

1.14 million. The last time the angels descended, it was hard to find them because they were randomly summoned.

Of course, I wasn't thinking about giving up. I would take a few steps so I would be prepared the moment he descended.

In addition...

'I will catch Camael. It will be a very good accomplishment before becoming a devil.'

Even if he was descending, it wasn't occurring right now. I would become stronger in the meantime in order to catch Camael. Among the current grand dukes, I would gain orthodox achievements that no one else had. So that no one in the Demon World would argue if I became the devil.

Killing one of the seven main angels was enough qualification to become the devil.

And...I was curious. I wondered if I could fight with a seraphim if I took more steps further into the realm of transcendence. If it was similar to my previous life then it would be a fierce battle.

"Okay. They can proclaim a sacred zone. However, placing an angel it possible?"

"The other angels are already dead or half corrupted by the power of the dungeons. The only possible angel is Hash. The other angels wouldn't dare doubt Hash."

"Hash? He is still too young."

He wasn't even six months old. Hash was a little angel that could barely say one word. I couldn't expect a lot from his ability to properly perform a task.

"The other angels won't work. They won't be able to get past the angels' eyes. Once there are suspicions, they will start attacking. It is under the pretext of angels being bred."


I didn't have a lot of faith but couldn't deny that Hash was the only possibility.

"Hmm, I want you to train Hash as much as possible. It will end the moment the sacred zone is declared."

Several long months. There was no answer except hard training for as long as possible.

"I will try."

Tashmal had a dubious attitude.

No matter how fast the growth was in the dungeon, there were still limits.

It was up to Tashmal to teach Hash while he was growing.

I turned around. Tashmal withdrew shortly afterwards. She needed to start training Hash immediately.

'A sacred zone. Camael. The sun swallowing the moon."

There was a lot of work in the immediate future. If the revelation was true, it seemed like all demons would experience a radical change.

I knew the information, but what would the demons do when Camael descended? It was fun just to imagine it.


A feeble groan was suddenly heard.

It wasn't far from this place.

Kim Yura was waking up.


Kim Yura shot upwards after waking up. She cried out the name of the sister who sacrificed herself, but an unfamiliar scene entered her sight.

"This place...?"

It was dark. A candle was lit but it was feeble. A damp and humid place. The first thing she saw were rocks.

'Wait a minute, my voice...'

Kim Yura's eyes widened.

Oh my god!

Her voice came out normally. Her gums had been melted so her pronunciation wasn't normal, but her words just then had been correct.


Even her legs could move.

She used to be a paraplegic that required a wheelchair. She couldn't use the muscles in her legs but now they were fine.

Kim Yura urgently raised her hands to her face.

It was smooth. The burns on her skin were gone.


She frowned. She touched her hair with her hand.

At the same time, memories started passing through her head.

The assault of the vampires. Her sister's sacrifice. And...a man appeared.

The man asked if she wanted her sister to be saved. And then she drank something from a bottle.

That was all she remembered. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't recall what occurred next.

"You woke up."

At the moment, the voice of the man who brought her out from hell could be heard.

"Who are you? Where is my sister?"

I gave a small laugh. That was the first thing she asked after seeing me. She was suddenly daring.

She was acting quite brave. This was a place that she didn't know so it was natural to feel confused.

"You will know soon. Do you want to confirm the changes in your appearance?"

I pulled out a mirror from my magic bag.

I raised a thumb and the dungeon lit up. Small lights emerged and instantly brightened the dungeon.

Kim Yura's eyes widened with surprise. She accepted the hand mirror and confirmed the image reflected there.


It was incredible.

Her body had been horribly burned.

Now her skin was clean and clear. The criteria of beauty wasn't that different between humans and demons.

It was natural to be surprised by waking up to a completely different face one day.

After giving her some time to appreciate it, I spoke.

"You have awakened as the Saintess. Your power was running wild and I saved you. Therefore, your life is mine."

"Wait a minute, wait a minute. I'll ask again. Who are you? My...where is my sister?"

"I am Randalph Brigsiel. Some call me Saviour while others call me Dungeon Master. Your sister is recovering in a safe place, so don't worry."

Anyway, my contract with Kim Yura was completed.

She wouldn't be able to escape from me. I coolly revealed the information.

"S-Saviour! Are you really the Saviour?"

The contents afterwards didn't seem to have entered her ears. The Saviour part was more important than the Dungeon Master because the Saviour had a huge influence on the humans in South Korea.

And humans usually heard what they only wanted to hear. I didn't try to deny it.

"I am called that."


Kim Yura's entire body trembled.

She clenched her fists and said.

"Saviour-nim. L-let me meet my sister. Please."

"Follow me."

I led the way with my hands clasped behind my back. Kim Min-ji was currently being examined by Gaparam. There was a lot of work to do in order to customize new lower parts for her.

Gaparam's workshop was located quite far away from the core. Kim Yura's face became pale as we walked by many creatures.

"E-excuse me, this the dungeon?"

"That's right."

An orc lord was leading a group of hundreds of orcs.

But rather than attacking, the orc lord just struck the left side of its chest with its right hand.

Kung! Kung! Kung!

The other orcs followed suit.

It was the method that the orcs used to greet their master.

Kim Yura was confused and asked.

"By the way...why aren't the orcs attacking? It looks like a greeting..."

It was clear that she hadn't heard my previous words.

I disliked repeating things but I would explain it once more for a smoother conversation.

"Didn't you hear me say it? Some call me the Dungeon Master. I am the master of this dungeon."