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Chapter 181: Saintess (3)

Chapter 181: Saintess (3)

"Pant, pant, pant..."

"Cough! I was going to die..."

The people who escaped from the forest gasped for breath.

The angels stopped chasing after they left the forest.

It was like they could only act within the forest.

"What, pant pant, happened?"

Kim Yong-woo wiped the sweat off his brow and asked.

It wasn't possible while running away, but now the angels had disappeared so they could ask.

Yoo Eun-hye responded calmly.

"I saw a sword stuck in a rock. The angels seem to be protecting this sword."

"What? A sword stuck in a rock?"

"Yes. was a sword that felt sacred."

The words were very meaningful.

If so, didn't the forest and angels appear because of the sword?

Kim Yong-woo ended the talk as soon as possible. The information needed to be discussed with everyone.

The story of the sacred sword discovered in the forest soon spread among the humans.

Duke Martin.

He always kept his eyes and ears open. He use creatures and insects to stealthily listen to the humans.

'The power of the Saintess will make my foresight complete.'

It wasn't that long ago that he had a prophecy. It had been less than a month. However, he was certain that a Saintess would appear in South Korea.

The problem was that he didn't know the exact time and place.

He didn't even know what the Saintess looked like. All Martin had foreseen was a woman in her 20s.

Thus far, his power was incomplete. He had the ability to see the future, but was very limited in what he could grasp.

That was always his order to make his foresight complete, a god's blood was needed.

'God's blood. It is possible with the Saintess.'

A perfect example.

He felt a thrill just imagining it.

Duke Martin was an ambitious man.

He was currently in Pandemonium's faction, but it would be different if his power became much stronger.

He even thought about becoming a grand duke.

For that reason, he started moving as soon as he had the vision. It wasn't difficult for Martin to take control of the remaining creatures.

Martin stared into a crystal ball from a deep tunnel.

"The forest appearing is a good sign."

A sign announcing the advent of a Saintess!

A forest that contained a sacred sword.

He heard it from humans, but the angels guarding it meant it was obviously a 'sign.'

It meant that the emergence of a Saintess was imminent.

He hadn't discovered her yet but it would happen soon.


'I can't get rid of an ominous feeling.'

There was something. He was frustrated because he couldn't figure out the answer.

'It hasn't been confirmed yet. If it is related to my death, there is nothing I can't foresee.'

He shook his head. No matter how uncertain his ability, it was possible to see a little bit ahead when it involved himself. In other words, he couldn't die.

'An existence that escapes from the principle of causality. I will be this existence on Earth.'

Despite his unease, he couldn't help laughing.

Causality wasn't something that could be easily overthrown. And those who could overthrow it were called 'God.'

"I have figured out the location of the sword. I will go there directly."

He commanded all the creatures.

Anyway, he made a decision.

Martin pledged to take a more aggressive offense.

The movements of the creatures subtly changed.

The scattered creatures started to move through the forest.

'The fish is caught.'

I smirked. The creatures were moving.


I was certain that he would want to secure the sword first.

The sacred weapon was for the Saintess. Of course, the Saintess had the power of attract this sword.

'It isn't a real sacred sword...but the bait is enough.'

It was the 'Lightning Sword (Epic)' that he bought for 2,000 achievement points. It didn't have good options for an epic grade weapon, but it was suitable for imitating a sacred sword.

'He moved straight away. As expected, was it due to the humans?'

Martin was cautious. I noticed that he had ears and eyes scattered all over, but it was hard to find all of them. As expected, he was also eavesdropping on the humans.

The rumours spread through the humans had an effect. Everything was as I planned.

Now all that was left...

'I won't interfere with the sword and will search for the Saintess.'

Martin led the creatures but he wouldn't expose himself. He would immediately retreat if there was danger.

Of course, there was still the possibility that I could catch Martin. Once he emerged from his hiding place, I could grab him. But there was also the possibility of missing.

I wanted more assurances before grabbing Martin.

In order to do so, I needed the card called a Saintess.

I would use the time while Martin was distracted by the sword.

'A Korean Saintess...there was one.'

I had the memories from my previous life.

The Saintesses made quite a name for themselves and I remembered that one was Korean. There was definitely one person who became an Awakened quite late...

'Kim Yura.'

I nodded.

It was unlikely that there would be another woman with the qualities of a Saintess.

Kim Yura. That was the name of the South Korean Saintess.

'By now...she should be in her mid-teens.'

I roughly recalled her characteristics.

It was time to meet Roy and Rose.

Late in the evening.

Someone moved under the full moon.

I opened my magic power.

"My Dungeon Master."

"Chrisley. Have you been well?"

The roof of the tallest building.

I smiled at the person approaching. The still veiled Chrisley came forward and kneeled down.

"It isn't a very difficult job. Apart from Rose who is a bit of a troublemaker, Roy is very trustworthy."

Chrisley said with a light expression.

She often looked sad after Krasla died, but she seemed to have overcome it.

Roy and Rose helped heal the wounds in her heart.

"Roy and Rose?"

"They are asleep. Should I wake them up?"

"You don't need to wake them up. You...and the girin should be enough."

I moved my gaze. The girin appeared in an empty space.

The horn on her forehead and nine long tail were her trademarks. The girin stared at me with an expressionless face.

"It has been a while."

"It seems like you can use your abilities more effectively."

"I have learnt how to tie space together."

" that possible?"

"I came instantly because it is possible. Rather, what happened? I hadn't seen you since that first time."

Her tone was filled with thorns.

I had told the girin the location of the enemy dungeons and then left.

After that, she went through quite a lot.

Not long afterwards, she was inundated with problems.

"I need to find someone. Her name is Kim Yura. She is in her mid to late teens. A woman."

I didn't care.

The girin hadn't expected this and shook her head.

"Who is she? The person you are looking for wouldn't be an ordinary person right?"

"Don't worry about it. I won't harm humans."

"Then you will harm the demons. Is the human a threat to you? So you want to cut off the bud?"

"It is similar, but no. No human can threaten me."

There were few demons who could threaten me individually. Only an alliance could keep me in check.

The girin had nothing to say. She realized it as well.

I turned around.

"Move covertly. There shouldn't be any rumours. If you find her then bring her to me quietly."

It needed to be done behind the scenes.

I made one or two traps to catch Martin.

The name of the baby angel was Hash.

Tashmal had looked after the angel egg I bought and shortly after, a cherub was born. I had trained Hash for a job. The angels' growth was very fast so I gave Hash some special education.

Hash could create a few small light spears and would continue to grow in this battle situation. Of course, Tashmal opposed this. But there was a limited number of angels that could be used as a sign.

There was a possibility that Tashmal's face and magic power would be recognized, so there was no choice. However, Hash gave off a sacred feeling and his face wasn't known. He was perfect to be utilized as a sign.

And the angels who guarded Hash weren't weak. The angels guarding Hash and the sword were selectively screened.

I determined that it was a power that could pressure Martin. But it was a number that would allow Martin to make an attempt. These actions were designed to attack Martin and to make him take a bite.

Martin was watching the situation from a distance.

" is an obvious sign. The angels and high class creatures are keeping each other in check..."

Gigantes, the griffin and the hydra!

Even Martin couldn't easily touch the three creatures.

It was impossible not to receive heavy damage.

The hydra was especially unknown. There was a chance that the hydra was as strong as him. Maybe Martin would have moved directly.

However, those three creatures were now in the vicinity of the forest. The angels were stopping the three creatures from entering the forest.

Although there were no direct attacks yet, it seemed like a conflict was going to happen.

'Randalph Brigsiel. His dungeon is likely to be in South Korea. No, a demon wouldn't leave angels alone. Maybe he will soon lead the creatures to attack them.'

Martin grabbed his staff.

It was inevitable that Randalph Brigsiel or other demons would become aware of the presence of the sword.

Even though the Saintess hadn't appeared yet, the sacred sword had the power to attract one.

If he possessed it then finding the Saintess would be easy.

Another demon would be fine, but it would become complicated if the opponent was Randalph Brigsiel.

'He is strong. There is also something unusual about him. He wouldn't kill the Saintess. He might plan something similar to me.'

Martin started feeling a sense of urgency.

If the sword entered that guy's hands then his plan would be wasted.

His completed ability to read the future would go away.

'I have to find the sword before those creatures attack the forest.'

Martin nodded.

The angels would have to move to stop the griffin, Gigantes and the hydra. He would be able to reach the sword without any problems.

"Great Worm, make a path through. A path leading to the very heart of the forest."

He had to find the sword first.


"The Saintess will appear in critical moments. Have the dullahans and vampires attack the humans. Make the humans feel despair."

He had no thoughts about just stopping after obtaining the sacred sword.