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Chapter 162: Demon World Auction (11)

Chapter 162: Demon World Auction (11)

-Name: Shilla

Uniqueness: She is dead. She has an unknown 'cursed' status.

** An unknown strength is accumulating inside her heart.

No titles or stats could be seen. This was because she was dead. A status window would be useless unless she was revived as an undead.

However, there was a hidden option. An unknown strength inside her heart. I couldn't feel or see it with the naked eye. The dark spirits weren't aware of my transcendental state so they likely couldn't notice it either.

At any rate, the strength inside the heart was the only clue. I wondered what that power was and what changes would occur if I unlocked it.

"Starting at five million points."

Dubolong said with a laugh. The starting bid was similar to that of the hydra. It was expensive but worth it when looking at the high dark elf Shilla.

"Five million."

"Grand Duke Pandemonium-nim! As expected, you can appreciate its worth."

"Six million."

"Grand Duke Upa-nim! I hope you win this time."

Ariel didn't participate. She had no interest in making undead. It was the body of a high dark elf but it seemed like she showed no desire to participate in the auction of this item.

Upa and Pandemonium growled as they looked at each other. Both of them specialized in the undead. It was obvious that there would be competition over such a material.

"Seven million."

"He is finally pushing out his points! Grand Duke Pandemonium has called seven million!"

I didn't know about Pandemonium. Upa had a little bit more than 10 million points.

His points were revealed thanks to the hydra. Even so, he was confident enough to pick the fight.

When the grand dukes fought over an important item, the winner would be delighted while the loser would be red-faced. Points were a type of 'power' so it showed that they were lacking.

Upa and his faction mainly participated in the auction when it came to strong creatures. It was evidence that he was elevating his strength. Shilla's corpse was perfect for that purpose.

Pandemonium didn't pay attention to that fact. His face showed his confidence in winning.

"Eight million."

"Nine million."

Upa called eight million and Pandemonium raised the bid before Dubolong could even talk.

Upa frowned fiercely.

"A close match! My body is trembling. This is possible due to the value of a high dark elf corpse. From the perspective of the host, I am grateful that something so good is being treated well. Grand Duke Pandemonium has bid nine million points. Any more bids?"

Dubolong was trying to maintain the atmosphere.

I stopped for a moment to ponder. Indeed, Shilla's body was worth more than the hydra. In fact, the skill of the creator was very important when it came to the undead. It wasn't guaranteed to get a decent piece of work based on the materials.

In relation to the creation of undead, it was true that Upa was ahead of Pandemonium. If it was made by Upa then a high class 3Lv creature might be born.

Pandemonium's mouth curled upwards. It was the expression of a winner. He was convinced he had won.

He was caught off guard at this moment...

I opened my mouth.

"10 million."

I couldn't fall down in this fight.

I finally bought Shilla's body for 12 million points. The problem was whether Chrisley was willing to revive Shilla as an undead. Of all my subordinates, Chrisley was the one most familiar with making undead.

She would do what the Dungeon Master told her to. However, it was unclear if the work would be carried out with sincerity. The mother who gave birth to her. Although Chrisley had no memories of her mother, she was likely to feel complex emotions.

It was called revival, but an undead was no different to making a doll that could be commanded. Depending on the degree of damage to the body, memories might be lost. Or there could be a different personality and she might not even remember she was Shilla.

'She still has to do it.'

Chrisley's expression was dark. She was sitting patiently in her spot. a clever woman, she already noticed what I wanted.

"Now I will introduce the next item that I am proud of. It is Puragamo's Flute!"

I turned my attention back to the front. Anyway, I wouldn't receive all the items until after the auction was over. It was time to concentrate on the auction.

I bought the 'Conqueror's Ring', 'Mindset of a Puppeteer', 'Gajuneok's Echo' and 'Eselal's Blade.' It was the middle of the auction and I had already bought six things.

I had approximately 25 million points remaining. There was still room to spare.

The points used had already exceeded 100 million so other demons had used a lot of their points.

'This might not be over.'

I continued to watch the auction. It wouldn't be bad if I settled on these six items. I could invest the remaining points in my dungeon and the leftovers would be used in next year's auction.

However, my expectations would stay until the end.

The dark spirits had driven up the points in the individual auctions. Many of the auction items were large so I was expecting special measures to be used.

If might not end with the hydra and Shilla's body.

I was sure there was something else prepared.

I watched carefully as the auction progressed. Finally, an item that met my expectations appeared as the 54th item.

"Please pay attention. I am sure that all of you will be surprised by the following item. angel egg. It isn't an ordinary egg, but one that has been designated at the level of an archangel. Maybe even more...well, the explanation ends here. You will have to judge it for yourself."

An angel egg appeared as Dubolong's words ended! It was similar to the appearance I knew, but it had a stronger holy power.

'The one that will emerge won't be weak.'

I smirked. It was an angel egg. The level was higher than what I had seen before. I didn't know where it came from, but it was likely that the dark spirits stole it.

I was able to purchase normal eggs from the Achievements Store. But this angel egg was more peculiar and had excellent holy power. I stared at it.

The angel egg had never appeared at the auctions in my previous life. At that time, the dark spirits had steadily increased their strength and had no need for adventures. The fact that an angel egg emerged showed their urgency.

"Aren't you curious? Don't you have the urge to challenge it? Originally angel eggs are kept deep inside heaven. A place where only a few selected angels can enter! For many of the guests here, it will be your first time seeing an angel egg..."

Angels and demons had an antagonistic relationship. It was natural to have never seen an egg before. It was just an endless repetition of killing. angel egg emerged. It was also an egg with a very strong holy power. If they could breed an angel above the level of an archangel...the demons hadn't imagined it before.

That imagination could now be turned into reality. In addition, it was ideal for getting rid of other angels that were the demons' natural enemies.

Dubolong stimulated their desire to buy it.

"It is a very special item but I will start at a low price. Any guests can participate...for only 100,000 points."

Their desire started brimming over.

An angel egg came out and stimulated the buyers, so the atmosphere became very heated after that.

There were good quality items or mysterious ones that stimulated the curiosity of the demons.

I ended up taking 10 items, including the angel egg. When including the Great Fire Essence, Hyacinth's Bow and other small items from the individual auctions, I ended up with 15 goods.

So...the auction ended.

"Chrisley. Let's go back."

The auction was over and there was nothing more to see here. I needed to go back and organize my purchases.

As expected, the harvest would raise my power.

'I hadn't expected much.'

I was already in the realm of transcendence. I had concluded that I wouldn't raise my overall power that much in the Demon World Auction. But the other elemental spirits appeared so the dark spirits put in a greater effort.

It wasn't urgent but...thanks to that, the range of what I could do had increased.


Chrisley responded calmly from behind me.

As I left the auction house, Ariel Diablo blocked my path.

"What do you want?"

I asked.

Ariel smirked and responded.

"Randalph Brigsiel. I will start moving."

Moving? Did that mean she had been still until now?

I didn't know why she was telling me this, but Ariel said one final thing.

"Amuse me to the end, you who have entered the realm of transcendence."

They were crucial words.


She had noticed.

Right. Ariel Diablo's eyes seemed to be the best. I hadn't revealed my transcendence, but Ariel had spoken in a confident tone.

Her words about 'moving' could be interpreted in many ways. Furthermore, Ariel had been unchallenged so far. If she moved, I didn't know what direction this war would go in.

Upa's power had been cut, Pandemonium absorbed Okullos' faction but Ariel had been untouched so far. Despite Pandemonium absorbing Okullos' remaining forces, he wasn't comparable to Ariel who had been accumulating her strength.

'I have to prepare properly.'

I couldn't overlook her.

Ariel moving in earnest. I needed to prepare countermeasures.

There would only be one winner in the end. Everyone around me were enemies. This rule was absolute.

I couldn't be too relaxed. Despite entering the realm of transcendence...

'War isn't fought alone.'

The path forward seemed vaguely blurred.

"My Dungeon Master. Are you sure we should go back right away?"

"Is there anything left to do?"

Chrisley shook her head.

"I noticed that the auctioneer wanted to have a separate meeting..."

"Dubolong speaks too much. That guy doesn't need to concern you."

I noticed his sly glances after the auction ended. He wanted to meet with me separately, but it didn't seem to be about anything good. It was better to just ignore him.

He would either ask about the days I disappeared, or my relationship with the fire and water spirits.

I quickly left, with Chrisley following behind me quietly.