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Chapter 186: Sacred Zone (1)

Chapter 186: Sacred Zone (1)

Yihi was excited.

She had forcefully made a garden from on top of Gigantes. She had been afraid of Dungeon Master's anger but actually received praise. He even asked her to 'clean things up.'

"Yihihihi ~"

Yihi laughed from her place on Gigantes' head.

It was proof that he trusted her. Perhaps his order of faith was reversed, with Yihi ahead of Chrisley.

The thought of Dungeon Master realizing her worth meant the smile never left her mouth.

"Little fairy! Noisy!"

But Gigantes didn't like it.

"What, why, what, is Yihi noisy? Yihihihi!"

"Get off my head!"

"Bald creature! Bah! Yihi is someone who received Master's trust. You should be thankful that Yihi is on your head!"

"Crazy fairy!"

"Are you blaming Yihi now? Ssiing...naughty baldy!"

Yihi formed a fist and punched Gigantes' head. Her physical strength had increased after the upgrade. A lot of power was contained in one fist. Gigantes frowned and shook his head.

"Baldy! Live for a lifetime bald, bald isn't bad."

"Bah, Master entrusted Yihi with a task. How important is a bald creature to him? Yihihihihi!"

"Insane fairy."

Yihi kept on teasing and laughing at Gigantes. Gigantes didn't like it and shook his head.

"Yihihihihi ~"

Still, Yihi was very happy.

The attack of the creatures. And the ensuing fight. All the Awakened in Seoul heard the noises. They saw flaming wings and lightning.

In particular, there was a dark magic power that made them sick.

What was going on?

The Awakened immediately sent a team for exploration. They were speechless as they found the bodies of creatures piled up like a mountain.

"It looks like they died after fighting each other."

"Looking at the scene, that isn't necessarily the case. The first to die...doesn't it seem like they died from one person?"

"One person against all these creatures?"

"I saw a barrage of flames from a distance. There was also lightning strikes. The one who uses such powers...the Saviour. The Saviour swept away all these creatures."

There were many comments as they explored. The most prominent thing was the emergence of the 'Saviour.' No one other than the Saviour could handle thousands of creatures alone.

"I have found a demon. But both eyes are missing."

"Secure it."

It was the first time they could acquire a demon's body. Everyone on the exploration team was excited. The body could be used as materials or to experiment with skills. They salivated just imagining the uses for the corpse of a demon.

The members wrote down the different type of creatures in the notebook. It would be used to write a risk report.

After a few minutes.


Some of the crew started coughing up blood.

Their faces became pale like a ill patient and their hands and feet trembled.

There was only one thing that could cause such symptoms out of nowhere.


"What poison? Is it poison due to the decomposing bodies?"

"These bodies haven't been dead for more than two days. It can't be that. Someone...clearly sprayed poison."

It was a very strong poison.

The poison dissolved the skin of the creatures.

The creatures with weak leather skin were so melted together that their identities couldn't be confirmed. They discovered this too late.

The earth where poison was sprayed. They couldn't take it back.


But that wasn't the end.

Something attacked the exploration team and many of them died.

"Creatures! They are in the ground!"

"Damn, poison goblins!"

Poison goblin.

A creature that emitted poison from its body. They had a strong obsession with their territory so not many dared go to places where poison goblins lived.

In the end, the team leader of the scouts bit his lip and said.

"Let's go back. This is the land of the dead."

Yihi massaged her shoulders.

"Ahyu ~ how annoying. This is harder than I thought."

She returned to the forest and got some honey from the bees.

She held a cup of the most delicious honey.

As many bees wandered around aimlessly, she drank honey and water in the perfect ratio.

"Ah, delicious. Drinking honey water after working is really sweet."

Yihi touched her jaw as she drank the honey water.

"Handling this is an unpleasant affair. Processing the bodies? The instructions are clear. Then, um..."

Yihi had been happy after hearing Master's instructions, but was disappointed when she arrived at the scene. She decided to make a compromise by letting 'another' handle it.

Master had trusted her to deal with the things left behind.

Yihi turned her head and peeked at someone else.

"Puny angel? You, what is your name?"


A short reply. The angel was slightly larger than Yihi. There were many wings.

Yihi nodded.

"Hash? Ah ~ you are Hash?"


Hash flew near Yihi.

"Yihihihi. Do you want to go with Yihi?"


Yihi grinned as Hash easily agreed.

"Okay, Yihi will specify what to do. Then where do you want to go? Well...ah! Let's go to see the humans. Humans are really funny. Yihihihi~ we can have some fun with Roy and Rose. What do you think?"



Yihi flew forward with Hash behind her.

Thus, the humans recorded the incident of the 'fairy and baby angel flying in the sky' as a horrifying nightmare.

Kim Yura and Kim Min-ji.

They were both laying motionless as I examined them.

Kim Yura's appearance was completely restored. There were no signs of disability. She was born anew with a clean and pure image. It was enough to think 'Saintess.'

On the other hand, Kim Min-ji was completely different. She had barely survived after losing her lower extremities.

'Humans can't live without their lowest extremities.'

It wasn't easy to heal the lower part of the body that had already been cut off. It was possible to live but I wondered if it was worth it.

'Kim Yura has become the Saintess. Her sister...I restored her life but I don't need to get involved if she dies again.'

I had kept my promise. I saved the dying Kim Min-ji but I didn't know if she would die again.

But...something was strange.


I called Tashmal. It felt like the hair on the back of my neck was rising. I didn't know what it meant so I wanted to ask Tashmal.

"What's going on?"

Tashmal was busy raising the angels. She seemed tired but answered my question immediately.

"Can you feel anything?"

"From the Saintess? Hmm, it certainly feels odd. I don't think she is a common Saintess."

"I'm not talking about the Saintess but her sister."

"Her sister...? The human without legs?"

Tashmal moved her gaze.

At the same time, Tashmal started frowning.

"This is...strange. She isn't a Saintess but has a holy power similar to that of a Saintess. In fact, she is much like her sister."

"What does that mean?"

"The holy power is connected to both of them. Perhaps it isn't just the holy power but also their lives that are connected. It is efficient and strong. This is the first time I've seen it so my answer isn't definite but...if my thoughts are correct, both of them will have power considerably higher than a normal Saintess. Instead, their strength will decline if both of them are away from each other."

It was another unexpected harvest.

This was the feeling that tickled me.

I hadn't noticed because Kim Min-ji's holy power was small.

But the conditions were tricky. There were two bodies but one life, and they had to always be close to each other.

"Can you train them?"

I asked Tashmal. It was impossible for me to tell them how to use holy power. The only one who could teach them was Tashmal.

"Dungeon Master. You will be a better match than me. I don't know why but there isn't just holy power. Your magic power is also present. I thought it was impossible for the two powers to coexist at the same time but...the younger sister has more of your magic power while the older sister has more holy power. The two bodies perform different roles."

Ahh. It was balanced in that way.

Then it wasn't impossible for me to train them.

'I'll have to make a lower body for her.'

I discovered that they were one, so there was no need to hold back.

Although it was a hassle, I would tell Gaparam and Oswen to make a functioning lower body for her.

"Rather, Dungeon Master. I heard you caught a duke this time."

"Martin was killed."

"Then...what do you plan to do with his dungeon?"

"There is nothing planned. Why are you asking?"

Tashmal's expression became serious. There was a moment of silence before Tashmal carefully opened her mouth.

"The dungeon...can you think about giving it to the angels?"

"So they can declare a sacred zone?"

"That's right. I have been watching the angels in the world and they are being defeated. I don't like it. If they have a focal point then they can focus on killing the demons. Ah, except for you."

She hastily tacked on the final words.

"If I think there are benefits then I will obtain the dungeon."

I wasn't good enough to simply hand over the dungeon.

Of course, declaring a sacred zone would keep the other demons in check but that wasn't enough of a benefit.

Tashmal spoke with complex emotions in her eyes.

"In a while...Camael-nim will descend. One of the seven angels with the rank of seraphim...he has personally come to cleanse the earth. A place is needed to greet him."

My eyebrows furrowed. Seraphim. It was referring to the strongest angel in the hierarchy. How many times had I seen a seraphim descending in my previous life?

It was also strange that Tashmal knew about it. She was a fallen angel and wouldn't be able to return to Heaven. How did she know this if communication with Heaven had been lost?

"Are you sure?"

"I received a 'revelation'."