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Chapter 185: Half Awakening (3)

Chapter 185: Half Awakening (3)

Indeed, I couldn't kill 30,000 creatures alone.

Despite entering the realm of transcendence, I was still an individual. Of course, I noticed that there were no high class creatures among them.

Nevertheless, the reason for my actions was simple.

'Martin is here.'

No other reason was needed.

Martin was in my sights.

There was no need for me to handle all 30,000 creatures. I just needed to kill him.

'Half of them are creatures born in South Korea. If Martin is killed, his control will be lost and they will fight among themselves.'

I wouldn't need to touch the other creatures if I dealt with Martin.

They would struggle among themselves and I wouldn't need to get my hands dirty.

'It will be a grand sight.'

I didn't lose my smile at the creatures approaching me.

It was the first time I had confronted such a large army alone.

It was a scene I'd dreamed of many times but I knew my limitations. Now that scene was unfolding in front of me.

I was stronger.

There was no comparison with my previous life!

There was a noticeable difference in the way I looked at the world after becoming stronger.

I learnt how to deal with this.

I stretched out both hands.


Pride's flames sprang up from my body.

At the same time, another power emerged.

It was the 'Power of Domination'

'A skill that has a low probability of controlling an opponent in a critical condition. Now I should use it against the army.'

What was more suitable when dealing with an army alone?


Lightning God excitedly popped out.

Fire and lighting were around me and ready to be fired at any time.


I turned my head.

I pulled out Wrath and the Emperor's Sword.

'Let's start, Martin.'

I would win or he would win.

My heightened feelings caused Wrath to tremble. It would be good information for Pandemonium if he saw my force, but conversely, it could also be a deterrent.

If Pandemonium lost Martin, he would have to hesitate before acting. The cumulative damage meant he would have to concentrate on recovery.

I would use that time to further the distance between us. No, it was quite possible to devour Pandemonium. Without Martin, it was impossible for him to 'predict' his end.

'If I move alone, the probability of him getting a vision about it is low.'

I knew roughly what Martin could foresee. If thousands of my creatures moved here then Martin wouldn't have showed up. Since I was alone, Martin came here despite some risk.

However, this was also a significant gamble for me.

If I missed Martin today then Pandemonium's attacks would become more persistent and he would use a number of creatures that were difficult to deal with. So...I had to catch Martin.

If I moved a big army then Martin's foresight would likely catch it.

"Get lost."


I opened up all my magic power and diverted it into the surroundings. My influence spread out over a few kilometres. At the same time, Martin and the creatures shivered and stopped moving.

Those who couldn't withstand my magic power fell. Martin and I were both Dungeon Masters, however even he had trouble enduring my power.

The lowest and low grade creatures were terrified. Some of the creatures were trampled on and died.

I moved my feet. Every time I moved my legs, the ground moved from the burst of magic power like it was welcoming me. This phenomenon occurred when there was an excessive amount of magic power.

I had a high density of magic power so...Pride's flames grew bigger and bigger. The wings of flames grew bigger and swallowed up dozens of creatures with every flap.

It was in the final form after all my magic power was opened. Of course, Lightning God was also affected.


Lightning God was literally lightning. Lightning stirred in every place where Lightning God passed. Hundreds of lightning strikes burned the enemy and the lightning rose into the sky, forming a lightning storm.

Lightning in the sky and Pride's wings on the ground!

I alone moved both powers.


The first one that I approached was a twin head ogre. I pressed down with my transcendent power and blocked the fists with Pride's wings. The strong flames covered the twin head ogre.


Pride's flames would never go out unless I commanded it. Pride's flames encroached on the twin head ogre's upper body and spread out a little bit. I stabbed its heart with Wrath.

-Power of Domination has been used. The twin head ogre that lost one of its two hearts will now follow Randalph Brigsiel.

The power will slowly erode the opponent's spirit. At first it might be somewhat rebellious. However, it will never harm its master and will become completely obedient over time.

I was lucky.

It was the first time that power had manifested.

I erased Pride's flames from its body. The twin head ogre had complex emotions in its eyes.

It was still hostile towards me but its body was different.

"Attack those aiming for me."

Once the command was given, the twin head ogre started to move immediately. Its face was confused but its big fists were already heading towards nearby creatures.

Kuuong! Kuuong!

The orcs were hit with a series of punches. The same side was attacking them so the creatures couldn't cope.

'How fun.'

It turned out like this.

It seemed like a lot of interesting things could happen depending on its use.

In order to do this, I needed to attract more creatures.

It was like enjoying the taste of a free beer.

Wrath and the Emperor's Sword moved at once. Haien Moon's swordsmanship stretched out smoothly. My movements were similar to Haien Moon but they were a little bit more violent.

I moved like the moon was splitting.

I had improved Haien Moon's swordsmanship to reflect my own will.


The creatures running from every direction were shattered.

But they were still annoying. I stamped my foot down. My feet were placed strongly on the ground and the land showed the aftermath of that power.

The earth rose like a wall and divided the creatures. I repeated this act twice and increased the length of the barrier. The creatures started attacking in a more orderly manner.

I smiled cynically. However, it was much more cheerful than usual.

A carefree feeling!

That's right. I now felt a sense of liberation. This was the first time I opened up all the power in my body since facing Okullos.

In particular, there had been no chance since becoming transcendent.

I had imagined it to an extent. I wondered what it would be like to have enough power to be free.

I imagined it on a daily basis. And now it was becoming a reality.

'Nothing is impossible for me.'

I felt confident that I could accomplish everything.

I had that type of power.

In reality, I was much stronger than what I imagined.

This was the power of transcendence.

I was thrilled with myself.

I couldn't imagine what Martin was feeling as he watched me.

He would be gloomy. His chest would be tight and his face white.

I've experienced that a few times in my previous life. It was mainly when dealing with the grand dukes.

'I will win.'

Before starting, I was dubious.

However, now I was certain.

This fight would end with my victory!

I expressed my power with every movement of my sword. The more I attacked, the more creatures went on my side.

The chaos overlapped and I ended up close to Martin.

"You...Randalph Brigsiel!!"

Martin cried out with dismay.

It was unbelievable. He couldn't believe it.

This much magic power. This presence...

The overwhelming power that he had only felt from a grand duke!

They had become weak after coming to Earth. They were quickly regaining their strength. But nobody had crossed the wall yet.

Yet the one in front of him had climbed over it. He had climbed the wall to a great height.

Why hadn't Martin predicted this?

'My foresight is on the border of reality. A transcendent person is an unrealistic existence. My foresight can't see...'

If would have been possible if Randalph had moved with a multitude of creatures.

But Martin's foresight couldn't predict it when he was moving alone.

Randalph Brigsiel.

Martin honestly hadn't understood why Okullos and Ariel Diablo were nervous about him. Even Pandemonium was focused on him.

All he had was more points than anyone else. Martin thought his power wasn't that great.

No. He saw wrongly. He had felt pride in his eyes that could see most things.

Now Randalph had an army on his side. Whenever he swung his sword, the creatures would move to his side.

Martin commanded the creatures but it was like they couldn't hear it.

'It is unbelievable.'

An authority beyond a Dungeon Master!

He couldn't believe that a demon had this strength. was right in front of him. This was the reality.

Martin was annoyed. He was also sick to his stomach. He had made this gamble in order to gain complete foresight, only to have a transcendent demon appear and laugh at him.

How on earth?

He couldn't guess at all.

There was a limit to how strong someone could get. In particular, no matter how inaccurate, his foresight should have seen it.

However, Randalph remained out of sight until the end.

So he couldn't easily believe it.

"You...Randalph Brigsiel!!"

He made a desperate declaration.

Then his foresight was triggered.

It was an unchanging 'I will die here!'

He gritted his teeth. But he couldn't die.

"Change the axis of time. Time for you and I will flow differently."

Martin's strongest skill, 'Time Axis (Epic)' was triggered.

It was a skill that affected the time in a three kilometre radius. Some would move faster, others would slow down and some wouldn't move at all. It wasn't possible to designate a target for the skill but it was a gamble that could increase his survival rate.


-'Time Axis (Epic)' has been discovered by 'Mind's Eye.'

Defended against 50%!

Defended against 13%! The opponent's high intelligence and magic power will nullify 'Time Axis' altogether.


It had been completely invalidated.

The skill had already started yet it was possible to break it?

But that person just laughed.

It was helpful for him.

Randalph came close and wielded his sword.

Could Martin avoid it?

It was too late.

Martin wielded his staff. Illusions were summoned to block the front.

-'Illusion Technique (Epic)' has been discovered by 'Mind's Eye.'


All methods were blocked.

It was really the worst case situation.

There was such an overwhelming difference in power...

"I can't die until my foresight is complete!"

Martin grinded his teeth together.

I stabbed him with Wrath and the Emperor's Sword.

Martin was gone. At the same time, the creatures started a crazy rampage.

I plucked out both of Martin's eyes.

'I'll give them to Gaparam.'

They were eyes that allowed foresight. The effect had disappeared due to Martin's death, but if they were refined then some of their abilities could be recovered. The eyes would be a good material for a homunculus.

I placed the eyes in my magic bag and turned off Pride's flames. Lightning God returned to me.

'Now I have to see the Saintess.'

I had suddenly left in the middle of her changes. I had to confirm the results.

I turned around without any fear. I ran towards the place where the Saintess was.

Kim Yura was lying down.

Her body was recovered while the holy power and my magic power were mixed together stably.

I had been uneasy but they were actually rather balanced.

'Saintess of Harmony.'

I laughed as I used Mind's Eye to check her status window.

The occupation column contained 'Saintess of Harmony.'

I had expected something like 'corruption' but the the result was completely different.

It might be because my magic power was pure.

'The contract is formed. You are now mine.'

Anyway, I had obtained a Saintess. It wasn't a bad income.

I carried Kim Yura and Kim Min-ji on my shoulders. And...I returned to the dungeon. It was the first time I opened all of my magic power so I felt a little bit tired.

'I will leave cleaning this up to Yihi.'