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Chapter 151: Guardian Deity (5)

Chapter 151: Guardian Deity (5)

Chiik! Chiiiik!

Instead of borrowing its power, I poured Lightning God directly into Pride's flames. Lightning God seemed to hesitate for a moment but soon gave up.

The great power was then compressed to the size of a fist. The power was incomparable to before.

I threw it towards the barrier.

As soon as the compressed power hit the barrier, it sucked in everything around it like a black hole.

It was the same with the shield around the barrier.

Everything was absorbed into the sphere.

The girin's horn shone intensely but the recovery rate was slower than the breakdown rate. It would soon shatter.


At that moment, the voice of a woman resonated in my head.

I quickly realized that the girin was communicating with me.

-If this power escapes then all the humans out there will die!


She judged that it would be hard to fight against me and established the barrier. Now it seemed like she was worried about the people outside.

Wasn't she a divine being born from the origin of humans?

It seemed like she was capable of communicating. Things had become easier.

I wanted to know her true purpose.

"Do you want to protect them?"

-Evil one! Why do you want to kill all these innocent people?

"I don't know what you are talking about. You were the one who attacked first. I was just defending myself."


I spread my wings.

I laughed as I confronted the girin.

"They are vagrants. They lost their homes, their jobs and reached this place because of me. Didn't their origins reach out for you? Do you truly want their lives?"

No. Most of the humans followed me here in order to feel comfortable. They didn't want any more suffering. That's why they followed me while dreaming of 'heaven.'

They didn't care about their own lives.

They didn't know that their origins had been absorbed by the girin.

I turned my head and looked at the shaky humans.

"They don't care about that. Even if I am evil, they will follow me if it means revenge. If someone was willing to take them to paradise, they would follow people even more evil than me. You know the origin, yet you saw my essence and attacked."

I brought the humans here. They truly believed in me. That belief was also included in the origin.

-Then you are not evil?

Was she born crazy? She interpreted my words in a different way so I corrected her again.

"I am evil. More evil than anyone else. However, that evil doesn't apply to everyone. Only for those I acknowledge as my enemies. They are the target of my wickedness."

Humans were currently out of the question. Their level wasn't enough to even poke me in the teeth, let alone push me back. The girin seemed to finally understand.

-Then...okay, I admit it. So stop your act of breaking the barrier.

"I don't know how to reclaim the power once it has left. You take care of it."

I folded my arms and became a bystander. The girin that reached 30 metres in height turned her head with fright. And she concentrated on the barrier.

The barrier was lifted and the girin descended to the ground.

Her hostility towards me had disappeared but she looked quite tired.

The girin didn't stop moving until she arrived in front of the people.

The girin's whole body was covered in flames and she started to gradually transform.

Soon a naked woman appeared where the girin was.

The dream-like woman had burning red hair. Apart from the horn on her forehead, she looked no different from humans.

But the humans were stunned by her appearance.

"My name is Rin. I came here due to your origins."


The people swallowed their saliva. Everyone was focused on the woman.

She wasn't just beautiful. There was an unapproachable atmosphere around her.

"However, I can't take you to heaven. It is possible to make a similar 'dream', but it is just a mere illusion. Do you want it?"

There was silence. They had imagined it numerous times. They were hoping it would be turned into a reality.

Rin continued.

"I'm not sure. But I feel extremely unpleasant towards those who bullied you. They trampled on this land and took away your precious things. I will punish them."


Her horn shone once again.

Flames spread and were absorbed by thousands of people.

After this was done, she said.

"And...the person who will end the confusion will appear here. He or she will become the real defender of this country."

I watched closely. The girin had planted embers in the humans. I wasn't sure what type of fire it was but it was probably the Girin (Epic) skill.

The embers would manifest once they experienced a certain occasion. In addition, there would eventually be a leader. Among the tens of thousands of people gathered here, a true leader would appear to lead them.

The faces of the humans were red.

They instinctively recognized the girin and what she was doing. Maybe the girin was manipulating the humans with images.

Anyway, I did everything I needed to do.

'I passed on the message.'

It happened while inside the imagination barrier.

I told the girin the true enemy who was trampling on humans.

I remembered the conversation that just occurred.

"Pandemonium. His servants are stepping on this land. They caused devastation. He is a demon, but unlike me, he wants the destruction of this world. The choice is yours. Will you continue being hostile against me or will you help the humans against Pandemonium and the other demons?"

"Does that mean you don't want his destruction?"

"I am a demon. I won't get revenge for the humans. So I summoned you."

"It will be tough if Pandemonium is at a similar level to you."

"You don't have to hit him. This time, four of his demon vassals have died. I know the location of their dungeons. Although Pandemonium will urgently dispatch demons and creatures, there will be fewer of them. Hit those places. It will be the true springboard for revenge."

"Springboard for revenge..."

"I don't wish to destroy humans. I just want to kill the other demons. Think carefully and act. I am not someone you should be hostile towards."

Right now, I didn't care about the dungeons of other demons. It was more important to buy some time. If I could buy a few months then that was enough.

The girin and humans would give me that time.

In addition, they could have a taste of power once they succeeded in capturing the dungeons. They might be able to start properly fighting back against other demons.

Girin made the decision to hit the dungeons of Pandemonium's vassals. In that case, I didn't need to stay here.


I turned around.

I didn't need to guide them anymore since there would be a leader. It would be better to maintain my 'mystique.'

Humans were like that. The more they didn't know, the scarier it was...or they were more inclined to follow the mysterious.



The humans panicked once I turned my back to them. Yoo Eun-hye was the first one to arrive.

"Wait a minute!"

Yoo Eun-hye was a lightning magic swordswoman. She could move as fast as lightning.

She glanced up into my eyes.

"Who are you? I have watched you. But I just don't know. Why do you feel so familiar?"

It felt like she wouldn't let me go until I answered. I was going to use a scroll to disappear from Mt. Baekdu but I opened my mouth first.

"You don't have the right to know yet."

"It is a familiar voice. Although it is familiar...I can't remember. My memory is foggy. Just...can't you tell me? How do I obtain the right to know?"

"Become stronger. All the humans should be beneath you. Once you deserve it, you will know everything that you want to know."

She had become stronger in one year and eight months. It couldn't be compared to before. However, that was just against the human standards. If she maintained this growth, it would only be a matter of time...I wanted her to grow faster.

Therefore, I pulled out two sheets of parchment.

The advanced training room tickets. A type of ticket that could be opened.

"If you want to become stronger then tear this when no one else is around. Convey the other one to the person with the most growth potential."

I wouldn't have given it if her growth was below expectations. But Yoo Eun-hye and Edward Windsor's growth had fulfilled it.

Unlike in my previous life, the humans couldn't be allowed to fall so easily. I would be able to gain a lot of benefits if they survived until the end.

It wouldn't be bad if Yoo Eun-hye emerged as the leader. The true power of humans came from their unity. She would become a focal point to destroying the demons and I would be controlling her from behind.

It wasn't a bad development.


Yoo Eun-hye glanced at the two pieces of parchment. She alternated between the parchment and I with tight lips. I left it at that.

'It is enough to make Pandemonium alarmed.'

He didn't know that I had returned. So it was possible he would send a large force after having contact with his demons broken. If the empty dungeons were raided then he would have to move.

In the process, there would be human casualties but the numbers wouldn't increase significantly. Even if they were close to extinction, Yoo Eun-hye and Edward would live. The moment they entered the training room, they wouldn't be able to come out until they cleared it.

"Roy. You will remain."

"Yes, yes?"

I made one more preparation. I would leave Roy here to watch. If the situation could be determined through Roy then it would make planning tactics much easier.

Rose placed her hands on her waist and scolded Roy.

"Didn't you hear what Master said? And don't you know that Master hates repeating things? Roy, I will take M3. Will you use me as a crutch every time? Fix that timid nature of yours!"

Even though he was her twin brother, Rose was heartless.

Roy seemed like he was about to cry. He couldn't refuse so he just stood there.

"Master. Are we going now?"

Rose showed no signs of being shaken at all.

I nodded and Rose handed me the scroll. I tore it.

At the same time...light flashed and both of us disappeared from Mt. Baekdu.

Yihi was the first to greet me after I returned to the dungeon.

"You came, Master."

She bowed and smiled. She was quiet but the awkwardness couldn't be erased. It was unconvincing acting.

"Have Chrisley and Tashmal returned?"

"Yes. They arrived two hours ago. Yihi carefully looked after them."

She covered her mouth and gave an 'ohoho' laugh. It was different from her usual 'yihihi'...I felt like a bug was crawling on my back.

"Before that, Master. Aren't you tired? Yihi brought you some honey water as a sign of sincerity."

Yihi reached out and a beautiful cup appeared from somewhere. It was a trick that she had learnt how to do.

"Please note that this cup was made by Yihi."

She had come a long way. Yihi didn't have a sense of design but that had changed over time.


I swallowed it. A refreshing feeling went down my throat.



Yihi quickly received the cup that I threw.

"I have to see Chrisley and Tashmal."

"Yes Master. Yihi is happy to guide you."

Yihi bowed respectfully once more before flying off.

Yihi's garden.

Chrisley and Tashmal were collapsed in a room like they were dead.

King bees buzzed around them noisily but they didn't budge.

'The quantity and quality of their magic power has risen.'

Tashmal's wings had grown bigger and Chrisley had a 'strange' magic power. But I wasn't certain about one thing.

How much did they grow?

I quickly opened Mind's Eye.

Name: Chrisley

Occupation Master Guardian (All stats + 5) Title

* Person with the Blood of a True Demonic Dragon (Epic, Intelligence +6, Magic +6)

* Blessed by the Moon (Ex U, Magic Power +8)

* Balanced (Epic, All stats +3)


Strength 72 (+8) Intelligence 94 (+14)

Agility 68 (+8) Stamina 68 (+8)

Magic Power 80 (+26)

Potential: (382+64/484)

Uniqueness: After going through some atrocities, the power of the true demonic dragon Aojin and the ark elf queen Shilla has been balanced with Ganak the King of Death.

Skill: Large Body Control (Ex U), Undead Manufacturing (Epic), Queen of the Sun and Moon (Epic), King of Death (Epic)

Skill and Item Effects: Death Wand (Ex U, Set, Magic Power +4)

Name: Tashmal

Occupation Fallen Angel Title

* Angel of Light Steeped in Darkness (Epic, Intelligence and Magic Power +6)

* Suffering and Awakening (Epic, Intelligence and Magic Power +5)


Strength 88 Intelligence 88 (+11)

Agility 90 Stamina 83

Magic Power 85 (+11)

Potential: (434+22/471)

Uniqueness: An angel that spread light into the world has now become a fallen angel. As a result of repeated suffering and enlightenment, she has become more complete.

Skill: Propagation of Darkness (Epic), Barrage of Dark Spears (Epic), Dark Thunder (Epic)

Item Effect: Firm Conviction (Ex U)

It was a tremendous growth.

It was a level that could face other high class creatures.

They might be even stronger.

They were at least between a high class 2Lv and 3Lv creature. This was more than I expected.

The vacancy left behind by Krasla still remained.

"Y-you came? My Dungeon Master..."

Chrisley noticed my presence and sat up. Her complexion was pale. In indirectly told me how hard her experience was.

"Take a rest."

"No. Seeing you after a long time...I am very happy."

"How long did you stay there?"

"I don't know. At least three years. Yet only a few days have passed here."

There was a complicated expression on her face. She didn't know whether to rejoice or mourn that it wasn't three years later.

"Good job. You have become stronger."

"I am glad to meet Master's expectations. Oh, and..."

Chrisley handed me a fragmented piece.

"It was given to me when I left the training room."

"There is a weird pattern."

The piece was heavy. It looked like parts of it had been forcibly cut off. Strange mural paintings were carved on it. I would only be able to confirm its identity once all the pieces were gathered.

Mind's Eye didn't give an explanation.

-Name - Piece of Balance

Description: A piece given after clearing the advanced training room. It is a piece of balance. There will be a special effect once all five pieces are placed together.

That was all it said. Either way, I needed to join the five pieces together.

There was a similar piece in Tashmal's arms.

'A piece of enlightenment.'

I had gathered two.

Two tickets were given to Yoo Eun-hye so I would have to recover them later.

At that moment, Chrisley unexpectedly fell to her knees.

"My Dungeon Master. In the future, I will be the sword that cuts down your enemies."

"Instead of Krasla?"

Krasla. He followed my orders like a sword. He solved everything ahead of anyone else.


Indeed. The vacant position had to be filled.

"Okay. You will be my sword and shield. Defeat my enemies in the future. And...I will give you Pandemonium's head."

"Thank you."

Chrisley bowed deeply.

Chrisley had lost Krasla and many dark elves due to Pandemonium finding my dungeon and attacking. The death of four demons couldn't fulfil her desire for vengeance.

It was just something small.

"Heal your body. I will be busy."

"My Dungeon Master. Can I hear your next move?"

I said with a laugh.

"I have to prepare for the Demon World Auction."

Demon World Auction!

Now that I had time, I needed to restore the dungeon and prepare for the Demon World Auction.