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Chapter 184: Half Awakening (2)

Chapter 184: Half Awakening (2)

"She is awakening."

A vast amount of holy power.

My skin was prickling.

I had been observing Kim Yura over the last few days to make sure she was the Saintess.

And she finally awakened.

The surrounding creatures couldn't withstand the light and were destroyed. In fact, the vampires were swept away by the light.

Even my transcendent skin was stinging.

'But it is only a half awakening.'

I slowly went up to her.

The Saintess was still in a terrible state. Did she awaken due to her hatred of the world?

However, her body was bubbling due to the excess of holy power.

She would self-destruct in the near future.

So I called it half awakening.

In order to stop this rampage, I needed to erase her extreme emotions.

Therefore...I approached her quietly.

"Do you want to save her?"

I was looking at Kim Yura's sister as I spoke.

Kim Yura didn't answer. No, she couldn't answer. However, I could see the expressions in her eyes. She was wondering about my identity since I had appeared out of nowhere.

"If you reply too late then I can't save her. There is at most 20 seconds left."

I prompted her for a reply. Actually, Kim Min-ji had just stopped breathing. There was still enough oxygen to save her. Of course, she wouldn't be the same as before but it was possible to save her life.


Kim Yura regained her spirit and nodded.

"If I save your sister, what will you give me?"

Naturally it wasn't for free. I wasn't generous enough to just give something away.

I was a demon and would act strictly on a contract.

It wasn't normal circumstances so the contract wouldn't be that favourable.

There was no choice as time was short. There was only one thing that Kim Yura could give me.

'I will completely own her.'

Kim Yura seemed to be trying to speak. Her eyes only contained the desire to save her little sister.

In my previous life, Kim Yura wasn't a half awakened.

It was inevitable. Martin's invasion was created by me. Originally this hadn't happened.

In my previous life, Kim Yura awakened completely and became a Saintess who massacred demons and creatures. Although her name wasn't that well known, it still held some weight because she was a Saintess.

I didn't know what effect the half awakening would cause, but she was still a Saintess. I just needed to somehow save her sister.

I took out a bottle from my magic bag.

'Originally, this was used for the manufacturing of homunculi.'

I shrugged. It was a potion made by Gaparam. It was the result of purchasing various expensive materials, ingredients from the Tree of Origin and six months' worth of work.

It was much better than the elixir. The potion could literally breathe life into someone who had stopped breathing. It wouldn't work on strong existences but was enough for a human.

A total of two were made and I had one of them. I had mixed my blood into this bottle.

The potion mixed with my blood and turned black.

I opened the bottle and fed half of it to her. The potion flowed down Kim Min-ji's neck and her body started to regenerate. In the case of her severed lower body, I could attach it again but decided not to. It was because the process would use up all of the potion.

The other half was for Kim Yura.

Blood returned to Kim Min-ji's face as life was gradually restored.

Kim Min-ji opened her eyes with a puzzled expression.



Kim Yura stretched out and hugged her. Her tears dried but she still needed to show her thanks.


I handed over the bottle that contained the other half of the potion.

Kim Yura hesitated for a moment so I said.

"It will improve your condition."

Bubbles were still forming on Kim Yura's skin. Her skin was already badly burned and the bubbles made it obvious that she would soon self-destruct.

The problem was the side effect from mixing in my blood...

'A contract of dependency. It is essential that she drinks my blood.'

I considered using her sister as a hostage but that meant she wouldn't move with 100% effort. A contract was necessary for her to help me voluntarily. I could feel more assured.

However, there was the possibility that there would be a backlash by the holy power against the blood of a demon. No, there was a high probability.

Still, I noted the half awakening.

Her imperfect holy power was devouring her body. My blood might play a role in neutralizing it. It was a 5:5 gamble.

The Saintess was already in my hands. As long as Martin didn't obtain her, it wouldn't be a huge loss if she died. Either way, the light from the forest was a 'sign' and Martin would be heading here. He didn't have significant strength so taking care of him wouldn't be a problem.


Kim Yura took the bottle and drank it without hesitation. She saw her sister surviving so she thought the potion was harmless.



"U-Unni? No!"

There was an effect as soon as she swallowed it.

Her body twisted as the holy magic and my magic started to get tangled up.

'It is a fight.'

I watched the scene with my arms folded.

As expected, there were empty spots due to the half awakening. My magic power penetrated those empty areas and the fight started.


Kim Yura screamed and shuddered. Separate from the fight between magic powers, her body was slowly healing itself. The burns disappeared, the nerves below her waist were revived and her twisted posture was fixed.


I touched my jaw.

I wanted to observe this process but an uninvited guest was coming.

'Martin. You are coming directly!'

I started laughing.

A few kilometres away.

I felt a strong presence approaching.

It was clearly Martin.

'He is apprehensive.'

The creatures from the dungeons came out and blocked his advance into the forest. In the end, Martin found it impossible to retrieve the sword that was a sign the Saintess had appeared.

I thought to myself.

If I missed this chance then it might not come again!

I would move directly.

'I absolutely can't miss him.'

So far Martin had been hiding and I couldn't find him. Now that Martin had surfaced, there was no reason I couldn't catch him.

I thought a little bit more before moving.

I couldn't be hasty based on circumstantial evidence.

Impatience could be a sin.

I hid my traces and disappeared.

A pillar of light covered the sky.

Martin realized the Saintess had emerged as soon as he saw it.

It was similar to what he had foreseen.

He had lost a lot of vampires, but there wouldn't be any damages if he could obtain the Saintess.

"I'll have to go there directly. Have all the creatures follow me!"

He had a total of 30,000 creatures following him now in South Korea.

He originally had more but 20,000 creatures had already been killed.

Gargoyles darkened the sky. There were also wyverns and king wyverns. All types of creatures in the ground started wriggling.

Their destination was the place where the light occurred.

'I can't miss her this time. I have to quickly obtain the Saintess.'

He had no intention of confronting South Korea's Dungeon Master. It was a pity but the number and quality of Martin's troops were far inferior. How were such troops gathered? A large army had emerged.

Maybe...Pandemonium was right about Randalph Brigsiel. He was irregular. A person who couldn't be easily messed with. He didn't know what would happen but he didn't worry about Randalph Brigsiel.

At any rate, Martin's goal here was to obtain the Saintess. As long as he could return to his dungeon safely, he had the confidence to stop strong enemies.

He just needed to pass this place safely.


"Help me!"

Creatures were moving in the sky and on land. It was like a natural disaster that the humans couldn't resist. The large number of humans moving towards the centre were wiped out by the creatures. There wasn't even a piece of bone left in the areas where the creatures passed.

It happened so suddenly that the humans couldn't cope. All that remained were a small handful of Awakened.

'My wait is over. I will take away the power of the Saintess and become complete.'

Perfect predictions!

If that was possible then he wouldn't have to fear anything.

Martin believed that there was no perfect and flawless existence. Information was power and his foresight could figure out the weaknesses of the opponent. Even strong existences had weaknesses so they would fall to Martin sooner or later.

That was why he took these risks.

Even now, weak alarm bells were ringing. The word 'danger' passed through his mind. However, he had come to this place for a reason.


It happened when he had almost arrived at the destination.

Martin frowned as he looked at something floating in the sky.

It was familiar. He had seen him a few times at the Demon World Auction.

The magic power was overwhelming. It was strange that he hadn't noticed until he reached here.

"Randalph Brigsiel!!"

Martin exclaimed with shock.


It really was his dungeon!

But there didn't seem to be any other creatures around. That meant he was alone.

He had hindered himself.

"Kill him! Cut off the flesh, pull out all his hair and split him open!"

The 30,000 creatures rushed simultaneously towards Randalph Brigsiel.