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Chapter 171: Spirits (4)

Chapter 171: Spirits (4)

'It isn't working.'

I descended the Tree of Origin to an uproar.


Approximately 100,000 spirits flocked at once.

The small fireballs the size of a baby's fist moved in unison.

However, it was a bitter sight for me.

'The contract hasn't been formed yet...'

Was it because it was shortly after they were born? Or the way they were born had an influence. It could be both.

'It can't be helped.'

This was an investment for the future. It would ease a little bit once a contract was signed and they developed ego. Right now, the spirits were too unstable without the contract.

I stood still and stared at the Tree of Origin. Then the spirits started playing with the Tree of Origin.


-Give me a name.

Four days afterwards. Once the spirits had been born for exactly one week, two thin voices were heard in my head.

'It will appear in the future.'

Two of the fireballs had formed children's faces.

They were twice as big as the other spirits. There was certainly no comparison.

-Give me a name.

-I would love to have a name.

The two fireballs spun in the air. Their attitudes seemed desperate.

'Does it originally take so long to give them names?'

I tilted my head to the side.

This was the process of naming for a spirit. It took a very long time after the spirits were born to be given a name.


At any rate, I needed to name them.

"Rei, Sera."

The spirits starting to run around while saying their names.

-I like it. Rei!

-My name is Sera.


Shortly afterwards, the two fireballs blazed with an intense light.

-Names have been given to the spirits.

The lowest class 'Rei' and 'Sera' have risen one level.

They are the first spirits to be given names. They will have a larger growth than the other spirits.

-If a contract is signed, 'Rei' and 'Sera' will follow you more sincerely.

1,000pt will be paid.

After the short message, I noticed change in the two spirits.

After a while...the two spirits greeted me with changed appearances.

They looked like little children. Their size was still smaller than Yihi but they definitely had 'egos.'

"Rei, Sera. Let's make a contract."

The only thing left was to make a contract. They immediately responded without hesitation.


-Sera will do it.

"I will set the terms of the contract."

The spirits instinctively knew about contracts. It was like learning how to walk and run. Forming a contract was natural for them.

I couldn't help feeling tense.

However...their response was unexpected.

-If it is Father's will.

-I'm at your disposal.

I started frowning.

I heard an unimaginable word.


The spirits didn't have any parents. The higher ranked spirits just gave them names. The word 'Father' didn't fit with the nature of the spirits.

If there was one reason, it might be Ifrit. He was the fire in charge of 'dominance.' I devoured his magic power and gained his skill.

I tried to restore a calm expression. It wasn't bad, but I hadn't expected it. If the spirits followed me sincerely then my power would greatly increase. The contents of the contract could also be tailored to my taste, so it was like killing two birds with one stone.

"You should gain more experience with contracts. But...until you grow to a certain extent, you will need someone to light the way."

-Father's words are correct.

-I am still lacking. Please tell me.

Rei and Sera. The two spirits laughed and emitted warm fire.

"I will light the way. However, there is a limit to the basic contract. I will modify the contents of the contract."

I checked again just in case. Matters related to the contract needed to be confirmed several times. Especially if it was a one-sided modification.

It was normal to placate them...

-Father's words are right!

-Sera thinks so as well.

It seemed like not much work was needed.


It wasn't just a title, but an infinite faith in me. It was a blind faith I found difficult to understand. They believed in me from the moment they were born. Was the impact of 'domination' that big?

I took a deep breath and said.

"...This will be the contents of the contract."

I spent a while modifying the contents of the contract.

A double contract. I set conditions that would establish myself as the 'lord' and others as the 'wealth.'

No, I was greedy and went a little further.

My commands were absolute and I could terminate the contracts with other people.

-Father. Will you do it now?

-Then form a contract with Sera?

The spirits were fundamentally tied by the contract. I would now set off their fundamental instincts. Even so, there was no hesitation. It was a good idea to form a contract.

So far, the spirits looked completely different from the ones that I knew.

I nodded, causing Rei and Sera to immediately pull out the seal for the contract.

Small letters made of fire formed on the bodies of the spirits. The basic contract and the modifications I made were there.

-Randalph Brigsiel! My father. Will you sign a contract with Rei?

-Daddy. What about Sera?


It was an unfamiliar atmosphere.

It was similar to the time I made the contract with Yihi, but completely different as well.

I occasionally felt it with Chrisley but...I was currently being bombarded with these feelings from the spirits.

After I finished speaking, the letters on their bodies burned up. Then the Tree of Origin wrapped its branches around the two spirits.

-The low class spirits 'Rei' and 'Sera' have formed a contract with Randalph Brigsiel.

The Tree of Origin has blessed the two spirits. An Essence of Origin has been consumed in the aftermath.

-The low class spirits 'Rei' and 'Sera' have successfully evolved into intermediate spirits!

-Due to the blessing from the Essence of Origin, they have a chance to obtain a higher 'rank.'

-The spirits can communicate with the contractor for growth. Conversely, if the communication is weak then there isn't a high chance of growth.

10,000pt will be paid.

After they emerged from the branches, Rei and Sera were approximately 1.5 times larger. Compared to their development, the other fireballs still had a long way to go.

-Father. Please contract with the other children.

-Sera is also okay with this.

When I turned my head, almost 100,000 spirits were gathered around the Tree of Origin. They instinctively approached after feeling Rei and Sera make the contract.

'It is my job to name them.'

It was a strange problem.

Maybe that's why Yihi named them 'Fire-One, Fire-Two and Fire-Three.'

I worried over it. Anyway, the system messages stated that 'communication' played a role in the growth of the spirits. I guessed that they might disappear without this connection.

Of course, I couldn't memorize all of it but I needed to give them names.


It didn't take long to realize that this was the wrong choice.

By the time I finished all the contracts, three days had passed. Only 500 spirits reached low class and none were intermediate class like Rei and Sera.

I couldn't ignore the blessing from the Tree of Origin. They reached intermediate rank due to the Essence of Origin. However, that wasn't all.

They also got a chance to increase their 'rank.' In other words, they could qualify to become a spirit king eventually.

I would invest one or two more essences if I could.

'I also have the seeds that Kerpi handed me.'

The water spirit Kerpi.

I had forgotten about the stones that she gave me.

It had been buried in my memories due to the fire spirits.

'The prized seeds of the Water Spirit King...'

I pulled out the stones. There were exactly five of them.

Kerpi had mentioned the Water Spirit King when she handed it over to me. I hadn't heard the story of the Water Spirit King, but there had to be a reason for giving me the seeds.

I could feel a stronger vitality compared to the fire spirits.

'Was it due to my bag? There is no change.'

Due to being in my bag, they weren't affected by the fire magic power at all. I placed the five stones on the ground.

-Father. What is this?

-Did I look like that Father?

Ray and Sera led the rest of the spirits around me.

Their natures were opposite of each other.

Rei spoke carefully while Sera reminded me of an immature child.

Due to the clear difference in personality among them, the 100,000 spirits also divided into two groups. The phenomenon was surprising, but the competition also helped their growth.

There would be some side effects from the antagonistic nature. However, I was certain that benefits would also be demonstrated. But perhaps due to the nature of fire, more spirits were gathered towards Sera than Rei. The ratio was approximately 6:4.

"Water spirits dwell in these seeds."

I glanced at both of them to check their reaction.

Rei and Sera were unusual compared to other normal spirits. Water was opposite to fire so it was normal to hate them...

The two of them approached the stones without hesitation.

Their faces were filled with curiosity. No apparent dislike could be seen.

-These children will be the youngest.

-A younger sibling? Sera doesn't hate that.

-Father. I want to see them soon. Can I help?

-Come quickly. Play with me.

Their interest was great. The spirits were watching the stones more closely than I was.

'I don't have to do it alone.'

The fire spirits were derived from my magic power. Their magic power wasn't significantly different from mine so there would be a good effect if they helped.

"Sincere devotion...look after them well."

The words were filled with sincerity. They felt weird in my mouth. I felt awkward since it was my first time saying such things.

However, my message was communicated to Rei and Sera, who nodded.

-Leave it to me.

-Sera will do it.

In this case, my thoughts were right. They started to look after the water spirit seeds with gleaming eyes.

Three days later.

The stones cracked open like eggs and water spirits were born.

-Water spirits have been born under the care of numerous spirits.

Originally they would be destroyed due to the loss of harmony, but the magic power of 'Randalph Brigsiel' has finely balanced it.

The limits have increased significantly. They are fundamentally water spirits, but they contain a weak fire power.

The title 'Balanced Water Spirits (Epic)' has been acquired.