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Chapter 160: Demon World Auction (9)

Chapter 160: Demon World Auction (9)

Two hours after the individual auctions were over.

The main auction began. The interior of the castle was quieter than usual so it seemed like a large number of dark spirits had left.

'Jives. Kerpi. I hope you don't disappoint me.'

If they couldn't escape the dark spirits then I was stupid to spend 15 million on a contract with them. If my eyes were correct, they would be able to leave without difficulty.

"My Dungeon Master. Sit here."

Chrisley guided me towards a seat.

Ariel, who had been stuck to me like gum, finally moved to the 2nd floor.

"Chrisley. Have you been paying attention?"

"Yes. I remember the faces of those who will become Master's enemies."

'"What do you think?"

"One thing is for certain..."

Chrisley turned and looked at the 2nd floor.

"I am stronger than the majority of demons gathered here."

It was exactly what I saw. Chrisley had objectively judged how strong she was.

Everybody in the area could hear it. It was a type of taunt.

"That dark elf feels no fear."


They remembered her. Chrisley was the dark elf bought along with Krasla in the first year.

But they didn't come forward directly.

I couldn't tell whether it was because of the spirits, Ariel Diablo or my new status, but I could feel many eyes watching me.

In addition, Chrisley had blatantly opened her magic power. I didn't try to restrain her attitude.

Her growth was amazing compared to the first time I saw her.

The people who wanted to buy Krasla and Chrisley felt a pain in their stomachs. Their expressions were rotten.


I looked at the front and Dubolong soon appeared through the curtain.

"Hello once again. I, Dubolong will be overseeing part two of this auction. It is less humid because there are no fire and water spirits."

Dubolong sent me a slight glance like he was joking.

I stared at him with an intense, expressionless face.

Dubolong feigned ignorance and continued talking.

"Did you enjoy the time off? Now, I will introduce the first one. This is the real thing! An unmatched creature! The king of serpents with nine heads...the hydra."

My gaze became stronger at those words.

Hydra. Did the dark spirits really catch it? Hadn't it only been five years?

The very first item was absolutely unbelievable.


"It is the first time I've heard that name."

However, the demons had different attitudes. I would have been unfamiliar with the name if it wasn't for my past experience.

A mythical creature that appeared in ancient literature.

Originally it had been sealed. The dark spirits were the ones who woke it up. But the timing was too early. It was only the fifth year so the demons would find it very difficult to deal with.

No, in the first place...the dark spirits needed the approval of the high class creatures to form a contract. I was skeptical about how they could form nine different contracts. They shouldn't have accumulated enough knowledge yet.

'Did they make some progress? It is because of Mago?'

It was possible. Mago was unstable due to the contract and often ran wild. She destroyed everything around her until she was tired.

If the knowledge of the hydra from my memories was correct, the only demons who could handle it were the grand dukes. It would overwhelm those who lacked the ability.

"Achacha! Thanks to its size, it can't enter the auction house so I beg for your understanding. Instead, I'll show you through the crystal ball."

Soon workers appeared with a huge crystal ball.

The crystal ball showed an image of the creature that was supposed to be the hydra. But it wasn't just the hydra.

The hydra was a creature with nine heads. Different types of breath attacks poured from each head. Thousands of orcs were being crushed by the hydra.

It trampled on them and caused devastation. Nothing could stop it.


Fire, water, lightning, poison, etc. poured out and slaughtered the orcs.

That wasn't even mentioning its size. It seemed like a moving mountain. It was rare to see something that size. It was completely larger than the advanced golems.

The demons instantly paid attention. It was an overwhelming sight and everyone forgot to swallow their saliva.

Dubolong smiled as he saw it.

"The 'Red Feather' is an orc tribe. They are in charge of an village on the outskirts of the Demon World and on par with an intermediate creature. In particular, the orc lord of the Red Feather tribe is two levels higher than a normal lord. But...look."

The crystal ball showed the next scene.

The orc lord appeared! He was twice as big as a normal lord and started to wield a greatsword.

He didn't avoid a breath attack that hit it and was barely damaged. Instead...

"The orc lord is holding a magic sword. It is an 'Eselal Blade' that absorbs magic power. Depending on the user's abilities, the options are amplified and it can be possible to reverse the breath. The sword will come out in this auction so please pay a lot of attention to it."

Dubolong's short description was over.

The video showing had already changed to the fight. The Eselal Blade appearing at the auction meant it was the hydra's victory.

After a few breath attacks, the orc lord reached the hydra. But the huge body of the hydra itself was a weapon. The ground shook and the orc lord stumbled.

However, he leapt without hesitation and cut off one of the hydra's heads. The orc lord was momentarily elated as the head fell to the ground.

Yet the cut off head was instant restored. Before he knew it, a breath was once again coming from its mouth.

It was a bizarre scene that made the demons feel greedy.

'The nine heads of the hydra needs to be destroyed at the same time in order to kill it.'

Or it would grow back in the blink of an eye. The orc lord didn't know how to cope. And...those who didn't know the method would never be able to kill the hydra.


The video ended here.

"How was it? Don't you feel greedy? Even the finest high class creature can't match the fury of the hydra."

That's right. The other creatures couldn't reach the hydra when it came to pure destructive power. Not only did it have a huge size, it could subject the enemy to nine different types of breath attacks.

Any demon would feel greedy.

If they had to buy one high class creature, it should be the hydra. This was true even if there was no information about it.

'The problem is.....'

I felt some insecurity about the contract.

If the hydra was really being sold then I would buy it.

Whether it would follow me or not was a separate matter. If the hydra didn't recognize its owner and attacked, not many demons could stop it.

Dubolong bowed his head humbly.

"I have just introduced the legendary creature! It will start at five million points."

No more words were necessary.