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Chapter 174: Unique Dungeon (2)

Chapter 174: Unique Dungeon (2)

The soul depletion was recovering every day, and it was cured within a mere 10 days.

"Awoo~ I'm stiff. Hah~ I slept well."

Yihi casually woke up and looked around.

"Huh? Master, why is Yihi here? Yihi fell asleep in the garden."

It was strange. The spirits were hovering around Yihi.

-The fairy woke up!

-So we don't have to work now?

-Surprise ~

The spirits stampeded over to check the results of their hard work.

"What are they doing? Yihihi. Master, Yihi is embarrassed to have so many people staring."

"Has anything changed?"

"With Yihi? Well...ah!"

Yihi stared with surprise at her body.

"My wings have increased!"

Her original two wings had increased to four. This change occurred when her soul recovery rate reached 90%.

"What? Why have my wings grown? I am filled with strength..."

Yihi spread her wings.

At the same time, a bright light poured out from her wings.

The light reached beyond the top floor and swallowed up the entire dungeon.

"Eh eh...?"

I blinked with confusion but then multiple messages popped up.

-The soul of the Origin Fairy has risen one level.

-The Tree of Origin has awakened. It will have a stronger influence on the dungeon than before.

-The spirits will have a faster growth rate.

-The dungeon's rating has been upgraded to 'Unique (Uniq).'

Further information can be found in Domestic Mode.

It was obvious that Yihi's power had grown. I had guessed it as soon as her number of wings increased. However, I hadn't expected that the Tree of Origin would awaken at the same time.

In addition...the rating of the dungeon had risen.

A crisis was an opportunity. This all started with the spirits.

If I hadn't received the spirit seeds then this result wouldn't have occurred. I wouldn't have been capable of solving the depleted soul on my own.

The coincidences overlapped. They were layered little by little until this phenomenon was created.


Shortly after the messages surfaced.

The dungeon started changing.

The roots of the Tree of Origin expanded through the entire dungeon. It felt like...the Tree of Origin was becoming one with the dungeon.

'The concentration of magic power has thickened.'

Not only did the dungeon's defensive power increase, my 'authority' also rose. I knew it instinctively. I could see more details by entering Domestic Mode...

'Unique dungeon.'

I had never heard of a unique rated dungeon in my previous life. All the dungeons had been the same. There hadn't been much difference even when it was upgraded to a rare rating.

I thought it couldn't climb higher...but it reached the unique rating.

'It means that epic and legend ratings are possible.'

I looked up as the light leaking from Yihi's body shrunk. The light faded to reveal Yihi who had grown slightly bigger.

"Eh? Yihi has grown, Master!"

From Yihi's head to her fingers on her hands, every part of her had increased by half a finger's length.

Yihi laughed with joy.

She was confused by the light emerging from her but then she realized her growth.

"Do you know what has changed?"

Yihi touched her lips and thought for a while before answering my question.

"A little bit. Some of the origin magic has flowed into Yihi. It isn't a lot but it is great ~ Yihi will be more helpful in the future. And the Tree of Origin told me. Hopefully...the 'first king' can be created.


I had already noticed the origin magic, but I was curious about the mention of a king. Just like the achievements, the title of 'first' was attached to it. I was curious because it had a modifier attached to it.

Yihi nodded.

"But a king can't just be created. Master will decide. In the Demon World and Heaven, it is possible to create a king from magicians, angels, demons or other creatures...then this dungeon will change into another world.


I was at a loss for words. Yihi's words to me weren't simple. It meant that the dungeon could become an independent world. It would be a solid presence like the Demon World, Heaven or Earth.

In short.

"I will be a god?"

Yihi laughed.

"Hey ~ that's not it. Master, what would a god do in a world with only one king? Of course, Dungeon Master can say 'I am a god!' but the creatures won't necessarily believe it. asked Yihi something like this ~. Master is still lacking to become a god. You will gain the qualifications to become a god after everything has transcended. You will be called a 'demigod' but then achievements have to be piled up in addition to your stats. In that regards, hasn't Master gained significant achievements already? So you will qualify if you become stronger! Yihihi!"

She was saying that I was still too weak to qualify as a god.

I was shocked but somewhat convinced by her words.

There were many people stronger than me, such as the Shadow Emperor, the True Demonic Dragon Aojin and Garrash the Fire Spirit King. In addition, there might be other stronger creatures that I didn't know about yet.

They hadn't obtained the qualifications to become a god either. The Shadow Emperor had become a demigod, but eventually gambled his fate and lost.

If I looked at the Demon was true that no one had become a god yet.

However, it was an uncertain goal.

My main goal was to become the devil. I aimed to rule over the Demon World.

There was no need to build my own world.

'No. My goal won't change.'

I swallowed my saliva. I was more obsessive than I thought. Once I made a decision, there was no special reason to stop.

Anyway, the dungeon rating rose so I was able to obtain larger benefits than I thought.

"How do I make a new king?"


I asked Yihi but she didn't answer. Was there some 'pattern' needed for the seed of a new world?"


It meant the shape and framework when creating something.

But I couldn't grasp it. Was there a pattern that allowed an angel, demon, human or creature to become a lord?

Such things would only be known to the gods.

'This shall also be known naturally.'

There was no need to rush.

It was enough to obtain a hint.

I didn't know it now, but someday I would naturally encounter it.

It was just like a puzzle.

"Yihihihi. Master, do you want Yihi to show you some magic?"

"Is it the origin magic?"

"Yes! Yihi will try it once."

I couldn't see Yihi's status window with Mind's Eye. Therefore I didn't know what skill she had obtained.

It was origin magic so I needed to see if it fit the name.

'I should be careful, just in case.'

I stared as light flashed from Yihi's hands.


A small ray of light shot out from Yihi's hands. Before long, the light reached the ceiling of the dungeon and the roots from the Tree of Origin started to simultaneously emerge.

Did she intend to attack with roots?

It was similar but different. The roots descended and intertwined to form a giant. Three giants the size of the hydra were formed.

"Hek ~ hek ~ phew, it is hard. This is it. Master. Yihi has summoned Origin Giants."

Name: Origin Giant


Strength 100 Intelligence 90

Agility 95 Stamina 100

Magic Power 80

Potential: (465/???)

Uniqueness: A giant temporarily created from the Tree of Origin. The strength and summoning duration will be determined by the power of the Origin Fairy.

A high class creature. The level was comparable with a 3Lv creature. The roots of the Tree of Origin must be present for the magic to be possible, so it was available in the dungeon.

The problem was...the time it took to summon.

"Pant! Pant! Pant pant! Ah, I'm thirsty. No more, Master. This is Yihi's limit."

After one or two minutes, Yihi gasped for breath like a thirsty dog. Three of them were summoned at once, so it felt overcrowded.

However, it was only for a short time.

'The magic is similar.'

Yihi had power but she couldn't control it properly.

Anyway, the origin magic was quite appealing. If Yihi knew how to use this power properly then I would have a creature better than the other high class ones.

It was unreasonable for now, but the possibilities were there.

"Good work."


Yihi's body twisted aimlessly.

Her reaction was worse because she hadn't heard praise for a long time.

I ignored Yihi and headed to the Dungeon Core.

'Domestic Mode.'

The dungeon had been upgraded to a unique rating, so I entered Domestic Mode to see the changes.

At the same time, numerous letters formed in front of me.

I quickly noticed the changes.

-Dungeon Rating - Unique (Uniq)

Dungeon Barrier Total - 20,000,000

Dungeon's Magic Power Status - Pure (The stats of all creatures in the dungeon +2)


The roots of the Tree of Origin have spread entirely through the dungeon (all floors, the breeding rate has significantly increased)

It is possible to change the appearance of the dungeon. Height and Width Upper Limit - 200Km]

The probability of giving birth to a creature that goes beyond the limits of its species has significantly increased.


Merging layers is possible.

The potential limit of the Master Guardian has increased by 50.

There were many things. I went through it. The durability of the barrier increase by a noticeable amount...all of the creatures' stats went up. It was a total of 10 points for each creature so this number wasn't small.

In addition, some born creatures could go beyond the limits of their species.

Not a king or lord, but a higher existence.


It meant there was a possibility of more named creatures being born. It wasn't easy to have a name without transcending. For example, the name Aojin only emerged after he transcended.

Such presences were called 'named.' It was a language used by humans in my previous life.

'The Master Guardian is Chrisley.'

In addition, Chrisley's potential had increased by 50. Her original threshold of 484 was now 534. She had the qualifications to transcend.

'A transcendental creature who listens to my commands. It is okay.'

There was still a long way to go, but my fists clenched tightly as I imagined it. I would have more power if Chrisley transcended.

My expectations for Yihi's magic were also very high.

After summarizing it all in my head, I smiled and spoke to Yihi.


"Kuheom! Kuheom! Yes?"

Yihi tried to erase her happy face as she turned to me.

She was curious about what I wanted to say.

I only had one thing to say. It was simple.

"Reduce the dungeon by two floors."

The 33 floors would be reduced by two.

I would remove the floors below the top floor for a more efficient use of the land.

There were many inconveniences about it being split up. Joining them together would allow for more efficient management.

In other words, the area of the 32nd floor would be beyond imagination.

It might be possible to call the dungeon a small world.