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Chapter 168: Spirits (1)

Chapter 168: Spirits (1)


Although they were spirit seeds, that was an unreasonable number. Fairies and spirits were born a long time after being conceived. I asked for 100,000 while establishing a business relationship.

However, a small number was meaningless. Contracting to the lowest level spirits wouldn't be very helpful to me. A few things were possible, but it was highly unlikely.


'I can steer them from behind. The Korean humans will act as a breakwater in the dungeon...'

Roy and Rose had already become the centre of the Korean people. The girin was actively supporting me so I could move them from behind.

My dungeon would become safer if the Korean Awakened contracted with the spirits. They would act as a breakwater if I needed to leave again.

Of course, a contract with the spirits had strict standards. They had to sincerely crave strength. Their desperation as they followed me would touch the sky.

In addition...there might be achievements related to it.

I had many reasons for asking Garrash for the seeds.

There was no reason for him to refuse. The problem was how many seeds he would allow. It was an opportunity to recognize what he was willing to distribute.

I watched Garrash carefully as he slowly opened his mouth.

"That is an unusually large number. Won't it take a lot of time to raise 100,000 seeds?"

Garrash's point was correct, but the spirits would wake up quickly in the dungeon.

I said calmly.

"That won't be a problem."

Garrash gave a small smile.

"Okay. I will give them to you."

He surprisingly agreed. It didn't take that long.

"What do you want?"

"I want information. The Dark Spirit King. No...Adonis, what is the ultimate goal of the black frog?"

The black frog. It clearly showed how Garrash thought about Adonis. It wasn't strange, even if they were both kings.

'Is he asking because he really doesn't know?'

Apart from that, I frowned at his question.

Was Garrash asking because he really didn't know why the dark spirits attacked the fire and water spirits at the auction?

"Control of the Spirit World."

I threw a fastball. Garrash just hummed. He shook his head and declared.

"It is a primary goal. I wouldn't call it the ultimate one though. I wanted him to show me the 'system,' but he kept it a secret. Raising and lowering the rank, opening cracks, etc...the system is very unrealistic. I want to know what Adonis will ultimately do with that system."


I remembered hearing something similar.

After summoning the Cruel Commander Maxium, the seal around Earth was shaken and the fire and water spirits noticed the system.

Garrash seemed to have a lot of interest in the system.

'The dark spirits. In particular, Adonis is trying to use the system.'

I hadn't thought about it. The system applied to everyone involved in the game and couldn't be owned by anyone.

In my previous life, I never heard rumours about Adonis trying to use the system. be honest, it didn't make sense that Adonis would try to control the entire Spirit World in the first place.

The Spirit World was wide. The number of spirits was immeasurable and there were many types. There were at least twenty spirit kings discovered.

On the other hand, Adonis was alone. Even if he used the system to break the limit, would he be able to cope with the entire Spirit World alone? He had the help of the points from the Demon World Auction, but it was still unreasonable.

Unlike the demons, the spirits didn't pay much attention to their enemies. If the 'contract' benefited them then the spirits would work together.

So...what if he tried to truly unite them using the system? I never heard of Adonis associating with other spirits so it was truly strange.

'The dark spirits are always eager to find loopholes in the system.'

In particular, they looked for things related to the crack.

They had previously used a loophole to open a small crack to contact me.

What if it was possible for them to freely open and close the crack?

It would be possible to separate each element. An alliance between spirits would become impossible and they would be defeated.

It wasn't impossible to open a hole in the world with a crack.

In my previous life, Adonis had ruled the Spirit World like Ariel Diablo ruled the Demon World. I didn't know what happened after that...maybe Adonis and the Spirit World started a war with Ariel who became the devil.

Was it an assumption?

Even if it wasn't the same, he would have achieved it in a similar manner.

Now I realized that Adonis was acting in a more complex manner.

Ruling the Spirit World was just a primary goal.

"I suppose he wants to become an all-powerful god."


That was it.

Although I didn't know anything about gods, it wouldn't be a strange achievement for him. It was possible to become like a living god.

Adonis. He had quite a strong greed.

"You see it as well?"

Garrash's eyes flashed.

He continued.

"I am ignorant about the system and the game that all of you are playing. So I had to guess what Adonis' ultimate goal was."

He was now convinced.

Garrash's expression seemed like things had become more interesting now.

"As I said, I like looking at an underdog. It would be very exciting to see them show off their power while facing me. It isn't ripe yet...I will have to wait for him to break through."

In other words, he was waiting for Adonis to break through the limits.

I couldn't understand his way of thinking.

'He also isn't normal.'

Why would he allow an enemy to threaten him?

I couldn't understand it.

I would have struck the enemy before they became equal to me.

Yet he was deliberately allowing Adonis to grow.

No matter how I thought about it, Garrash really wasn't normal.

There was a moment of silence. In the end, Garrash said.

"Randalph Brigsiel. I will send the seeds through Jives. I had a good time. is sad news for Ifrit, but the ninth fire has entered the 'consciousness' to make his flames stronger. He will be asleep for the next three years."

"So a Great Fire Essence isn't complete?"

"The ninth fire was the last to manifest. At any can ask Ifrit the rest."

Ifrit was currently trapped by the Heart of the Hell Monarch. I was hesitant to take him out because I didn't know what would happen.

It wasn't important so there was no need to take risks.

"I am expecting the 100,000 seeds."

I turned around at these words. Garrash stared at my back and murmured.

"An interesting demon. I will watch your path."

I reflected on the meeting after returning to my dungeon.

'I don't have a good feeling.'

Garrash. He was strong. A strength that could match the heights of the grand dukes in my previous life. However, he wasn't fierce towards Adonis.

In the end, Garrash gave Adonis a chance to eat him.

'Adonis. By now, he should have broken through the limits using the Essence of Origin.'

Time was needed to break through the limit and fill up the potential. Based on Garrash's attitude, he would give Adonis that time. If Adonis started a full-fledged attack, would Garrash really be able to stop him?

'I just thought about becoming the devil.'

It definitely made sense. I would laugh as I became the devil. That was my dream and it hadn't changed.

I had never thought about what would happen after I became the devil. It was in the distant future so I hadn't prepared for it.

But now it was different. I had time to prepare as much as possible.

Adonis was likely to be a potential enemy. I already turned him against me to a certain extent through the contracts with the fire and water spirits...

'There is only one conclusion.'

My eyes shone.

I gripped Wrath and the Emperor's Sword.

'I have to become stronger than I am now.'

The shock from encountering Garrash was still fresh in my mind. I might be the strongest among the demons, but that might not always be the case.

It was just like the situation with Okullos.

So...I had to keep becoming stronger until there were no more enemies left.

Then I would have nothing to fear from Adonis and the Spirit World.

Garrash seemed to have acknowledge my strength.

In just three days, he sent 100,000 seeds through Jives.

Most of them were half burnt tree branches or leaves that had a weak vitality.

"Contractor. Don't treat these children badly. If they are raised properly and sent back to us then you will receive a huge reward."

Jives lectured me. It was a sign of his affection for the seeds.

"Is it necessary to return them?"

"The basics will be according to the contractor. However...think carefully when deciding. We have a lot of treasures. There are legendary things that the other spirit kings can't touch."

Garrash had been wearing remarkable items.

By the was a little surprising that there were legendary ranked items.

'He is trying to entice me.'

I knew the effect of legendary ranked items so I couldn't help being attracted.


"Well, I have passed you the seeds so I will go back now. I want to rest a little bit."

He was tired from constantly working in the last three days. I nodded and Jives returned to the Spirit World.

"Master. What is all this?"

Yihi was waiting for me.

I replied in a calm voice.

"Seeds of the spirits."

"Ah! That is why I can feel fire magic power. Wah! It is the first time I've seen so many seeds."

Yihi flew around the seeds.

After a while, she returned to my shoulders with an unknown smile.

"Yihihi. Master. Are you going to leave all of them in the dungeon?"

"I will make them manifest first."

"Then ~ can Yihi take some?"

I was nervous about what Yihi would do, but there were plenty of them.

"Take only three."

Just in case, I limited the number.

"Yihihihi! Then ~ can Yihi pick the seeds?"

I shrugged and said.

"Go ahead."


Yihi's laugh filled the dungeon.