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Chapter 158: Demon World Auction (7)

Chapter 158: Demon World Auction (7)

-Impossible achievement! The recognition of a grand duke has been received for the first time!

The grand duke is an absolute existence. A number of demons have received recognition from them in the history of the Demon World. Now that the devil is gone, the grand dukes will recognize those who meet their standards.

The status window will change from Earl -> Grand Duke.

-It is now possible to appoint a 'Dungeon Master' for your empty dungeons. The Dungeon Master has the same rights as a demon and can participate in the Demon World Auction.

6,000,000pt will be paid.

5,000 achievement points will be added.

I formed a fist.

I wanted to hit them in the same place.

My dream was to become the devil. Now I was one step closer to that dream.

I was strong alone, but there was a big difference in being recognized by them. I was given 'legitimacy!'

"It seems like the system created by the devil has acknowledged you as a grand duke."

Ariel Diablo seemed genuinely happy.

She was satisfied that a strong opponent had emerged.


Then she sat down again.

I didn't know why she wanted to recognize me as an opponent, but I decided to ignore it for the moment.

"Host. Today is a happy day. But aren't we here for a reason?"

Dubolong regained his spirit.

"Ah...congratulations. Then...the auction will resume. Ariel Diablo-nim has called out six million points! Any more bids?"

"Seven million."

"Randalph Brigsiel-nim! Have you been collecting points for two years? How great."


I heard a brief sound as I called out seven million.

It seemed like Ariel didn't like it. Even though she was just smiling a moment ago, her mood had easily changed.

'I really can't tell.'

I inwardly shook my head.

Ariel Diablo was proving to be the most difficult grand duke to deal with.

Furthermore, I was amazed that she had six million points. Due to the above system messages, I was able to speculate that grand dukes received more points but it was still a great number.

An average of three million. What percentage of the total did Ariel have?

"Eight million!"

However, Ariel didn't stop there. The boy and girl statues on the ceiling weren't laughing.

Eight million...that was certainly quite a large sum.

'Did she determine the value of the Great Fire Essence?'

In fact, even I was dubious. I hadn't made a contract with the fire spirits so I didn't need to obtain the item.

Now I was sincerely thinking about it. Would I bid more or stop here...?

The fire spirits were well aware of how much seven million points was. In the first place, they never intended to buy anything with their 'rank.'

They showed their intentions. If the fire spirits approached me now then it would be really funny.

If they wanted it, they would either have to sell their own rank or sign a contract. There were no other methods. They couldn't eat freely without making any efforts.

If they clung to the idea that I would obtain the essence for them, then it was likely to just be a 'surface' alliance. I wanted to see the sincerity of the fire spirits.

I shrugged. I shook my head towards Jives.

The action was stating 'it is up to here.'

Of course, it wasn't actually the case. Ariel Diablo's eyes had seen something more than I could imagine. I also felt a sense of attraction to it. There were plenty of reasons to buy the Great Fire Essence.

Jives noticed the meaning of my look. It was followed by an earnest stare. He was asking 'can't you afford any more?'

Tsk! I clicked my tongue. I could but I wasn't going to just pour it all in. My expression hardened.

"Grand duke Ariel-nim has called out eight million points! Is there anyone else? Great Fire Essence is one of the nine fires of the fire spirits. It is unexpected that the fire spirits wouldn't make any bids...I will now count to five."

Dubolong sneered at the fire spirits.

The dismissive tone showed that the item would go to someone else if they continued to sit still.

Jives' frown became deeper. He had learned about Dubolong's plan due to me so he was angry at the dark spirits. His words weren't wrong so I became more impatient.

'What are you going to do, Jives?'

I took a leisurely stance. My crossed legs and raised chin showed a 'casualness' about the situation.

Jives was conflicted as he glanced between Dubolong and I. He only had two options.

Sell his rank or sign a contract!

"Five, four, three, two..."

Jives shouted just as Dubolong was about to say 'one.'

"Form a contract. I am the fire spirit Jives."

Dubolong's smile widened.

"It is worth more if Jives is the one signing the contract. But it should be more than eight million points. It will be difficult if there is no one in this room."

Dubolong sneaked a peek at Adonis.

Adonis was probably the one with the most points to spare. The Dark Spirit King. Head of the Demon World Auction. The points that had piled up in four years were significant.

The other grand dukes had a lot of points but it wasn't easy for Jives to ask them.

However, Jives pointed at me and said.

"Randalph Brigsiel. I will contract with you."

"...Certainly, he has shown a remarkable appearance at the auction. But the law states that consent is required from both parties. Randalph Brigsiel, do you agree to a contract with Jives?"

A contribution of eight million points. It was a large burden. The auction hadn't even started yet and a lot of points had already been consumed. I had to move carefully.

However, I inwardly smiled.

The fire spirit Jives! The contract with him wouldn't end simply. It was an opportunity to gain an opening with the fire spirits. In addition, I might be able to receive some unexplored achievements.

This wasn't a loss.

"I will contract."

-A contract has been formed with the high class fire spirit, Jives.

This contract is complete only when the 'user' purchases the 'Great Fire Essence.'

The right to use Jives will depend on the number of points spent on purchasing the 'Great Fire Essence.'

A message window came up at the same time.

In short, I could use Jives depending on the points I spent.

"So how many points would you like to call?"

Ariel Diablo bid eight million points. The proper amount for the following bid was nine million.

"15 million."

"...15 million, are you sure?"

Dubolong was shocked.

I nodded.

15 million points. It was almost double.

The reason was simple. The higher the price was, the stronger my contract with Jives became.

My plan was to overturn the plate. 15 million points was a worthy investment if I could reliably use the fire spirits.

Jives was a rank four medium fire spirit. He had other spirits moving under him.

"Grand duke Randalph-nim has bid 15 million points. Are there any more bids?"

There was no chance.

By the way, 'Grand duke Randalph-nim'...

'It feels good.'

I started laughing.

Although the situation was confusing since I suddenly became a grand duke, Dubolong had great skills as a host.

"Aren't you being greedy, Randalph Brigsiel?"

Ariel spoke sarcastically.

I didn't even turn my head. We weren't close enough to observe each other and there was no point in being honest.

No one spoke.

"Congratulations. Grand duke Randalph-nim has won the Great Fire Essence!"

Dubolong sneaked a peek at me. He was skeptical at first but now he was certain. I had a deal with the other spirits.

'He can't move without confirmation.'

Then this happened. I didn't violate any of the rules so he couldn't drive me out of the auction house. Even if they did have conclusive evidence to move, my points were too precious.


That was my purpose.

Jives looked at me and bowed humbly. It was his way of saying thanks.

'He can thank me later.'

I intended to thoroughly use him. That's why I had invest 15 million points. All that remained to be seen was if he could keep up with the gratitude.

Dubolong opened his mouth with a slightly tense expression.

"The next item to be the Essence of Origin."


I couldn't help smirking.


The time I had been waiting for had arrived.

Now it was time to retrieve some points.