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Chapter 175: Quickening Period (1)

Chapter 175: Quickening Period (1)

[TL Note]: Hey, a reader pointed out something in yesterday's chapter. In order to confirm it, I double checked with the original raws and my copy of the raws that I use in the program that splits it into individual sentences. I've discovered that for some reason, the raws in this chapter were a little bit messed up, with some parts of certain sentences missing. I've doubled checked previous chapters and it only seems to be this chapter. Therefore, I've made some edits to the previous chapter, mainly at the end of it. Please go back and read the last part again about the dungeon floors. Thanks and I will be extra careful with the raws in the future.

'The magic circles are still intact.'

I took a closer look at the ability to merge floors and found that the magic circles remained intact.

It was also possible to add a few magic circles.

There would be no difficulty in moving around the dungeon.

"It is possible, Master. Yihi thinks that there will be problems if the floors are suddenly reduced."

I touched my jaw.

Yihi's words were reasonable. It would be hard for the creatures to adapt to the sudden change. But I judged that there wouldn't be any big problems.

'The creatures in my dungeon are strong. They are superior compared to those of other dungeons. And there is also a desire to create their own cultures. Their adaptability is very high.'

I didn't know if it was due to the Tree of Origin or the dungeon rating, but the creatures in my dungeon excelled in all respects. It wasn't enough to give dominance, but there was a clear difference.

So...I was strongly convinced that combining the floors would stimulate 'development.'

Now was the perfect time to do it.

Maxium, Roy, Rose and Chrisley were drawing attention on the outside. I could afford to give some time for the creatures to adapt.

'There is no development without stimulation.'

I nodded. The floors would be merged together. I made up my mind.

Due to the chain relationship of eat or be eaten among the creatures, a transcendent creature might emerge. If successful, I would be free of almost all constraints. There would be no need to tie myself to the Demon World Auction.

"Do it."

"I understand, Master. Should I give a warning to the creatures to allow them to prepare?"

"That would be good."

"Yihihi. Yes~"

I didn't mind accepting Yihi's suggestion. It wasn't bad to warn the creatures in order to reduce the aftermath.

As Yihi moved, a light powder fell from her wings. It was a phenomenon that hadn't occurred before. The powder 'harmonized' with the light.

'She might be able to become a fairy queen.'

It was a phenomenon similar to something I read in literature about the fairy king. The place where the fairy king passed always had new life blooming.

Yihi hadn't reached that level, didn't seem impossible that she could become a fairy queen.

The fairy ruler.

It had been thousands of years since a fairy ruler appeared.

Fairies would be forced to accept the invitation to drink.

It was to celebrate the accomplishments of the new fairy ruler.

What if...Yihi became the fairy queen, what would the other dungeon fairies choose?

Would they celebrate the birth of a new fairy ruler? There would be no need for them to maintain their contract with the demons. Of course, a few would have their souls forcibly destroyed. However, the fairies with strong hearts could maintain themselves.

It depended on their attitude.

'Destruction of the soul.'

The name of the Shadow Emperor once again flashed through my head. If I hadn't known that he cursed the high dark elf Shilla, I would have thought he was dead. The first Easter Egg where I received the Heart of the Hell Monarch and the message stating he was 'destroyed' was to blame for my lapse.

However...there were no traces of him in the Demon World.

Maxium had admitted it. My magic power was similar to the Shadow Emperor.

Furthermore, the curse was stronger than a high class 4Lv dark elf. She tried to fight but there were no signs of a big resistance.

The curse was strong.

All the grand dukes were on Earth. No matter how much I thought, I couldn't come up with an explanation other than the Shadow Emperor. However, it wasn't entirely certain. There was always the possibility of a 3rd party with a similar magic power to the Shadow Emperor.

'He might try to rise again as a god. It might be another trick or a 3rd party.'

I shrugged. At any rate, the Shadow Emperor had prepared the Underground World to become a perfect god.

'God. If he was prepared to become a god, the seeds of a new world should be somewhere.'

And they were highly likely to be in the treasure trove.

I searched through all the items from the treasure trove in the Achievements Store.

However, I didn't find anything similar to a seed.

'The name might be different. It might be connected to something else. Let's look a little further.'

I spent a few days looking through the Achievements Store.

Ironically, the people who gathered in Seoul started to build their power near the dungeon. There were some people who expressed concerns, but no monster wave had occurred since the invasion of creatures and demons from overseas.

In addition, the 'cores' that replaced oil and electricity could only be obtained from the dungeon. It was the most suitable place for a base, unless a monster wave occurred.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government started to become active again.

"Damn, where did they go when we are this busy?"

Kim Yong-woo. He was the guild master of Heaven's Will. At some point, Yoo Eun-hye and Edward had disappeared. The two main people of the guild had disappeared, so it was difficult to maintain the guild's operations.

In particular, the two of them had disappeared at a crucial moment.

Kim Yong-woo sighed as he cleaned up a pile of paperwork.


At that moment, Lee Ji-hye entered.

"Guild Master, are you going to work?"

Instead of robes, she was wearing comfortable clothes and holding a shovel. Dust covered her face so she looked like a labourer.

At the same time, Kim Yong-woo's expression stiffened.

"Hey. I am the guild master. Do I have to go to that place? Why do I have to handle it?"

"It is because you are the guild master that you have to go. Lead by example! The population is increasing every day and it is hard to build shacks. Do you think it is a good idea to show the discipline of our guild?"

"Don't keep running your mouth. Ahyo~"

"Are there no available personnel from your guards? The chances of terrorism will increase as more people flow in."

"The old government agencies..."

The restoration of Seoul was divided into two groups.

Those who followed the girin and waited for a 'wise king' to appear. Or those who wanted to revive the government with a president like in the past.

The controversy raged on. In the end, the latter group did a demonstration of force first. They didn't hesitate to use terrorism and randomly attacked Seoul.

"There will be trouble if this continues."

Lee Ji-hye whined. Kim Yong-woo nodded.

"There are too many irreversible mistakes. We have to be prepared. The country has become a mess."

There were many opportunities. The invasion was abrupt, but there wouldn't have been so many casualties if they calmly gathered their strength and prepared.

Their fear and frustration had caused them to be crushed.

After that, people would abandon others to save their own lives.

He didn't want to be disappointed anymore by repeating past mistakes.

Lee Ji-hye laughed.

"In the end, we need the king. I have reached that conclusion. I hope they will appear quickly."

The advent of the wise king to end the aggression!

All of the Awakened gathered in Seoul had this desire.

"The would be nice if they came from our guild."

"You sound like a snob. Who cares where they come from? All they need to do is appear."

"It would be preferable. Are there any bad people in our guild? A representative. Rather than somewhere else, I would prefer they appear from our guild so that I know they will do a good job. I will support them from behind."

"I will push you."

"Yes. Push me. By the way, do you have any news about Yoo Eun-hye and Edward?"

"They left a letter and disappeared so how should I know? They'll be back."

"It feels strange."

"Is Guild Master worried? You don't have to worry about those children."

Lee Ji-hye didn't seem concerned at all. She had a firm belief that they would come back.

Kim Yong-woo licked his lips and said.

"Ara. Let's go back to work. Is this the time to chat?"

"You are one to talk."

"Hey, you..."

The two of them were very friendly after going through life and death situations together. Although both had personalities that the other one disliked, they ended up matching.

Kim Yong-woo clicked his tongue and changed into his work clothes.

And just as he picked up a shovel.

Kung. Kuuuuong.

The earth shook roughly.

"An earthquake?"

Kim Yong-woo quickly approached Lee Ji-hye.


The shaking of the ground became even more intense.

"Damn, what is going on?"

"Oh my god..."

"What is it?"



Lee Ji-hye was looking at one spot.

Kim Yong-woo followed Lee Ji-hye's gaze.

He spoke with difficulty.

"The is changing?"