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Chapter 182: Saintess (4)

Chapter 182: Saintess (4)

Vampires. The lords of the night. There were highly ranked among the 4Lv advanced creatures. Although they were a species with strong pride, the Dungeon Master's commands were absolute. They attacked humans and created zombies by injecting blood into them.

Injecting a real serum would make 'demi vampires,' but the human needed to have the aptitude so it wasn't easy.

After 28 days, the zombie effect vanished but it was effective in making humans panic. People they had known for a long time were attacking them as zombies so it was terrifying. And they needed to handle the vampires.

Vampires also liked malicious pranks. They ordered the zombies to attack the people closest to them.

"Sung-mi, it's me. Don't you recognize Oppa? Sung-mi! Please!"


A rundown shack. A scream could be heard coming from it. Siblings, family members, friends...the zombies spread rapidly, causing the Awakened to suffer many difficulties.

An emergency meeting was quickly called but no proper solution emerged.

People needed to stay away from dark places as much as possible. Every Awakened also limited their patrol.

Above all, the citizens were exhausted. Their stress was on the verge of exploding. The people might rebel.

A dilemma. They couldn't allow the damage to increase further.

The guilds united in order to deal with the situation.

"We are dealing with vampires. It isn't just one or two."

The guild masters and main personnel of the guild were assembled.

Yoo Eun-hye came out and started the briefing.

She was the most prominent Awakened so Yoo Eun-hye played the biggest role in the operation.

Her sporty and youthful appearance made her very popular among men, but she used the lightning magic sword. Her usual way of talking meant she was known as the iron-wall girl.

It was the same even now.

She wasn't nervous at all as she casually explained.

"First...let's look at the vampire I captured."

Tak! Yoo Eun-hye clapped her hands, making Kim Yong-woo and Lee Ji-hye pull out a wheeled cage. The guild master Kim Yong-woo being used for such a chore showed how urgent the situation was. The concentration of the other guilds focused.

Many people were amazed as they saw the creature sagging like a corpse inside the cage.


"A vampire?"

Yoo Eun-hye nodded.

"That's right. This is a captured vampire. I was only able to catch it after a hard battle. Really...there was a lot of damage. It is due to this vampire that I've called you here."

Yoo Eun-hye gritted her teeth. Vampires were persistent. Hundreds of Awakened had died.

They had to be very careful releasing knowledge about this vampire to the public.

Only the main members of each guild were allowed to attend.


"How great."

But the people were greatly amazed by the results.

This wasn't the first time that vampires had appeared. They had been found in many countries and their strength was authenticated. It was surprising that one managed to be captured.

"We questioned the vampire to find out why they are attacking South Korea and turning people into zombies. After making its body weak, I succeeded with the help of various medicines and hypnotics."

It was somewhat provocative. Still, it was better to explain it now compared to later. If she openly talked about it then there was no need to worry about being caught from behind.

"Look at this. The vampire has a lot of these bottles containing white substances."

Yoo Eun-hye pulled out a small bottle. There was a diluted, white drug inside it.

"What is it?"

Yoo Eun-hye answered the leader of the Platinum Guild's question.

"It is a drug to identify something. If ingested by normal humans, it is just a deadly poison."


"Prior to many Awakened have disappeared since the raid of the creatures began?"

"The struggle against the creatures was harsh."

"Everybody thought so. It is reasonable not to find the bodies. But that wasn't it."

Yoo Eun-hye took a deep breath before saying.

"They are looking for a Saintess. This drug is the tool to determine the Saintess. Unfortunately, we found out that...a demon is certainly behind this."


"Crazy! Aren't they gone?"

The people murmured. It was natural. They had experienced firsthand the terrible strength of the demons. They thought it was finished after the 'Saviour' took care of them, but now a demon had appeared again.

They hugged their bodies tightly and trembled. All the Awakened gathered here were the elite.

"The important thing is the Saintess. The demon is afraid of the emergence of a Saintess. So the creatures are moving to find her."

"Then we must find the Saintess."

"Yes. It would be possible if we could use this drug."

"But doesn't the drug cause death?"

"That is for common people. I was told that it has no effect on the Saintess."

There was a clear gap in Yoo Eun-hye's words.

All the people here realized it.

"How will we know who the Saintess is? No, then we wouldn't even need the drug."

"Don't you think it is strange that the Saviour's children and the girin aren't present at such an important meeting? Some guilds are also missing."

"......? They are very busy people. It is also hard for all the guilds to attend."

None of them thought it was strange. Roy, Rose and the girin rarely attended meetings.

"I...Heaven's Will has been wondering about the movements of the guilds who aren't here. In particular Roy, Rose and Girin-nim have been using reliable people to search for someone."

"That sounds dangerous. Are you doubting them?"

At least in South Korea, they were divine beings. The girin was worshipped as a god while Rose and Roy received special hospitality as the Saviour's children.

In South Korea, doubting them was blasphemy.

But Yoo Eun-hye didn't hesitate to nod.

"I am convinced that the person they are looking for is the 'Saintess.' And they have more information than we do. They are moving with confidence."

"So...what did you want to talk about?"

"Cooperation is required. It is hard for Heaven's Will alone to pressure them. I want them to either disclose this information to us or we will tell the public."


A one word summary. It was madness.

It wasn't a peaceful situation so they couldn't afford to take such behaviour. There was no need to divide their power.

They should close their eyes to something if it was only a little questionable.

Even if Yoo Eun-hye's words were true, it should be covered up.

"I have no intention of agreeing with that crazy idea. I won't listen anymore."

The leader of the Platinum Guild rose from his seat along with his guild members.

At the same time, the door opened to reveal a number of Awakened.

All the Awakened were members of Heaven's Will or had a close relationship with them.

Yoo Eun-hye spoke with an expressionless face.

"Only those who agree can leave. Those who don't...will have to wait here until this is resolved."

"Are you trying to force us? The Heaven's Will guild has really gone crazy! Your ego has gotten away from you after being held up as the best guild! There will be a war!"

"We are not afraid of a war. What is really scary..."

Yoo Eun-hye continued after a moment of silence.

"The possibility of giving up our rights and going down the wrong path."

I was walking a tightrope with Martin.

I couldn't decide if I should appear to attack the forest or not.

In the meantime, Martin had invaded the forest twice.

'All the attempts failed.'

His plan to use the great worm to dig a tunnel was good. He came near the sword and threatened the angels.

However, the angels forced him back into the tunnel and minimized the damage. In contrast, Martin lost most of his creatures.

The second attempt was by air. He sent a group of wyverns carrying creatures. The angels didn't fly, they hid in the dense forest and used long distance attacks. The angels seemed to have expected enemies in the air due to their wings.

'How interesting.'

These were all issues that I pointed out.

I was currently in the forest. I hid in the vicinity of the sacred sword and watched. The angels truly didn't know where I was.




He was different.

He figured out my location and approached me.

The baby angel born a few weeks ago came up to my shoulders. There was a backlash from yin magic and holy magic battling, but he didn't suffer great damage.

Both of the powers inside him were strong and pure.

"This unusual fellow."

Usually angels instinctively hated demons. I wasn't significantly different. He just had a wider range of defense against other demons.

I briefly used Mind's Eye.

Name: Hash

Occupation Upper Rank Angel (Cherub) Title

Cherub's Authority (Legend, All stats +7)


Strength 12 (+7) Intelligence 35(+7)

Agility 20 (+7) Stamina 12 (+7)

Magic Power 44(+7)

Potential: (123+35/548)

Uniqueness: An angel born under the care of a fallen angel. It is impossible to predict how he will grow due to the combination of the Celestial King's Blessing, Origin Blessing and other variables.

Skill: Small Light Arrow (U)

Demons had the potential to overcome their limit when they were born. What about an upper rank angel? I couldn't understand the strength in Heaven.

However...looking at this, it felt like demons were weaker than angels.

After seeing the essence of demons when using Corruption, it seemed as if demons were weakened as a whole.

'Okullos was aware of it.'

That's why Okullos cried out for evolution.

If he knew he was far ahead of other demons, he might have re-evaluated. He was already dead, but I understood him a bit more.


Hash was still young. But he wouldn't always stay young. He was growing fast due to being affected by the surroundings. He wasn't afraid but it was better than him being hostile towards me. Somehow my status as Dungeon Master seemed to affect the cherub.

I was just about to poke Hash's forehead when I heard something.

-My Dungeon Master.

It was Chrisley's voice.

"What's going on?"

As I pulled out a crystal ball to talk, Chrisley replied in a somewhat excited voice.

-I've found the Saintess.