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Chapter 179: Saintess (1)

Chapter 179: Saintess (1)

The griffin, Gigantes, the hydra...and Yihi!

The number was small, but exceptional existences emerged from the dungeon.

In particular, the hydra was beyond imagination and its body could be seen from a very far distance.

Except for Yihi, the combination was something that I couldn't hide.

Immediately after exiting the dungeon, there was a huge sound. The hydra left huge marks behind it as it destroyed the terrain while the griffin flew in the sky.

Kung! Kuuong!

I wandered around Seoul after coming out.

There were three high class creatures so the humans couldn't approach at all.

"Guild Master, what should I do? I am ready for battle..."

Yoo Eun-hye muttered in a small voice. Yoo Eun-hye, Edward and elite members of Heaven's Will were chasing after the high class creatures. The role given to them was to observe without going closer.

Fortunately, the creatures were only moving within Seoul without acting, but they didn't know when that would change.

"...How terrible."

However, Kim Yong-woo didn't answer. Kim Yong-woo could feel a little bit of the strength of the three creatures. It was especially strong from the huge creature with nine heads.

Without even looking at it, an instinctive warning rang in his head to avoid it as much as possible.

"A monster wave?"

No matter how strong Yoo Eun-hye was, she couldn't hunt a high class monster. It was to the extent that she would only be able to buy time.

Kim Yong-woo shook his head.

"That's not it. It seems to be related to the change in the dungeon..."

It was difficult to know what was going on. He couldn't guess what the three creatures had gathered together to do.

So they needed to keep as far away from the three creatures as possible.

In the meantime, the high class creatures faced a group of orcs that hadn't evacuated yet.

Kwang! Kururung!

The first one that moved was Gigantes. On top of that, the griffin used a breath attack from above. Dozens of orcs couldn't react and were melted.

The hydra didn't attack.

However, it was absolutely stronger than the griffin and Gigantes.

Just seeing it was enough to cause a tremor to run through his body.

It wasn't only Kim Yong-woo. The elites could only watch the slaughter with fear.


There was no need to look twice.

Kim Yong-woo's mouth moved before he thought about it.

"Tell the other teams. Absolutely never touch that group."


Yihi was excited.

This was the first time she had left the dungeon and experienced Earth.

This was a new and thrilling experience for Yihi. She always felt joy when exploring unknown things.

Now everything seemed lovely in Yihi's eyes.

She sat on one of the hydra's heads and looked down at the ground.

"It would be great if Yihi could build a garden in this place. What do you think?"

Below her were the corpses of the orcs, but Yihi didn't care at all. She saw corpses every day.

"Little fairy! Be in trouble! From Master!"

Gigantes vehemently opposed the idea. He had a great deal of experience with Yihi's playfulness.

"Do you think Yihi is going to do something bad?"

"Yes! Please!"

"No. Yihi will only do good deeds in the future. The garden...well ~ that's right."


"You don't know? Yihihihi. Are you a big fool? Yihi knows many things ~"

Yihi was irritating Gigantes.

In fact, Yihi didn't even know what she was saying.

She just thought that Gigantes' reaction was funny.

"Little fairy! Trouble!"

Yihi didn't listen at all.

She showed a willingness to establish a base here.

Yihi's eyes flashed and she grabbed a few seeds.

Soon afterwards, she sneakily hid it from Gigantes' eyes and scattered the seeds on the ground.


I watched the movement of the creatures from afar.

'Duke Martin. Will he be watching? Or...'

The creatures had been moving for three days. They seemed to be wandering aimlessly, but every action was being observed by Martin.

'Where are you hiding? There certainly must be a goal. Show your movements.'

I searched for the location where Martin might be hiding. On the surface, I seemed to be cleaning up the creatures around my dungeon but my purpose was Martin's death.

'Martin can see a set future. He is the most difficult to kill of Pandemonium's demons. I must use this opportunity to kill him.'

The ability to see the future was a cheat but it was far from universal. There were many restrictions and the future was uncertain.

But when it came to his 'life', he became aware of situations where he could become a ghost. In my previous life, he was one of the demons who survived until the end.

Martin attacked Seoul using the creatures but disappeared as soon as the high class ones left the dungeon.

However, he wouldn't have retreated.

He was hiding somewhere and watching for an opportunity.

The problem was determining Martin's goal.

I was waiting for his next move because I couldn't guess.


A few days had passed.

I discovered a group of goblins carrying something.

They were moving a few human females. I immediately noticed that the females were Awakened.

'What are they trying to do by catching Awakened?'

My eyes narrowed. It was true that the Korean Awakened had remarkable growth compared to the Awakened of other countries, but there was no reason to capture them.

If he wanted points, it was better just to wipe them out. Awakening wasn't hereditary so the was no need to kidnap them.

They were also only women.

If it was simple lust, there was no reason to only choose the Awakened.

'There is something.'

I had an intense hunch.

I slowly and quietly followed the goblins. I needed to act cautiously to stay below Martin's radar.

A cave inside the mountains.

A lich examined the women captured by the goblins.

"Tsk, the tanned skin means that I can't easily determine their age."

The lich's gleaming eyes seemed to penetrate through the women.

A total of eight women were trembling with fright as they avoided its eyes.

They wanted to live but when they examined the surroundings, their mouths naturally stayed closed. There were dozens, perhaps hundreds of naked women all over the place. They were all pale like the blood had been drained from them when they died.

There were some who weren't dead, but trapped in a cage. And...some were being used as the playthings of the creatures. It was clear that they would soon die.


"P-please spare me."

The women burst into tears.

They didn't want to die. Even if they were Awakened, they all cared about preserving their lives.

The lich said cynically.

"Kulkul, don't worry. If you are 'suitable' than you will receive more hospitality than anyone else. I just need to verify it first. You should answer honestly. Humans in their 20s, raise your hands."

Six people raised their hands.

The lich nodded.

"The goblins brought the proper ones this time."

The lich reached out to the two women who didn't raise their hands.


They were beheaded.

It happened in the blink of an eye.


The women stiffened. They couldn't scream. Their mental strength was stronger due to the increased intelligence, but that was useless in the face of death. Every women had a limit.

"There is no need for those not in their 20s. Now, the rest are in their 20s, correct?"

It was silent.

The lich didn't like it and moved his fingers.

"No answer. Tsk tsk."

"T-that's right..."


The surviving six women responded.

The lich took the next step.

It took out a small water bottle that continued a white mucus.

"From now on, I will feed you this potion. If you are suitable, there will be a sign on your body. If not, you will end up like those women over there."

He pointed to the women who were the playthings of the creatures. Their flesh was cut with a knife while their mouths were forced to do shameful things to the orcs. Little by little, the women who couldn't scream anymore were killed.

They thought this place was hell.

The ones who reached their limits were killed by the creatures.


The lich forced the bottle into the mouth of a woman.

The woman resisted as much as possible but the lich forced it into her mouth.

"Cough! Cough!"

As soon as she drank it, the woman's body started twisting in strange directions. She collapsed on the ground and her mouth became slack after 30 seconds.

"It seems like you aren't suitable. Well, there are still five women left so it isn't hopeless."

"W-what should we be suitable for?"

A woman who was watching barely managed to open her mouth.

The lich paused for a moment and replied.

"Duke Martin can see the future. He predicted that a 'saintess' would be born on this narrow land mass. I am trying to figure out if you are the 'saintess.' Has that answered your question?"


"Kulkulkul. It seems unlikely that a powerful saintess would be born on this earth, but Martin-nim's prophecies are never wrong."

The lich once again grabbed a potion.

The women bit their lips with a gloomy expression.