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Chapter 164: Ifrit (1)

Chapter 164: Ifrit (1)

I had three dungeons, including the one in Korea. I filled the two empty vacancies. Chrisley and Tashmal's abilities meant they would be good Dungeon Masters.

And I had one more thing to say to Tashmal.

"Do you recognize this?"

I presented something I bought from the auction to Tashmal.

Tashmal's eyes widened as she saw it.

"An angel egg? It is already blessed in the egg stage...oh my god, where did you obtain this?"

"The Demon World Auction. You can also go there next year."

"The dark spirits have touched the heavenly soul!"

Tashmal's body trembled. Although I could purchase the angel egg from the Achievements Store, the dark spirits had to steal it. I promised her that I would save the humans from the demons.

In fact, that was a promise I made to the gods when they returned me to the past. I didn't care what the conditions were, as long as I had the chance to return. It was a miracle. Still, I wasn't the type of person who would turn my back on a promise. So I gave the humans some opportunities.

Anyway...Tashmal willingly joined me, but the dark spirits were different. Tashmal knew a little bit about the Demon World Auction. She understood that the dark spirits sold items and creatures for their own benefit.

It was the same for the angel egg they sold.

Her anger was natural.

"Don't worry. This was the only one."

Tashmal's anger calmed down a little bit.

"This is a special egg that has the blessing of the Celestial Ruler. I know that the Celestial Ruler blesses the eggs that are designated as advanced angels."

She explained the item.

Hashmal, who was a Dominions Angel, had only been intermediate rank.

What capabilities would the advanced angels have?

"Tashmal. You will raise it."

"It is nonsense! It is a sacred egg that I have to return to the angels right now!"

Tashmal hastily refused. It was an honour just seeing an advanced angel. She was anxious just holding the egg.

But I laughed.

"To who? Aren't the angels now on earth? Do you think they will take the egg from our hands? They can't return to heaven. They are always being attacked by demons so it won't be safe."

I knew a little bit about an angel's physiology. Angels wouldn't accept an egg that had been touched by a demon and a fallen angel. It was the same even for a blessed egg. The situation also wasn't good for them.


Tashmal was silent.

I had struck a sore spot.

"The only safe place to raise it is Japan's dungeon. Do you understand? If not, this egg will just be neglected."

"...I understand. But don't expect much. I don't know if I can raise an angel whose status is above mine..."

Tashmal said with a bittersweet expression and turned around.

If she couldn't do it then nobody could. Most of my knowledge about angels came from her. Although she had fallen, her essence was still an angel.

'I have roughly 12 million points remaining.'

The appointment ceremony ended. It didn't matter if they acted separately. The important thing was their performance.

'I will wear this ring.'

It was the 'Conqueror's Ring' that I purchased from the auction. I looked at the explanation using Mind's Eye.

-Name - Conqueror's Ring (Epic, Set)

Description: A ring that only a conqueror can wear. It is a paired set and if the other ring is worn, a great power can be exerted.

* The 'dignified' effect will be proportional to the wearer's magic power. Significantly increases the recovery of magic power (+10% per conquered territory).

* It is only effective for those who own a 'territory.'

* The skill 'Final Impact (Ex Epic)' is available when worn with the Contempt of the Weak Ring.

There were no options that raised my stats. However, I noticed the set effect as well as the recovery of magic power.

There were many items that healed a wound or restored stamina, but those that recovered magic power were rare. It was a growth type item.

The recovery rate was ambiguous because there were no precise standards, but I could roughly guess. In my case, it would take five days to recover if all of my magic power was consumed. The Underground World and my dungeons increased the effect by 40%, meaning the recovery would be reduced to three days.

'There is no way to obtain the Contempt of the Weak Ring yet...'

This was the first time I saw the ring. I had no idea where the Contempt of the Weak Ring was. However, I was convinced that I could get it.

"Chrisley. I wonder how Roy is doing."

Roy. The small dark elf was left with the Awakened and the girin as they attacked Pandemonium's dungeon.

The raid should have taken place by now. I was curious.

"I will bring the crystal ball."

Chrisley nodded and left.

After a while, she brought a crystal ball that was the size of her body.

I poured magic power into it and could see Roy's surroundings.


One of the Awakened spat with disgust.

He looked terrible. He gritted his teeth and forced his tired legs to move.

"We were nearly there! The Dungeon Core was right in front of us!"

"I didn't think there would be reinforcements."

The dungeon capture was a failure. They were forced to retreat just before capturing it.

If it wasn't for the girin's barrier, they would have been wiped out.

"This will do for now. Serious damage was dealt to them. If we go home and rebuild our strength, there is some hope of eliminating them."

The girin in the form of a female spoke from the front. Although it was a failure, it was still a valuable experience. The suppressed Awakened had managed a counterattack. This experience would help them grow quickly.

"T-that's right..."

Next to her, Roy gave a small nod.

Roy also fought on the front lines. There were injuries on his body but he had a pretty reliable face.

The words from both of them reversed the atmosphere.

"Yes. Saviour-nim's child agreed."

"We need to raise our strength. Please help us."


The eyes of the Awakened lit up. They had been on the verge of capturing the Dungeon Core. It was a remarkable achievement for the Awakened. An unprecedented event. Their confidence climbed.

In the midst of the turmoil, the girin spoke to Roy.

"Child. Their willpower alone won't be enough. If your master goes out it will be easy, but since he isn't should go."


"I subtly suggested it to them. My 'girin' skill will bring out the temperament of a king in some of them. However, a suddenly created tower can collapse. A means of control is needed."

"Can't Girin-nim do it?"

"I am their guardian deity. My skills are based in belief. If I punish them, a king won't be born. Even if they were born, they would just be a tyrant."

Roy hesitated before saying.

"...I have to obtain Master's consent."

The girin laughed.

"He will agree."

I called Rose. Roy was alone in this situation. Rose would help him walk the path.

"Rose. Go to Roy and hand him this sword."

"Isn't this a really cool looking sword?"

"The Eselal Blade. It is a sword that will prove Roy's worth."

Rose's eyes shone.

"What about me, Master?"

Roy was given a sword so she wanted one as well.

"I will make you one. I was able to obtain a small amount of Orihalcum."

"Ah! I saw that in a book. It is a great metal. You are making a sword for Rose with it? Wah!"

Rose expressed her pleasure.


It was one of the things I bought at the Demon World Auction.

Orihalcum was the strongest iron and was called God's Metal. If it was refined and used to make a weapon, a masterpiece would be created. A skilled blacksmith was needed, but I had the dwarf king and Oswen. The combination should be enough to make something of the metal.

"I will send you the sword when it is finished. For now, join Roy and give him this sword."

"You are telling Rose to help Roy?"

"That's right."

"Well, Roy can be insecure when he is alone. Rose will keep an eye on him."

Rose casually held the sword that was bigger than her body. She carried the sword and headed to M3.

"I will go straight away~"

Rose sat on M3's shoulder and they started to move quickly.


The post-processing of the auction goods was almost over. The other items needed time so I only had one thing left.

'The Great Fire Essence.'

The Great Fire Essence had come to the dungeon in a cage. I climbed to the top floor and watched it for a while.

Everybody else saw fire, but I could see a two-legged dragon. It looked like a 'dragon man.'

Fire lit up his spine and gave him a sharp impression.

'What are you?'

It was something I had been wondering. I had felt a strange pull to him since the first time I saw him. He felt familiar to me.

Now it was time to check.

I would resolve my curiosity before returning him to the fire spirits.


I unlocked the iron cage. The door was opened...


He rushed towards me.