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Chapter 166: Fire Spirit King (1)

Chapter 166: Fire Spirit King (1)

A skill that overpowered the opponent and made them follow me. The Power of Domination was indeed amazing. It really was a skill for me.

'The utilization is high.'

It was a great ability but there was a hidden option. Invalidating a territory proclamation! The meaning of this wasn't simple.

It meant the domain of angels or dungeons of other demons wouldn't be able to affect me. Some 'nobles' automatically had their own territory. Or it might be due to a skill...being able to invalidate a territory was worthwhile.


I gently patted my heart. Thanks to Lightning God, I could feel the trapped Ifrit.

'The Heart of the Hell Monarch and the Great Fire Essence.'

I was drawing closer to being able to challenge a god. The half body of Ifrit couldn't be compared.


"Yes, Master. Yihi is here~"

Yihi flapped her wings and flew over. She had been waiting nearby for my call.

Joy was overflowing from her huge eyes. Ever since I returned to the dungeon, Yihi hadn't wanted to leave my side.

"Call Maxium and Oswen."

"Yihihi! Yes!"

Yihi laughed and withdrew.

I turned my head and looked at the statue of ice near me.

A female dark elf was trapped in the ice.

High dark elf Shilla!

Her body was cursed so I wanted to ask Oswen and Maxium about this matter.

Yihi brought Maxium and Oswen after five minutes. Yihi was delighted at the thought that she had fulfilled my order.

"I called you here to ask about this statue."

"A very beautiful dark elf. That symbol on her forehead...high elf?"

Oswen answered first.

"That's right. She is Chrisley's mother."


Maxium and Oswen had been living in the dungeon so they knew who Chrisley was.

"She was cursed and died. I wanted to ask you about this curse. Does it feel familiar?"

"I don't know if I should say this but..."

"Maxium. Go ahead."

"It is similar to Your Majesty's temperament before you lost your memory. There are also differences. That is why I can't give a definite answer."

I nodded.

"That's right. It isn't the Shadow Emperor. Something with a similar temperament. But there is only one Shadow Emperor, and no one in the world can imitate him."

I could affirm that this wasn't true.

I was a being similar to the Shadow Emperor. I could imitate him.


Oswen clapped his hands.

He knew that I wasn't the real Hell Monarch.

The Hell Monarch who challenged God. Those who couldn't become a god...nothingness. I also knew that Contegonom had been summoned by Okullos. Similarly, the Hell Monarch might be able to be summoned.

If the real Hell Monarch returned from the nothingness, it wasn't strange that the magic power would be compared to the True Demonic Dragon Aojin.

Maxium didn't know this so he frowned.

"Your Majesty. Your Majesty is currently here. Therefore I know that you were never dragged into nothingness."

"If you can define nothingness, then it is no longer nothingness. So...I wanted to ask you who knew me well. This curse, how can we remove it?"

I was half-convinced. The Hell Monarch had been summoned from the nothingness. I'm glad he wasn't summoned to Earth but...I didn't know where he was.

If the Hell Monarch returned to the Demon World from nothingness, then there would be a change in the movements of the grand dukes. Maybe he would create an army with his power.

Therefore, I had to be prepared. I needed to be able to respond to the worst situation.

After a long period of thinking, Maxium responded.

"If Your Majesty truly did it then there is no way. However, one possible method is to create a 'harness' that will deflect the curse..."

"Isn't that magic specific to curses?"

"That's right, Your Majesty."

I stared at Oswen.

"Can you make it?"

Oswen shook his head.

"The materials are the problem. Making a harness that can deflect the matter how good my blacksmith skills are, there is a limit. I can imagine it but the legendary Orihalcum is required..."

Oswen had suffered under the Hell Monarch. He was well aware of the Hell Monarch's strength and had several ideas to defend himself. As expected, it seemed like he had some plans ready.

"I have it."

The only problem was the materials!

"You have Orihalcum?"

"I have enough to make a few weapons. Is it possible?"

I looked at Yihi who swiftly flew away. Yihi noticed what I wanted with just once glance.

She soon returned with a pile of Orihalcum.

Oswen's mouth widened as he saw it.

"...Did you gather all the Orihalcum in the world? I've only seen scrapings of it..."


"It is possible. That is plenty. I am unleashing my skills after a long time. Haha."

Oswen shrugged.

"Do you require anything else?"

"I need time to look at the curse before determining more materials. I will tell the fairy separately if I need anything. Isn't that right, Fairy-nim?"

Oswen winked at Yihi.

Yihi looked at him with a haughty expression.

"Yihi wants a new teacup."

"Of course, I have to make it for you."

"Do you know the honey containers? I would like that."

"Of course, I have to make a new one."

It seemed like some type of deal was completed. I wasn't too concerned about them talking in front of me. At this point, I could hand it over to them.

'Chrisley's turn will come later.'

The curse needed to be removed first before turning Shilla into an undead. If I prepared, I could survive even the worst situation.

'Hell Monarch.'

Shilla had been in this condition for a long time. I didn't know what to expect if the Hell Monarch had really come back from the nothingness.

How would the movements of the grand dukes change in response?

I watched Maxium with a firm expression.

"Maxium. I have something else for you to do."

The next day.

Maxium exited the dungeon with thousands of skeleton soldiers and the lich. They took an inconspicuous path and crossed the Pacific Ocean.

He emerged again in Chile, South America and immediately swept everything away.

"For His Majesty!"

The dungeon creatures or humans didn't matter. He killed everything in sight and caused confusion. The number of corpses rose rapidly.

South America was the same area as Grand Duke Upa's military headquarters.

But they couldn't properly control Maxium's emergence.

It was because most of his troops were preparing for a war against Ariel Diablo.

North America.

Las Vegas, United States.

There was a dungeon but it was a peaceful city due to no monster waves occurring in the last five years. People's daily routines didn't change much. Rather, they gathered together due to the damage other people in the world received.

The people were complacent, thinking that this routine wouldn't change. The United States was called a large resort.

In fact, monster waves rarely occurred from any dungeons in the United States.

At least...until today.

200 death knights. 500 dark warriors. Numerous ogres and cerberus. Other advanced creatures appeared from the dungeon.

And...Ariel Diablo was riding the high class ranked dark horse!

The moment she appeared, the noisy Las Vegas became silent.

"I am Ariel Diablo. I will wipe out humans and destroy the Earth."

A dazzling beauty. She had large horns on her forehead. The overwhelming atmosphere caused some people to lose their spirit.

The creatures suddenly disappeared, but her presence was truly outstanding.

Ariel was a grand duke and demon. She didn't care about the eyes of the humans. Rather, she was sick and tired of humans.

Ariel Diablo looked around and said coldly.

"Kill everything."


As the dark horse ran wild, Ariel Diablo raised her sword.


Dark stems flew out from her sword and penetrated the heads of the death knights and dark warriors.

It was the 'King's Blessing (Epic)' skill. At the same time, the dark magic power became stronger and the death knights and dark warriors were shrouded in a black fog.

The humans hadn't been completely unprepared for this situation.

There was always some Awakened waiting nearby. However, Ariel jumped down and struck the ground with her sword.

At that moment.


A blast that stretched out a few hundred metres from Ariel occurred.

The ground cracked and a huge storm occurred.

The elite Awakened couldn't withstand the aftermath. Many Awakened died without leaving any traces of their bodies behind.

In the midst of that, Ariel spoke with an expressionless look.

"It is time for your end, humans."