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Chapter 183: Half Awakening (1)

Chapter 183: Half Awakening (1)


There was a cynical smile on my face.

I could finally obtain the decisive card to catch Martin.

"Have you acquired her?"

-Not yet. There is a little bit of trouble.


-The humans are requesting that we disclose information about the Saintess. It seems like they noticed our movements...

I tilted my head to the side. I didn't know how the humans obtained information about the Saintess. I hadn't received a report about this.

"What happened?"

-They captured one of Duke Martin's vampires.

"Vampires have strong egos. They only follow the Dungeon Master so how was the information obtained?"

-Drugs and various skills. The human Awakened have many skills that I don't know.


There were many humans. They all had different skills.

It was completely different from the creatures, who gave off a similar feeling.

"They wouldn't just suddenly move. There has to be a leader."

-Yes. My Dungeon Master, Yoo Eun-hye and Heaven's Will are the ones taking the lead.

Tak. I frowned.

I hadn't expected that they would be the cause behind an affair like this.

If they were involved then it made sense that Chrisley wouldn't be able to move easily.


I worried about it for a while. The issue about the Saintess was still top secret. I didn't know detailed information about the Saintess and was using her as bait to catch Martin.

If the humans obtained the Saintess then I was concerned my plans would have to be changed.

'Martin might have also noticed.'

Martin was annoying.

In Martin's case, he had eyes and ears among the humans. It was quiet now but if he heard the truth about the Saintess...he would certainly aim at Roy, Rose and Chrisley.

"Has the Saintess awakened?"

-She isn't an Awakened. However, I have confirmed a pure holy power. I wasn't sure but Tashmal recognized it.

Tashmal had the best eyes to determine holy power. If Tashmal acknowledged her then it was highly likely she was a Saintess.

'I need a sure fire way to turn their eyes away.'

Particularly the human Awakened.

As they gained strength, their actions would escape my calculations.

It was good that they had autonomous judgement but only when they were within my fence.

If they tried to go outside the fence then I had no reason to care for them.

"Chrisley, tell Roy and Rose. A large number of creatures will move...first, there will be a prophecy."


"It will be a fake but real prophecy. It has to be suitable to make the humans move."

In addition, it would be a way to make Martin flinch.

'Humans. They are overlooking the fact that there is also a dungeon in South Korea.'

Was it because the dungeon was quiet now?

It seemed like they needed to experience it once again.

And this move would also deceive Martin.

The restructuring of the dungeon was necessary. The structure change meant the ecosystems of the creatures were out of balance. It was time for a housecleaning.

In the meantime, Roy became the 'prophet' at the centre of the humans.

"Once the biggest moon reaches the highest point, the entrance of hell will open and messengers will emerge. The messengers will devour all wicked beings. But they can't harm the Trees of Life and Death. Humans! Gather near both trees. We have to wait there for the evil to pass."

The Saviour's child was a prophet?

It was the first time. But apart from the girin and the Saviour, Roy had the largest influence among the humans.

Roy's words quickly spread throughout Seoul and people started to gather near the Trees of Life and Death.

And the full moon rose in the evening.

A huge 50,000 creatures exited the dungeon.

The creatures that represented South Korea's dungeon?

The saber tigers. They had the most numbers and were extremely aggressive. A great number of creatures died from their long fangs.

White fiercely fought against the creatures of the other demon. Black followed behind him.

However, there wasn't only one black saber tiger. A total of seven black saber tigers had been born since then. Apart from White, the seven blacks were advanced 4Lv creatures.

There were at least 20 advanced 3Lv saber tigers. The number of normal saber tigers reached 3,000.

The next largest population was the minotaurs. 2,200 of them! Their unusual bodies were perfect for making the enemies panic.

Of course, they were many lowest grade and low grade creatures. The breeding rate of the orcs and goblins was beyond imagination.

The dark bears, mammoths and other beast-like creatures that matched the wavelength of the dungeon were also present. At any rate...I took out most of the lowest and low grade creatures with this move.

The remaining amount were intermediate or higher ranked creatures.

It was an overwhelming number to come from one dungeon!

The creatures immediately advanced towards the forest. They surrounded the forest and Seoul metropolitan area to create a dramatic situation.

Kim Yura was crying.

She lost her family and her 'self' due to the creatures. There were terrible burns on her face and the area below her waist was paralyzed. Her eyesight was very bad and she could barely see in front of her.

That wasn't all. She also lost all her hair.

She didn't die but was living a horrible life.

Nevertheless, she was still living due to her sister who was still alive.

She attempted suicide several times but was saved by her sister.

Her two year younger sister did everything she could so that Kim Yura would somehow live. Ever since the world became like this, she couldn't do that much but...her sister worked at a construction site in the morning and sneaked away in the evening for a 'night shift.'

Her sister thought she wasn't aware of this, but Kim Yura knew. If her sister didn't do this, Kim Yura wouldn't have been able to receive three meals a day.

Despite being on the outskirts, they lived in a moderately good shack. She guessed it was possible because her sister helped the Awakened and guilds with the construction.


Kim Yura spoke with difficulty. Her gums had melted so she couldn't properly speak. She thought this place was hell but she was worried about her little sister.

Her younger sister, Kim Min-ji had returned. Her face was swollen and bruised. Her hair was dirty and there were blood stains around her mouth.

"It's nothing. No, we have to get out of here quickly."


"The Saviour's child has made a prediction. Creatures will soon be swarming this area. We need to take refuge beside the two trees. Other people have already left."

Kim Yura was carried into the wheelchair and Kim Min-ji started to push her.

Like Kim Min-ji said, many people were leaving the shacks.

On the other hand, they were bringing nothing but their own bodies. Somehow they were successful in joining the group of people, but that was all.

The procession was long and the speed was slow. Besides, Kim Min-ji was injured. Even if she received treatment, she was attracting attention by pushing a wheelchair around.

Kim Yura wanted to tell her sister to abandon her, but knew it would make things more difficult. Kim Yura tried everything she could to stay quiet.

Half a day passed and evening arrived.

The procession stopped for a while and Kim Min-ji slept leaning against the wheelchair.

"'ll fix it..."

Kim Yura wept as she heard the words Kim Min-ji was muttering while sleeping. Kim Yura moved her hand to her sister's cheek and prayed for her.

She wanted her sister to live comfortably in this hellish world.

However, it didn't take long to realize that it was a dream.

The problem occurred on the next day.

She had a sore throat. She was hungry and her head was dizzy.

However, she couldn't obtain any food or drinks herself.

Kim Yura refrained from saying anything.


However, she couldn't hide the response from her stomach.

"Unni, are you hungry? Just wait. I'll see if I can get you something."

Kim Min-ji licked her dry lips and walked among the people. She only received cold glares in return. There was no one in this procession who would give away their food.

All the good people had already died...this was a saying that she had heard. She understood. Their lives were important and they had families.

In the end, she only managed to eat a little bit of herb porridge.

"Sorry, Unni. Tomorrow I will be sure to get something to eat."

Kim Yura shook her head. She offered the bowl but Kim Min-ji shook her head.

"I ate a little bit before coming back. If Unni doesn't eat then I'll just throw it away."

Her younger sister Kim Min-ji really was a child. Kim Yura ate a bit of bread and some herb porridge.

Not long after closing her eyes, she heard a rustling sound. When she opened her eyes, her sister was applying makeup on her injuries.


Kim Yura closed her eyes again.

This world was really hell.

The next morning, they were able to safely get something to eat. They had one sweet potato and a bottle of water.

"We just need to go a little further. Unni, have you seen Girin-nim? I've never seen someone more beautiful in this world. Unni would also think the same if you saw her. The children of the Saviour are cute. I've seen them once from afar."

Kim Min-ji continued talking while pushing the wheelchair.

She became relieved the closer they got to the centre of the building.

"I've never seen the Saviour. I've only heard stories about him. He is incredibly cool. The strongest in the world. Hihi. Isn't he like a prince charming?"

The Saviour.

Her sister was especially interested in the man called the Saviour.

He was like the prince charming who would save them from this hellish place.

In contrast, Kim Yura was skeptical.

Such people wouldn't be left in the world.

All the good people had died. Her sister was the only good person left.



It was at that time. The people at the front started screaming.


It was dangerous as people bumped into the wheelchair.

She could barely hang on.



At that time, a partially collapsed building fell and caused an explosion.

The building's debris that fell all over the place...

"Avoid it!"

Kim Min-ji pushed the wheelchair.

Kim Yura fell out of the wheelchair but was able to survive.


Her life was saved but her sister was lying underneath a steel beam.

Kim Min-ji's waist was crushed and her eyes weren't looking at anything.


Kim Yura placed both hands on the ground. There was no way for her to move her legs.

But...Kim Min-ji wasn't breathing when she arrived.


Kim Yura grabbed Kim Min-ji and tried to shake her. However, the person had already stopped breathing.

Like a kaleidoscope, memories of her sister passed through Kim Yura's head.

Devoted to Kim Yura...the light inside her couldn't be seen anymore.

Hate. She hated everything. Why did all the good people have to die? Why did God make this world so that only bad people could live?

At the same time, light started to shine around Kim Yura.

The light swallowed up everything around it.