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Chapter 170: Spirits (3)

Chapter 170: Spirits (3)

One week later.

Exactly three weeks after I started, the spirits began to wake up.

Pyorong. Pyororong.

The fire spirits that just woke up didn't have a concrete form. After springing from the seeds, they looked like small fireballs.

-Great achievement! For the first time, a demon has succeeded in creating a spirit.

300,000pt will be paid.

900 achievement points will be added.

It wasn't easy to achieve the messages. I watched as one or two spirits woke up.

The born spirits flocked to me like they already knew me. They hovered around me like they were asking where they should go.

The tenth, hundredth, thousandth...the spirits started being born.

It took three more days for the last seed to wake up and I didn't budge from my position until it did.

Finally, the last spirit flew around me and another achievement appeared.

-Congratulations. Of the 100,000 seeds, you have succeeded in giving birth to 99,318.

-Incredible achievement! 1,986,360pt will be paid.

1,800 achievement points will be added.

The 'Spirit Communication' skill has been added. For a more detailed description of Spirit Communication, please check the status window.

I received a new skill called Spirit Communication. I immediately opened the status window to check the skill.

-Spirit Communication (Epic, Passive)

The spirits will react to each other. This is a privilege only given to those who have created numerous spirits.

* When the spirit evolves, compensation will be paid according to the 'rank.'

Lowest Class -> Low: 500pt

Low -> Intermediate: 5,000pt

Intermediate -> Advanced: 500,000pt, 500 achievement points

Advanced -> High Class: Residual stat point +1

** High Class -> Spirit King: The skill will change to 'Spirit King Communication.'

The skill wouldn't benefit me at the moment, but my expectations were very high. It wasn't limited to me. The skill was only epic ranked, but the benefits were worth it.

Of course, evolution wasn't easy.

But if it occurred quickly...the approximately 100,000 spirits would be my strength.

'There is definitely a limit by myself.'

Almost 100,000 spirits had been born. The contract itself wasn't a very big burden for me. From the moment the contract was signed, the spirits would eat my magic power. However, I had a sufficient amount after stepping into the realm of transcendence.

The problem was...

'The spirits need numerous contractors for faster growth.'

...That was it.

Spirits would evolve through many types of magic power and experience. There was a limit to what I could do alone. Special measures were needed to get them to a higher rank.

I touched my jaw.

'A contract with the spirits. The information related to it is widely spread through all the species. However...Earth's humans are ignorant about this point.'

Who said an equal contract was required? Regarding contracts, there was a difference between the person who knew about it and the person who didn't.

If I had to contract with someone, I could set up separate terms. Ignorant and desperate people would be forced to accept the terms.

'In short...I can make a double contract.'

I folded my arms and smiled coldly. I could make a contract where I was the 'lord' and they were the 'wealth.' Once the spirits grew, I would be able to use them completely and I would have a few more cards to use.

Touching someone's contract with a spirit was forbidden in the Spirit World, but Garrash had given me the seeds and it could mean the difference between life and death. Besides, this dungeon wasn't the Spirit World. The spirits born in my territory thought of me as their master.

It was purely up to me if I wanted to return the spirits to Garrash. He had no right to forcibly reclaim them.

My thoughts ended here.

Pyorong. Pyororong.

The atmosphere relaxed and the spirits started to circulate the space. It was similar to childcare so I had some concerns but...

'It will be fun to guess which spirit will evolve first.'

It felt like I was pushed into a corner.

Every time I moved, the 100,000 spirits moved with me. The scene was like a huge fireball. The creatures that saw me shrank back with wide eyes.

"This is a little annoying."

The third day. I couldn't help releasing a bitter sound.

I hadn't expected that they would move so closely next to me.

They only moved away for a few seconds. It was like they were insecure and afraid that I would disappear. The spirits were still mentally fragile and thought they would fade away if they looked away from me for a moment.

'I can't go outside the dungeon...'

I turned and stared at the spirits.

They starting moving more actively like they were happy I was looking at them.

It was good they were happy to see me, but I couldn't help worrying.

"Yihihi. Fire-One, Fire-Two and Fire-Three! Align left. Align right. Uhuh, your response is slow. Once again, align left, align right!"

Once I reached the top floor, I found Yihi near the Dungeon Core.

Yihi was training the three spirits she chose.

"Two and Three! Are you doing this on purpose? Don't you see how lazy your movements are? Once again, right, no, left, no, right! Yihihihihi!"

The three fireballs followed Yihi's instructions.

It was equivalent to hard labour, but Yihi just giggled happily.

'She managed to give birth to the spirits.'

I didn't understand, but Yihi was more innocent than good. Her definition of evil was small and she was just concerned with playing. It was also a type of warmth.

"This is fun, yihihi. The three brothers are following Yihi. Now, do it faster. Start!"


Yihi flew quickly in the air. She was followed by three fireballs. The fire spirits were still unfamiliar with flying but Yihi was merciless.


Yihi hit my chest while looking at the spirits following her.


Yihi rubbed her forehead and pouted.

"Aish, what the?"

"What are you doing?"


Yihi blinked her large eyes. She quickly cleared her thoughts and pointed at the fireballs following her.

"I am training them!"


"Yihi is teaching the children to fly~"

This was what she meant by training.

Although it was unreasonable to expect something...I turned and looked at Yihi's spirits.

'Their growth is very fast.'

They could already fly faster. Compared to the three of them, it was like my spirits were crawling. It was unexpected since Yihi birthed them in a similar time period.

"Yihi. Do you know anything about the growth of spirits?"

"Yihi doesn't know much. Well...ah! The Tree of Origin loves spirits. He told Yihi to move them like this."

"Tree of Origin."

I couldn't communicate with the Tree of Origin. But it became possible for Yihi after she was promoted to an Origin Fairy.

I needed to consider that the Tree of Origin had an effect on the growth of the spirits.

"Master. Do you want to use Yihi's training? Yihi is very capable ~ I can train you."

"There is no need."

I replied. Yihi was unlikely to be very helpful.


"Say hello to Chrisley. If there is progress then report it to me."

A showdown was being built up in Seoul, Korea. When the humans came to Seoul, they divided into the group that followed Roy and Rose and the group that didn't. I couldn't leave the solution to them, so Chrisley had been dispatched.

"Yep. Master."

I moved after Yihi's reply.

It was to see the Tree of Origin.

"Once again! Align left, align right! Roll around once! Good. Yihihihihi!"

The sound of Yihi's laughter rang through the dungeon.

There was no malice in it, but it was like a disaster for the three spirits.

The spirits moved more actively as I neared the Tree of Origin.

The branches and roots of the Tree of Origin shook, embracing the spirits.

'It looks good.'

They played well.

I climbed to the top of the Tree of Origin and watched them.

'Hopefully I can move further apart from them.'

I didn't look away from the spirits. They still didn't move far away, but it was better than usual.

At that moment, the spirits moved in unison and started looking for me.

-17 spirits are filled with anxiety. Please be careful. It is highly likely that a spirit without an ego properly formed will disappear from the anxiety.