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Chapter 177: Those who Protect (1)

Chapter 177: Those who Protect (1)

There had been four demons who came to South Korea. They were part of Pandemonium's faction and brought a large number of creatures to occupy the dungeon. Pandemonium's active help meant that a considerable number of creatures entered the country.

They ranged from the lowest grade to high class creatures. People thought that there were over 100,000 creatures. The majority of them were wiped out by the man who the humans called 'Saviour,' but there were still thousands of creatures. They were scattered in various hiding spots and were steadily hunted.

The hunts had been easy so far. However, if all the scattered creatures were drawn to one place by the Trees of Life and wouldn't be an easy fight. Fortunately, the government forces had been handled so they could solely concentrate on the creatures.

The centre of the city.

The seeds were planted in the middle of a stadium approximately 110 m wide. The Trees of Life and Death. Roy and Rose were in charge of the ceremony.

During this ceremony, no one else could enter. The exceptions were the girin and Chrisley.

"Did your master command you to plant this?"

The seeds had germinated immediately after being planted. The girin looked at them with a surprised expression. Although she was a mythical creature, the girin was wise and deep like it was famous for. She perceived an intense feeling from the two seeds.

The veiled Chrisley spoke to the girin.

"Girin. We have to hold the ceremony. Help the humans."

"The creatures haven't appeared yet. Rather...there is a strange feeling. The Trees of Life and Death. The trees have contrasting energies but are strangely harmonious."

As the girin approached, the germinated seeds moved like they were responding.

The girin's eyes shone.

"They are reacting to me. I don't know what your ritual is, but I should be able to help with the growth of these trees."

"Are you going to leave the humans unattended?"

"No, the humans are strong enough. The united humans are powerful. They aren't weak enough to be defeated by the incoming creatures."

Chrisley stared at the girin's unexpected reaction.

She had heard stories about the girin's birth through Roy and Rose, so she roughly knew how hard the girin worked for the humans of South Korea.

Now the girin's attitude was different from what she heard.

The girin laughed as she saw Chrisley's expression.

"I am not a babysitter for the humans. I will help them but they have to be self-reliant. Of course, I can't ignore the desire of the humans who gave birth to me. So...I will stay until the king appears and stabilizes the country. After that, I would like to explore this world a bit more."

She wasn't obsessed. She would do her work and then leave. Unlike her appearance, it hadn't even been one year since she was born. She was curious about this world.

The desire of the humans had played an important role when she was born. An explorer.

Chrisley opposed the girin's idea.

"What about returning to Master? Technically speaking, Master is the one who created you."

"I am not bound anywhere. Although I appreciate it, we are separate existences. I would give my help one day if he needed it. However, your master is strong enough not to need my help. I'd rather see more of this beautiful world."

The girin's beautiful red hair blazed as she expressed her will.

The girin's ego was strong. She had a tendency to tell the truth and liked exploring. Chrisley intuitively sensed this and changed the subject.

"...Stay silent while the ceremony is occurring."

A quiet and serious atmosphere was required for the ceremony.

The humans didn't stay still. They hastily prepared for the invasion of the creatures.

"Block all the small roads! Lure them to the big ones."

"We have exceeded the capacity of the central shelter. There are too many people!"

Among them, Kim Yong-woo directed the strategy. Traps were installed and they even made paths for the creatures.

But they couldn't prepare everything.

Kim Yong-woo frowned.

'It won't end in one or two days. It would be bad if there was no place to stay. We can't leave room for the creatures to enter...'

It was expected to be a long war. South Korea wouldn't be stabilized until all the creatures were wiped out. However, they needed to account for the civilians. Safe places were designed to accommodate them, but there wasn't enough room. There were too many civilians in the city.

Kim Yong-woo sighed and exclaimed.

"It doesn't need to be inside the building. Make a space anywhere, whether it is with tents or wooden planks! Anyway, we won't allow the creatures to reach the centre of the city."

The outskirts were completely blocked. Not one creature would be allowed inside. Kim Yong-woo's will spread to the other Awakened.


And at that moment.

Kung! Kung!

The sound of huge bodies moving could be heard.

The seeds had already been planted for a while...


An installed trap exploded with a loud noise.

However, it didn't diminish the number of incoming ogres.

"Damn, it has started. Prepare to fight!"

Kim Yong-woo bit his lip.

Five ogres.

Two giant worms.

37 trolls.

One dullahan.

Vampires and ghouls...

There were 300 intermediate creatures and more than 900 hundred low grade ones!

The attacks continued over three days.

Fortunately, the fights only took place on the large roads due to the small ones being blocked. At least there were no innocent people to be sacrificed.

There were four barriers in every direction around the centre of Seoul. It was fortunate, however...the creatures were relentless.

As time passed, the damage to the Awakened grew bigger.

"There is no time to rest."

Dambi's guild master Alin muttered with a gloomy expression. Hundreds of orcs were gathered on the other side of the road, with some orc lords among them.

It wasn't difficult to cope with the orcs due to their previous experience, but it was the 3rd day without sleep. Some of the Awakened had trouble just standing.

"It seems like it."

Kim Yong-woo also sighed.

Four big roads. Among them, Kim Yong-woo and Alin were assigned to the west.

"Has there been any radio contact from the other side?"

"Not yet..."

"Then be prepared. Don't let even one escape."

Alin pulled out a bow. She was one of the strongest archers. The arrows she shot never missed. They were always fatal.

Kim Yong-woo's stats were lacking in comparison. However, a guild master required unique leadership abilities.


Alin fired the bow. Three arrows flew at the same time and penetrated the heads of three approaching orcs.



The orcs became berserk and rushed forward. They didn't care about the death of their colleagues. A simple dash that didn't hesitate in the face of death!

At that time, Kim Yong-woo received some radio contact.

-A lich has appeared in the east! We are engaging! I'm asking for help!

-The north is fighting a large number of spartoi...kuack!

-The south! Hundreds of nagas...!

Lee Ji-hye heard the radio and grabbed his staff firmly.

"Guild Master. It is strange. After the past three days, I think that there is someone commanding the creatures from behind."

There were simultaneous attacks that didn't allow the Awakened time to rest, making them exhausted. It was impossible if the creatures were randomly moving. Someone had to be planning a strategy and moving the creatures from behind.


Kim Yong-woo grinded his teeth and pulled out his sword.

The orcs had already come close. They didn't have time to help the others. They needed to take care of these creatures as quickly as possible in order to join the others!

"Pant, pant pant..."

Kim Yong-woo took a deep breath as he cut the neck of the remaining orc.

In the beginning, there had been 500 Awakened and this number was reduced by a third.

Kim Yong-woo looked around and immediately pulled out the radio.

"This is the west. Kim Yong-woo from Heaven's Will. Please respond."

-This is the south. We are still engaged with the nagas.

-This is the east. The lich is approaching.


"The north. Answer me. The north!"

There was no response from the north who were fighting against the spartoi. Alin approached while Kim Yong-woo was frowning.

"What happened?"

"The north side might have been breached. We have to go straight there."

-This is the centre. I am Oriental's guild master, Kim Woo-ram. A large number of spartoi, death knights and twin head ogres are coming from the north...we are requesting help.

As soon as he spoke, a scary message was heard from the radio.

Kim Yong-woo formed tight fists. The number of Awakened placed in the centre was the smallest. The plan was to intercept all the creatures on the outskirts. At best, there were only 200 people.

However...200 Awakened wouldn't be able to deal with the creatures heard on the radio.


Kim Yong-woo ignored his nausea and quickly moved his guild members.