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Chapter 163: Demon World Auction (12)

Chapter 163: Demon World Auction (12)

I went through the crack and returned to my dungeon.

The familiar top floor could be seen.

Luxurious desks and chairs were set up with sweetened honey water and cookies.

"Master, you've come back."

For some reason, Yihi welcomed me with a mild-mannered appearance.

She was wearing a maid's outfit that didn't really suit her.

"Are you tired? Please sit down. Yihi has prepared honey water and sweets."

"This is different."

I didn't know where this came from.

Yihi had never been like this.

Yihi clenched her fists.

"Yihi is no longer the Yihi of the past. Yihi will do her best to be Master's faithful fairy in the future."

I didn't know how long it would last, but it wasn't a bad phenomenon. I couldn't hate someone who was working hard.

I sat down and enjoyed the honey water. Chrisley naturally sat opposite me.

"Master. What did you buy this time? Yihi wants to look at it. Something like the king bee wouldn't be too bad."

That reminded me, I hadn't seen the king bees following behind Yihi for a while.


It seemed like some had died during the attack while I was away.

I hadn't thought about it at all. The king bees hadn't come out.

Yihi flew around me with the honey water and cookies. She didn't spare any effort and directly fed them into my mouth.

Her face was filled with expectations.

It seemed like she believed I had bought a king bee.


After a while, a crack appeared in the surrounding space.

The auction goods had started to arrive.

"Yihihi. I wonder what will come out."

Yihi flew to the crack and muttered. Yihi used to act like this at the end of every auction. It had been a long time since I'd seen this scene.

I stood up with my hands clasped behind my back. Chrisley stood close by like she was going to protect me.

Soon the first auction item appeared.


A massive, mountain-like creature.


It emerged first from the crack and almost reached the ceiling.

Yihi freaked out and retreated. Her body trembled with fear.

The eighteen eyes looked at Yihi.

"Y-Yihi isn't tasty..."

Yihi quickly retreated behind me. She peeked over my shoulder.



The nine heads.

Its condition wasn't normal but it didn't attack. It wasn't perfect but the contract was invoked.

"I am your master."

I walked up to it and lightly raised my hand.

At the same time, I opened my magic power to make sure it knew I was its 'owner.'


There was a spark of arrogance after I opened my magic power. The hydra stepped forward, causing a huge impact.

But I didn't move. It stared straight into my eyes and seemed like it would step on me.


"Dungeon Master!"

Yihi and Chrisley cried out, but I just raised my hand.

This was a fight between the hydra and I. A third party intervention wasn't good.

Soon a massive foot moved and came down towards my head.

I just stared into its eyes.

I was prepared for the damage from the blow.

It was an urgent situation.

Chrisley couldn't bear it anymore and pulled out her wand. However, the hydra's foot stopped moving.


The hydra snorted and took one step back. It was restless and bewildered.

But everything was decided with this one act.

"You will be a great sword to kill my enemies."

I said with a smile.

No matter how great the hydra was, I was the master and it was under my control.

Next, I decided to appoint the Dungeon Masters.

I obtained this privilege after becoming a grand duke.

In the meantime, the other dungeons hadn't been operating that efficiently. There was only one of me so I couldn't see the situation of the dungeons in real time.

But now it was different.

Those appointed as Dungeon Masters would have the proper permissions to make changes.

A fairy alone had limitations so it was better to take care of it quickly.

"Chrisley. Take this."

"This item purchased at the auction?"

'Mindset of a Puppeteer.' It was a skill book suitable for Chrisley to create and manipulate the undead.

"I will leave the dungeon in China to you. This item is a gift from me. Now you will fulfill the duties of a Dungeon Master."

"I...a Dungeon Master?"

Chrisley opened her eyes wide with disbelief.

"You are qualified enough."

The method of appointing a Dungeon Master was simple. I had to acknowledge them and give them something as a token.

The effect was activated after Chrisley received Mindset of a Puppeteer.

-The dark elf 'Chrisley' has been appointed as the 'Dungeon Master.'

Her loyalty is very high. Status - Blind devotion

Under the patronage of Grand Duke Randalph Brigsiel, she will destroy his enemies from the forefront.

She was under my control so I could see her status.

But I didn't only have the China dungeon. There was also the one in Japan.


"Are you leaving the dungeon to me?"

She asked as her six black wings flapped.

"You will take Japan's dungeon. Raise the angels and forces there. It is a great place to build up power."

Tashmal was calm as she received Gajuneok's Echo.

Depending on the magic power, it was a harp that could give off a strong melody. In particular, the effects of angels and saints would rise significantly. Despite her corruption, Tashmal would be able to use it effectively.

"I won't refuse."

Tashmal coolly accepted Gajuneok's Echo.

-The fallen angel 'Tashmal' has been appointed as the 'Dungeon Master.'

Her loyalty isn't bad. Status - You are an enemy of her enemy, good feelings.

She won't hesitate to exert herself for the Grand Duke Randalph Brigsiel.