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Chapter 150: Guardian Deity (4)

Chapter 150: Guardian Deity (4)

Exactly 10 days.

Most of the creatures in South Korea were wiped out. The number of humans following me grew exponentially and reached 30,000.

And...I receive an achievement at the same time.

-The 'faith' of 30,000 humans has successfully been acquired for the first time.

The achievement is beyond what can be read. Looking for similar achievements and rewards.

0.001 achievement points will be obtained per person. The decimal points will be rounded up.

35 achievement points have been added.

There was something like this? The reward itself wasn't that great but the system window meant it was worth keeping an eye on.

If millions of people had faith in me then it would be possible to earn high achievement points. It didn't seem impossible when looking at the growing trend.

Of course, it would be faster to do other work but it could be considered a supplementary income.

There was nothing bad about it. Especially when it came to my achievements score.


It happened when we were nearing Busan. Many soldiers and armoured vehicles blocked the path in front of me. There were no helicopters or fighter jets visible. I heard that the demons had hit the air force bases was surprising that the ground troops still existed.

I hadn't read any news about them but now their motives were clear. They intended to get rid of the creatures.

The man talking into the loudspeaker was wearing a hat with three stars.

"We are planning to recapture Seoul! Cooperate!"

He added a few words but nothing was clear. They meant to force 'cooperation.'

"If you try to leave...!"

"Vicious scum! You pop out when the creatures disappear? What have you been doing up to this point?"

"Saviour-nim is the one who removed all the creatures!"

The reactions of those who followed me were quite intense. It seemed like during the full scale attack, they abandoned the people and retreated to a far corner.

The people had lost serious faith in the soldiers. The blood pressure of the survivors rose.

"The soldiers stand for South Korea! There were limited resources and no supplies, so the only way was to be self-sufficient. But now it is different. Once Seoul is reoccupied, you can live a comfortable life as before! The technology developed using the cores has been put into practical use! Awakened, cooperate with us! Let's recapture Seoul together!"

It was no different from an armed demonstration. The soldiers were trying to use the weapons to force the people. However, my side included a much larger number of Awakened.

They even had 'faith' in me.



The people spat and expressed their disbelief.

"Master. It is noisy. What is that thing?"

Rose frowned due to her sensitive ears.

"It is called a loudspeaker."

"Can I get rid of it?"


Instead of answering, I took one step forward.

At that moment, all the noise disappeared. The people complaining and the soldiers became silent.

But the atmosphere was just like before an explosion.


I made a huge sphere with Pride's flames. The round sphere of flames floated into the sky like a sun. The flames that were twice as large as an armoured vehicle constantly expanded and compressed.

I had 110 points in magic power. It was the highest of all my stats so even a low rated skill could offer more destructive power.

There was nothing to say if an epic grade skill was used.


I stretched out my hand and the compressed sphere hit a mountain.

A short explosion.

The mountain that was 700 metres tall unexpectedly evaporated.

An action that was impossible for current humans. It was something that couldn't even be called 'power.'


The soldier shouting through the loudspeaker was silent after seeing the scene. He wasn't the only one from among those watching.

There was nothing to say.

It was like a wonderful dream had just soared into the sky. They stared blankly.

This was a warning. If they made more noise then I would bury them.


"A god..."

Beyond a saviour, I now had the title of a god. The murmurs weren't only heard from the people behind me.

The soldiers. They were humans as well. I had learned about humans through the machine.

Every human was different but they still followed the same laws. I had already received their faith and the number of followers exceeded tens of thousands. My abilities were impossible to reproduce.



The soldiers started to drop their guns. Then like wildfire, all of them started putting down their arms. Those in the armoured vehicles came out with hands lifted. They had no intention of hostile behaviour.

"You! What are you doing?"

"D-didn't you see it? Humans can't disobey a god."

The soldiers were intensely agitated.


Just then, a scream was heard from near the mountain I blew up.

Kung! Kung!

A giant carrying a huge rod came rushing over. One of its two heads had disappeared but its presence was overwhelming.

A twin head ogre! One of the strongest creatures.

It had been attacked and wounded near the mountain. It breathed harshly as it ran uncontrollably.

At the very least, it was a species that common humans couldn't deal with. The twin head ogre had appeared after its habitat was destroyed. People instinctively felt fear because of its size and ugliness.


Thousand Wings expanded. Just like the name, the wings could fly in the air. I flew horizontally along the ground and bumped into the twin head ogre.


The twin head ogre had dull movements but great power. It probably had at least 100 points in strength.

But...that was the same for me.

105. It was higher than the twin head ogre.

I grabbed the hands holding the rod and pushed them away.

I felt the twin head ogre hesitate. It never imagined it would be pushed in a pure power struggle. Creatures and demons made a point of avoiding a strength contest with a twin head ogre.

But I engaged in a frontal attack. I didn't let go of the rod.


Soon the body of the twin head ogre was laying down on the ground. It tried to get up but it was off balance due to losing one head.

I pulled out the Emperor's Sword. And my sword cut through its neck.


Blood spurted but I didn't care. The twin head ogre stopped breathing.


"A guardian deity!"

Similar words emerged from their mouths.

Guardian deity? That name didn't really suit me.

I shook the blood off my sword and turned away.

Then I walked towards the soldiers.


All of the soldiers were tense. I moved slowly and didn't stop as I got closer.

Words weren't necessary. The soldier in the very front stepped aside. The other soldiers saw it and quickly moved their legs.

The dense group of soldiers parted and formed a road. As I walked through the centre, people started to follow.

I gathered all the required magic power for the wings. The creatures had dried up and the number of people increased to 40,000.

'It is time.'

Now it was time to open the summoning door.

In my previous life, the three legged crow had emerged. I knew the place where he was summoned. If I went to the same place and used Thousand Summoned Doors, it was highly likely that I would see the three legged crow.

The result of Thousand Summoned Doors depended on the specific time, place or object. At the very least, I needed to adjust the location.

I crossed the border to North Korea.

The situation in North Korea was worse than South Korea. I couldn't see any people at all. There was no one to block me so the march was much quicker.

The few creatures I encountered were wiped out.

After three days, I reached my destination.

I lifted my head and looked up at the mountain touching the sky.

Mt. Baekdu. I had arrived at my final destination.

Mt. Baekdu was foggy. My wings filled with a million magic power were noticeable even in the fog.

The people were nervous. They seemed to think this was the path to heaven.

A demon leading them to heaven. It was a delusion. Even if it was possible, I didn't want to open the door to take them there.

I just wanted to open the door. It was a demonstration that would confuse Pandemonium. Their desires were different from mine.

However, their 'origin' was needed. Their wish to be happy and go to heaven would be a great help in opening the summoning door.

"Thousand Summoned Doors."

I used the skill near a lake.

At that moment...


The wings scattered in every direction like smoke. They formed a circle in the air.

-The skill 'Thousand Summoned Doors' (Ex Epic) has been used.

The summoning door has been successfully opened!

There was a smile on my face. As if their souls were being sucked in, the magic power of the humans was dragged into the summoning door. It was a magic power created by their origin.

I wasn't certain whether the three legged crow would be summoned again.

However, the number of people here meant that the summoned creature certainly wouldn't be ordinary.

Jjeok! Jjeok!

The circle was torn open.

A large body passed through the circle and soon landed on the ground.

Its size was 30 metres. A slender body and four feet. A long face and fur.

The sharp eyes turned to me. It was asking who I was. There was a strong inquiring expression on its face.

It wasn't the three legged crow. It was totally different.

I studied the body of the creature.

It was unusual...

The summoned creature had nine tails.

The horn on its forehead made it seem like a unicorn but the flowing magic power felt very different. It was close to divine power but it was too ambiguous to call it divine power.

At first glance, it looked similar to a deer. However, the face resembled a dragon. It also had the feet of a horse so I doubted its identity.

Chimera? A chimera was made from various living creatures so it seemed to be similar.

But this creature was overflowing with health compared to a chimera.

I couldn't determine the identity. I confirmed it properly using Mind's Eye.

Name: Girin (TL: Korean version of qilin)


Strength 105 Intelligence 100

Agility 90 Stamina 80

Magic Power 105

Potential: (480/???)

Uniqueness: The name comes from a combination of two characters, 'Gi ()' for male and 'Rin ()' for female. It is a hairy beast in charge of sacred areas. It was originally born from the imagination of a god and the origin of many humans.

Skill: Consecration (Epic), Girin (Epic), Imagination Barrier (Ex Epic), ???, ???

Despite Mind's Eye being raised to an epic rating, there were still question marks. It wasn't unexpected since the flow of magic power was completely different.

'It originally did not exist.'

I stared at the words written in the uniqueness section. In other words, it was 'created.' If a real god was summoned then the balance would be disturbed. From what I had seen, the three legged crow ate dragons but the girin would be able to push back against it. It was similar to the three legged crow.


The girin cried out. Even the people far away became aware of its existence.


"Oh, a real guardian deity has appeared!"

The cheers only lasted a moment. The surrounding world started to reverse. Before I knew it, the sun split into nine and the mountaintop became a sea.

I immediately noticed the barrier.

A sacred deity. It noticed my essence and took an aggressive stance.

'I have the advantage in stats...'

The problem was the skills. The Imagination Barrier skill was Ex Epic and the following two skills were just question marks.

'I guess I can't just pass.'

The girin moved its huge body. The hooves of a horse stepped down on me.


At the same time, I struck.

Imagination Barrier. It was fake but it wasn't fake. Any wounds received here would actually hurt. The humans were isolated so the girin and I were the only ones within this barrier.

Humans outside the barrier were just watching my fight with the girin.

What should I do...?

There was a moment of distress. The answer was clear.

I pulled out the Emperor's Sword.

It was surrounded by a dark aura that swallowed all the light around it. The sunlight had increased by nine times but it better revealed Dark Sword's appearance.

"I'll tear off your fur and fix it for you."

It would have been easy before I went to the Underground World. I would have been soundly beaten. But I had now broken my limits. My feet moved forward.

Of course, I wouldn't kill it.

I needed to make it yield before it would follow my intentions.

The girin was the right creature to provoke Pandemonium. In addition, the girin seemed like a sacred existence if I just looked at the attitude of the humans. The girin also showed no moves to harm the humans.

The girin had a harmony with humans, meaning it would block Pandemonium and his creatures. If that happened, I could buy some time.


Numerous lightning strikes appeared in the clear sky.

I wouldn't be pushed in pure stats. Except for strength, everything else was high. But skills were just as important as stats. Imagination Barrier was more difficult than I thought.

It clearly showed the girin's imagination. Impossible miracles kept occurring in this place.


The girin used its nine tails and swallowed one of the nine suns. Then it inhaled and spat out the sun.


The approaching sun felt like it could swallow the world so I felt a little alarmed.

'I can't be careless.'

It seemed like a serious situation. If I was hit then it was likely I would end up in a shabby condition.


-Paranormal's blessing!

High magic power (110) and intelligence (105) calibration has increased the magic power rate by 1.2 times.

Magic Power +6 for 30 minutes.

It was different from the previous times. The efficiency of the item had increased due to my transcendent stats. It was like a craftsmen bringing out the potential of a tool.

Either way, my magic power reached 116 points. It was a shame for the girin...I would use my strength to smash the sun head on.

I made Pride's flames burn more intensely. Then I added the power of Lightning God to it. It was the power I previously used to destroy the titan.

'I won't be pushed back when it comes to output.'

Despite the imaginary work, I was the owner of a transcendental power. In the first place, transcendence meant going beyond reality so it wasn't greatly affected by imagination. was a little annoying.

The combination of Pride's flames and Lightning God's power was comparable to the sun. I threw everything at it.

Shortly after the sun hit... Kwarururung!

There was a huge explosion. The boundaries of the barrier were burnt and the illusion started to crack.


The overwhelming output couldn't be endured.

The girin was confused for a moment and raised its horns. The horns reinforced the barrier. The cracked barrier was restored to its original state.

'I will break it.'

The barrier was annoying. I continued to struggle against a variety of natural disasters. The ground sprang up or molten lava would come pouring out. It wasn't something a normal body could survive but it didn't end there.

I once again brought out Pride's flames. I was going to smash the barrier.