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Chapter 152: Demon World Auction (1)

 Chapter 152: Demon World Auction (1)

If my memory was clear, there was three months left until the 5th Demon World Auction. I skipped the 4th one due to the Underground World, so I needed to establish a strategy.

'The 3rd Demon World Auction is when it fully started.'

Mago appeared, causing the atmosphere to change.

I didn't know what came out in the 4th year. There was the titan but that wouldn't be all. There would be instruments of power that could reverse the situation.

It was different from my previous life. The speed was rapidly increasing. I had no recollection of such speed in my previous life. The demons who suffered in the 3rd and 4th Demon World Auctions were more likely to bid higher this year.

The angels appeared and Okullos had died. They started to sweep the land in earnest. All the hidden cards...

They were likely to be found at the Demon World Auction.

'The demons in Okullos' faction. I don't know what happened to them.'

Okullos was dead for sure. But I didn't know what happened to the demons in his faction. There was a chance they survived, but there would obviously be an impact.

And if they were alive...I couldn't rule out the possibility of them being absorbed into the other factions. I had to make plans with all that in mind.

'In many ways, this will be the basis for the 5th year.'

Drastic changes. There was no reason to be stuck in the dungeon. Those who progressed slowly would be eaten right away.

At this moment, Pandemonium was raising and killing Awakened. The collected points would be used to reinforce the dungeon as well as for the Demon World Auction. I didn't know what strategy Ariel and Upa had set up.

'There are certainly variables. If I don't want to be shaken by the variables, something unique is required.'

In fact, everything around me was a variable. Right now, I needed to remain low key and create my weapons.

'Points alone isn't enough.'

The time to use points to make my presence known was gone. Although I still held an enormous amount of points for an individual, it would be difficult to exert influence over the factions like before.

I needed something else. I had to make them nervous about my presence once again.

'I will make changes.'

I nodded. The answer itself was simple. If it wasn't what I desired then I would overturn the plate and try again.

The problem was actually overturning the plate.


I clicked my tongue.

If I could contact Dubolong then it wouldn't be difficult. Besides, the Spirit World thought I was dead. I needed to contact them at least once. Their permission was required to access the Demon World Auction.

However, getting to the Spirit World was another problem. There was no way I could get in contact with Dubolong here. If I wanted to go there...

'I have to open a crack.'

There were still many unclear parts about the cracks. There was no guarantee that the other side would be where I wanted to go. But I had the token that Dubolong gave me. The small stone was insufficient. I needed to open the crack in order to get the communication working. There was no need to cross the crack directly.

The crack was a type of circuit. It would allow me to open the line of communication with Dubolong.

At that time, a name popped into my head.


At that time, he had said. He made the Seven Sins and then threw them into a crack.

In order words, it meant he opened a crack himself.

It was the only clue. I immediately moved my feet.

'I have to see Oswen.'

I hoped he had the answer.

"A crack, you say?"

Oswen was making his arms in Gaparam's workshop. He originally had six arms but four were cut off. Therefore, he was making fake arms to replace them.

Gaparam and the dwarf king were nearby but I wasn't interested in them. I only looked at Oswen as I spoke.

"If you threw the Seven Sins into a crack then you must know how to open it."

"I know but...there is a risk. And I can't do it alone."

"What do you need?"

Oswen closed his eyes. He pondered for a moment before sighing.

"After forcefully opening a crack, it is possible that unknown things will pop out of it. For example, spirits from the Spirit World or...existences trapped in nothingness. There are many old existences stuck in the crack. They are very destructive and unreasonable."

"Do you think I won't be able to deal with them?"

Even if a transcendent presence came out, I was confident.

My resolve was firm. Oswen realized this. Oswen knew he wouldn't be able to discourage me and shook his head.

"Okay. However, materials are required. To create the device, I also need Gaparam's help."

"Tell me what you need. I'll get everything ready."

"First, lend me Wrath. I need to create a framework for the device."


I handed over Wrath without hesitation.

Oswen looked at me like he was a little surprised.

"You are just giving it without any questions?"

"It is something that you made in the first place."

"I don't remember how I created it. At any rate, Wrath isn't the only thing I need to borrow. That item called Thousand Wings is wonderful. It is perfect for storing massive amounts of magic power."

Thousand Wings was detachable. Once the supply of magic power to Thousand Wings was discontinued, it would fall off.

"Ah! The Paranormal Ring! That as well. The irregularity of the item is good for the crack."

"Anything else?"

"Your Majesty. Have I lied to you?"

It was unclear but Oswen still had knowledge in this field. It was dubious in my previous life but now I had 'strength.'

My subordinates meant I could move more efficiently.

"I will tell you the rest. Building the frame will take quite a bit of time...and the device is single use only. The consumption of other materials is beyond imagination. Do you really want to open the crack?"

He asked for confirmation. I nodded.

"Open it."

"Okay. Then...Gaparam, will you be my assistant for a while?"

Gaparam, who was watching from the side, opened his mouth with slight disbelief.

"Can you really open a crack?"

"How long have you lived? It seems like you have been living comfortably in the mountains for a long time. How could you not know? The dwarf king here is giving me a look of respect."

Indeed, the dwarf king was looking at Oswen with infinite respect. He was paying more attention to Oswen then the Dungeon Master.

In contrast, Oswen was a little upset that Gaparam didn't know him. Despite being in different fields, artisans should know each other.

"I admit that you seem knowledgeable and fairly dexterous."

"Tsk tsk. Wait and see. I'll push your haughty nose down properly."

There was a strange war of nerves.

I interrupted them.

"What is the estimated time for completion?"

"At least a month."

"Report the progress to Yihi. Tell Yihi if you need anything."

"I understand."

Oswen agreed.

There was a way to open the crack.

It would take time so I had separate tasks to do.

-A remarkable achievement! For the first time, 10 'lizardmen villages' have been created.

200,000pt will be given.

300 achievement points will be added.

-Great achievement! For the first time, the number of angels has increased through breeding.

400,000pt will be given.

500 achievement points will be added.

-Huge accomplishment!

The 'Origin Seed' has been collected for the first time. However, seeds from the Tree of Origin won't grow into the tree. Instead, a 'World Tree' can be germinated from the 'Origin Seed' under certain conditions.

1,000,000pt will be given.

1,000 achievement points will be added.


The best way to gain points was to have many achievements. In order to fulfil my 'plan,' I needed special achievements and special items.

I had the Origin Seed, Essence of Origin, Angel Tear and several other items that could only be bought from the Achievements Stores.

My points recovered to 30 million in just one month. This was after restoring the dungeon, building Gaparam's workshop, investing in research and opening the crack.

And...I finally received word from Oswen that the device was completed.

"I will return Wrath to you."

"Once the crack opens, Wrath and the device will act as strong transmission equipment."

At first glance, Oswen's device looked no different from Wrath. Of course, the magic power was completely different but the appearance was the same.

"The crack shouldn't be opened for a long time. Your Majesty is obviously strong but you might become overwhelmed if numerous beings emerge."

"It is only for a short time."

"I understand. Then I will open the crack."

In addition to recreating Wrath's outward appearance, there were a few more strange items. A compass, a grey Thousand Wings and Paranormal. They were the same but looked uglier. Oswen had made all of them.

Oswen put on Thousand Wings and the ring. He infused the power of Wrath into Thousand Wings.


At the same time, all types of magic power started flowing. There were flames, ice and occasionally harsh winds. It was chaos!

Light rushed and a dark passage appeared. The light was distorted by the passage.

'It seems that is how the crack will appear.'

I knew about it. It was similar to what I expected.

Soon the distorted passage disappeared and the crack replaced it.

"It is opened. Once the magic power is removed from Thousand Wings and the ring, the crack will disappear."

I placed my hand in the crack. My hand was holding the stone that Dubolong gave me.

It started to vibrate as I poured magic power into the stone.


I knew instinctively. The connection was made.

-No one should be able to contact me with this...who are you?

"Dubolong. It is me."

-Me? I don't know. How did you obtain this communication line?

Dubolong's voice was filled with intense doubts.

"Who else would communicate with this stone other than me?"

No. It was hard to imagine that Dubolong would give it to many people.

Dubolong's voice shook as he noticed it.

-Perhaps...! No, but, it can't be?

I said with a laugh.

"It has been a while."


Dubolong couldn't answer. I could tell that he was surprised.

I waited leisurely.

I couldn't afford to be idle due to the crack but I needed to seem 'free' to take control of the conversation with Dubolong.

-Y-you are really Randalph-nim?

"There is no other demon that would use that name."

-It is ridiculous. I checked and you were erased from the system...

"You can see that?"

It meant they would know when a demon died. I asked with confusion and Dubolong replied.

-Please just wait a moment. I will check. It won't take long.

"I'll be waiting. A guest happened to arrive."

I pulled back my hand. Once the crack was closed, it couldn't be reopened. Dubolong could open it separately, but it would take too long. There were only two months left until the Demon World Auction.

Since I had to keep the crack open until Dubolong returned, the delay meant an 'existence' inevitably passed through.

"Oh my god! An ancient corrupted spirit. It seems like it has been in the crack for a few thousand years! Should I close the crack now?"

Oswen was startled as he saw the existence.

Thick hands. A dark body. Two eyes could be seen in the darkness as it floated in the air. An ancient fallen should be an advanced creature. 10 such spirits appeared at once.

I shook my head.

"I will deal with it."

I pulled out my sword. I looked at the fallen spirits with Wrath and the Emperor's Sword in both hands.

"I can't move because I have to maintain the crack. Is it really okay?"

"I am enough."

The attribute of the spirits was darkness itself. I couldn't use Dark Sword and would have to deal a blow with Moonlight Falling. However...that was only if I followed the attribute. I was different from those creatures. My transcendental attacks ignored the attributes.

The crack couldn't be closed so I needed to take care of anything that emerged.


The fallen spirits penetrated through the darkness. It seemed like they were aggressive.

But I was faster.


I cut one apart. The spirit was split in two.

'It is a little annoying.'

The fallen spirits would able to replicate themselves.

'I need to slice them so they can't divide.'

Dark Sword made repairing injuries impossible, but dividing was another area. Anyway, I didn't think much about it. I would just attack them until they couldn't split anymore.

Starting with the ancient fallen spirits, contaminated gnomes and gastric golems appeared through the crack. Fortunately, existences similar to Contegonom didn't show up. After buying some time, Dubolong finally contacted me. are alive. I'm really surprised.

"I won't die."


The gastric golem was cut into two.

My dream was still valid. Sitting on the throne of the devil with a large smile! I wouldn't die until I achieved that dream. I was confident that I wouldn't die.

-The sounds around you are loud. Are you in a fight right now?

"It isn't a big deal."


I burned the remnants of the gastric golem with Pride's flames. Now everything became silent.

-Ohh, it is quiet now. By the way...I am wondering something. Can I hear the story of where you went?

"Unfortunately, there is no story to tell."

-This...I want to hear how to avoid the system's eyes. I will pay a price...

Dubolong said urgently. Loopholes in the system would be accompanied by enormous sacrifices. The dark spirits were eager to avoid the eyes of system.

However, the Underground World was already incorporated into the system. It wasn't a loss for me because I got a lot of rewards after connecting the Underground World to my dungeon, but it was a pity for Dubolong.

"Dubolong. Don't you know that there is a reason why I contacted you?"

-Hmm, yes. Randalph-nim's time is very precious. Was the reason why you contacted me separately due to the Demon World Auction?

A valid reasoning. It was true that I contacted him for access to the Demon World Auction.

But there was something else more important.

"I have an offer."


"Dubolong. Have you even thought about changing the auction method?"

I spoke bluntly.

Dragging things on wasn't in my nature.

Anyway, my side was holding the key.

-It never even popped into my head. Change the auction method?

Dubolong's voice trembled at the unexpected words. I didn't delay.

"Add more items to the auction. The items will be obtained from the demons."

-In other words, you want to be able to contribute auction items?

"That's right. The anonymity of the demons contributing to the auction should be guaranteed."

-That isn't possible. There isn't enough time and the Dark Spirit King can't just change the fixed rules.

Was that really the case?

He could change the rules to his own benefit.

"It will cause some excitement before the auction. Please note that I will put up the Essence of Origin for auction."

-The Essence of Origin...!

The Essence of Origin. It was an item that the Dark Spirit King desired. I had asked for the Seven Sins in exchange for it.

It was an item that would allow someone to break through the limit. Although breaking it once was very difficult, it wasn't very hard to find the next way to break the limit. That's why Adonis desired the Essence of Origin and the grand dukes hid the way they broke through the limits in my previous life.

Now I declared that I would put it up for auction. Dubolong was silent for a moment.

Dubolong couldn't come to a conclusion so he asked.

-Randalph-nim. I can guess what Randalph-nim is thinking. Can I ask you a question?

"You still don't understand?"

-Isn't that why I am asking?

Dubolong was confused.

We had a relationship so he speculated that I was going to hand over the Essence of Origin to Adonis.

But now the situation changed. I couldn't overturn the plate without any changes.

"Adonis. He will become a participant in the auction."

I spoke like it wasn't a big deal but it was an unprecedented proposal.

It would overturn the plate!

I intended to drag Adonis to the surface. He would no longer be able to watch from the position of a bystander!

-...Crazy. The Dark Spirit King is the head of the Demon World Auction.

"Are there any rules that he can't participate?"

-The issue of fairness...I can't decide for the Dark Spirit King.

"That isn't your problem."

The final decision would depend on Adonis in the end. No matter how much Dubolong said, Adonis would decide in the end. Dubolong was closest to Adonis but he was still just an advisor.

-What reason does Randalph-nim have to change the auction method and force the Dark Spirit King to participate?

"I will also benefit."

How would I benefit?

Adonis would be turned from a bystander into a participant. It would instill awareness in the demons that the Dark Spirit King had started to move.

I wanted the confusion caused by that.

The Dark Spirit King could be a doubled edged variable but he was only available for me.

In addition, I could acquire more points and purchase more auction items.

The demons in the other factions would covet the items I put up for auction. They were things that weren't available from the general store. It was because they were all from the Achievements Store.

-Hu! Okay. I will tell the Dark Spirit King. And...Randalph-nim's survival is very sudden so giving you the list of auction goods in advance will be tricky.

"It doesn't matter."

-I understand. I will ask the Dark Spirit King for permission. Then all the demons will be told of the change in auction method. Don't expect much.

"I'm looking forward to it."


The signal cut off.