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Chapter 157: Demon World Auction (6)

Chapter 157: Demon World Auction (6)


There was no way normal things would be sold through this route. It was in order to earn points...


There was an exquisite option hidden. Demons with general observation skills were forced to go fishing.

The starting price was cheap and items related to reproductive rate were rare.

"Marquis Hamatuam-nim!"


"Earl Ciel-nim!"


The price rose. But I wasn't caught by it.

After a few more bids, it came to a stop.

"It has been sold to Earl Pururum-nim for 300,000 points! Congratulations!"

I watched the process silently with arms folded.

The item wasn't good enough to use as a decoy. I just watched.

After that, a few more items appeared.

They were normal things with almost no problems. They weren't that good. The items were literally just any that were grabbed in order to be sold.

Angela's Pot, Power Shoes, etc, came out but I didn't lift my hand even once.

I wasn't waiting for such things.

The atmosphere finally changed as the 20th auction item appeared.

"The item being sold this time is great. Don't be surprised! The Great Fire Essence. An eternal flame! An item that will give absolute power of domination...! I will show it right now!"

A vein in Dubolong's neck pulsed as he swallowed.

The workers brought out a big cage.

It contained the Great Fire Essence.

"A great fire."

"A strange magic power..."

The demons started to get excited.

"Oh, one of our nine gods!"

"The strength is fading away but it is still burning!"

The fire spirits were also excited.

However, I couldn't participate in their actions.

'Is that a fire?'

They called it a fire.

The Great Fire Essence seemed completely different to my eyes.

'It looks like a two-legged dragon.'

The appearance seemed to be a cross between a dragon and a two-legged animal.

I used Mind's Eye. It was due to my curiosity about the dragon.

-Name - The Great Fire Essence (???)

Description: One of the nine fires. It burns forever and has the power of 'domination.'

The description was too short. The name was no different. But...that wasn't all. Mind's Eye couldn't see the rating which meant there was a seal or other reasons behind it.


The dragon opened its eyes.

At the same time.


I felt a burning pain in my stomach. It felt like something different was inside me.

I frowned as I stared at the dragon.

'Who are you?'

This was certainly the first time I saw it. I didn't know the dragon. Nevertheless, it felt somewhat familiar to me.


The fire essence snorted and grabbed the iron bars. Then fire soared from its body.

But that was all. They were burnt but the iron bars couldn't be removed. It pretended to be strong but was very weak.

"Our essence!"

"You...! Open that cage right now!"

The fire spirits rose from their seats like they were going to fight. Some of them were prepared to fight in the form of fireballs.

The high class spirits were filled with fury. They would burn the castle down without leaving any dust. The dark spirits weren't that powerful but they didn't react.

Dubolong responded like he had expected it to some extent.

"Please wait a moment. The dark spirits don't want any confusion in the auction house. This is an 'auction item' and it will be handed over to the final bidder. The spirits could use their 'rank' or a 'contract' to pay the price. For example..."

Dubolong sent a sly smile towards Jives.

The fire spirit Jives!

He stared at Dubolong with a menacing expression.

"In the case of the fire spirits, Jives is a rank 4 figure so it wouldn't be impossible for him to gain millions of points. Or you can procure those points through a contract with someone here."

That person could be a dark spirit or a demon. But Dubolong was very confident.

If they formed a contract, they were highly likely to do it with the dark spirits. The spirits were likely to use a 'contract.'

Dubolong thought they would never make an agreement with the demons here.

"So please buy it! This is the auction house! There are items great to look at, powerful creatures, etc. This is a place to buy and sell everything! Those with more points will buy better goods, and those who don't will end up losing. We provide equal opportunities for everyone!"

Dubolong finished his short speech. So far, they had just been listening. The gap between each person wasn't equal but no one deliberately challenged him.

They had already agreed by entering this place.

No two demons were the same and the spirits required contracts. They heard in advance how much points they could get through their 'rank' or a 'contract.'

"We will proceed with the auction again. The Great Fire Essence! One of the nine fire gods with the power of 'domination.' There are many parts that haven't been revealed yet. Starting at...five million points!"

The demons had an average of three million points. That fact that it was so high meant they didn't want to sell it to demons at all.

It was for the fire spirits.

'Do you want to buy it? Then this is the price. Or contract with us.'

Either way, it would benefit the dark spirits.

The power of the spirits would be reduced or they would enter into contracts that could set up several strategies.

Dubolong and Adonis had satisfied smiles on their faces.

They were saying 'you can't buy it.'

"Five million points."

"It came out! Five million points. Randalph Brigsiel-nim..."

His voice trailed off. He stared at me. I knew that he was slightly frowning. I had touched a nerve since my appearance with the other spirits.


'Dubolong. There are no eternal allies.'

From the beginning, I had worked for my own benefits.

The deal with Dubolong to preview auction items in advance was beneficial. I also had something to gain from the fire and water spirits.

I didn't think of it as betrayal.

A game for the final winner.

My past experience showed that there were no eternal enemies or friends. It all changed depending on the situation.

Besides...I also had a personal interest.

'I want to know your true identity.'

The others just called it fire.

But for me, it had an entirely different meaning.

I felt something from the moment I saw the dragon. Something inside me was telling me to catch it.

"Five million points. Is there any more?"

"Six million."

"...Ariel Diablo-nim!"

Once again, the spirits didn't participate. Ariel Diablo. The grand duke was also eyeing the fire essence. It was a bold choice.

However, that wasn't her only unconventional action.


She sat on my side on the 2nd floor.

The demons in her faction were looking at her with astonishment. They alternated between staring at Ariel and I.

Upa and Pandemonium were sneering. But they weren't laughing. They had guarded expressions.

They didn't know why I appeared...but I was a completely different person from the past.

In particular, Pandemonium felt like he was sitting on a thorny cushion.

He was aware that I had killed Okullos. There was no other person who could do it except for me. But while I was gone, Pandemonium attacked my dungeon.

It was like a declaration of war. After penetrating to the centre of my dungeon, he was an 'enemy' that I could never ally with.

A force he couldn't know...

The grand dukes knew each other after fighting for hundreds of years, but I was different.

If I angrily joined with Upa or Ariel then Pandemonium was in for a tough fight. His actions had come back to bite him in the feet.

'What is she doing?'

I was wondering about her actions.

Ariel was an unpredictable grand duke. She was very fickle. l couldn't read any intentions for her to come to my side.

I believed that Ariel wouldn't budge. She shamelessly stared at me and spoke.

"Randalph. Randalph Brigsiel. How do you feel about sitting with me?"

"It is unpleasant."

"Haha! That's right. Me too. Randalph Brigsiel, you are really an unpleasant man."

I didn't know what to say. I turned and glanced at Dubolong. It was a sign telling him to proceed with the auction.

But Ariel spoke faster.

"I am the direct heir to the devil and one of the grand dukes of the Demon World. I came into my position at an early age and ruled. I've never had anything that hasn't gone my way. I've always had the privilege of walking a clean road."

I frowned.

"What do you want to say?"

Ariel smirked.

"You are different every time you appear at the Demon World Auction. There is a confident attitude towards everything. However, an invisible wall existed between you and the grand dukes. So everyone didn't think much of you. You might have realized it yourself. But...this time is different."

Ariel's eyes turned to me.

There was an unlimited 'curiosity' shining in her eyes.

"This time you crossed the wall. I congratulate you for crossing the wall and reaching this position."


Ariel rose from her seat.

She glanced around the 2nd floor.

"Okullos has died. We have fought against him for hundreds of years. However...his death wasn't related to us. Are you convinced by these results?"

She was asking Upa and Pandemonium.

She wanted them to admit that their enemy died in a way unrelated to them.

There was no answer but Upa and Pandemonium seemed uncomfortable. Everyone realized that I was the perpetrator.

"I acknowledge Randalph Brigsiel as the new fourth grand duke. He has enough to fight us and has come to this place through his own strength. The pioneer of a new path! We should pay homage to that pioneer."

Out of nowhere...

I was at a loss for words. It was natural. Ariel Diablo was fickle but gaining her recognition wasn't easy. She never admitted anyone as 'equal' to her. She was even scornful of the other grand dukes.

It was natural since only she could claim legitimacy.


Ariel turned her head back towards me.

"Randalph Brigsiel. From now on, you are my enemy. "

That's right. This moment would cause an irreversible hostile relationship between Ariel and I.

It had been a rule for hundreds of years that no grand dukes would ally with each other.

In other words, there was no one on my side.

"I admit it."


He admitted it as soon as he realized.

"Ariel! Pandemonium! Have you gone mad?"

Upa was the only one to argue.

But Ariel and Pandemonium stayed firm.

Even the system decided against Upa.