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Chapter 149: Guardian Deity (3)

Chapter 149: Guardian Deity (3)

Lee Ji-hye was puzzled.

"E-excuse me? Wait! Stop! Hey you, where did you get that? That mask is a symbol of our Devil Hunters' raid group!"

She took out a similar mask from her chest and waved it. She tried to follow but Rose blocked the path.

"Don't tail him!"

"Tail? No...rather, a dark elf...?"

Lee Ji-hye's eyes widened.

Dark elves!

She had traded with dwarves in the past, but the dark elves had always been aggressive. They were a creature to be cautious of inside the dungeon.

But now, dark elves were with a human. It was natural to be surprised.

Rose's small tongue poked out a little bit as she spoke.

"Fairy-nim said that I should stop women from twisting around Master. Bah, I can clearly see that you are uglier than Queen-nim."

Yihi would occasionally meet with Rose and would give her some advice. Many of those words were related to women.

Lee Ji-hye was confused to have a young dark elf talking to her like this.

"...What are you people doing here?"

"Humans call our Master a 'saviour.' He does what no one else can do!"


Lee Ji-hye turned around.

Almost all those here were following only one person.

They bowed down with their foreheads to the ground. The only word they shouted was 'Saviour.'

Rose flicked her head. She turned around.

"We are busy. If you want to follow then follow. Let's go, Roy."


Rose took Roy's hand and slowly walked away.

Yoo Eun-hye and Edward approached Lee Ji-hye with complicated expressions.

"Unni. What are we going to do?"

"I don't know. I guess the words heard on the radio were correct..."

Not all communication was dead. There was periodic communication with those distributing supplies, the ones in charge of warehouses and the people kept separated.

She heard that the 'Saviour' had come. It was only after arriving here that the Devil Hunters confirmed his identity.

"That person...he is familiar for some reason."

The masked man. Yoo Eun-hye gazed at his back.

He was a blunt man. Lee Ji-hye also looked at him.

"Have you forgotten? He is already dead. Even if he is dead, we have still survived."

" is Unni's decision. Devil Hunters' leader is Unni."

Yoo Eun-hye sighed. There were shadows under her eyes.

Lee Ji-hye contemplated for a while before nodding.

"We will join. There seem to be many Awakened. Having a lot of people will be helpful."

The invasion had been abrupt and proceeded very quickly. Demons and creatures. They knew what the weaknesses of humans were and occupied Korea.

The capital city was smashed before it even reacted. They didn't want to give time for the clever humans to unite together.

But...they still united. The humans gathered. If they could gather people then they didn't need to be afraid of the creatures.

'Who is he? Is he really a saviour?'

She didn't know. One thing was for certain, his strength was far beyond her imagination. He shattered a huge orc lord and hundreds of orcs. Yoo Eun-hye who was the strongest wouldn't be able to imitate his actions.

Although he felt familiar, it didn't make sense that he would be called a 'saviour.' Lee Ji-hye started to organize her thoughts.

Humans were scary.

Once they started believing in something, they wouldn't be able to see the depths around it.

They believed in their faith and that it was the way to glory. Of course, that belief could be a driving force that made them crave 'life.' However, it could also have the adverse effect of making fanatics.



Small sounds filled the area. It wasn't an orderly song. It was more like bizarre moaning.

"People are strange."

Edward said while looking around.

"It isn't strange."

Yoo Eun-hye denied his words.

At the moment, they were walking in the rear.

Only those with a strong belief in the saviour could stand near him.

"Noona, don't you think it is strange? It looks so weird..."

"Everything has fallen apart. It is gone. Just when they couldn't see anything...someone offered their hands. He is a saviour to them."

It was the reason Yoo Eun-hye had followed that man two years ago. Despite being dangerous and often disappearing, he was someone who shone brightly to her.

However, now he was gone. The world was already on the brink of destruction and he didn't show up when it was in danger.

Even when precious people died...or when his home was lost...

"Indeed, I would go crazy if Noona disappeared."

"Don't say something so strange. You have the power to live alone."

"So what if I have power? I don't want to...hehe."

Edward laughed with a playful expression. The atmosphere just then had seemed somewhat depressing.

Next to him, Lee Ji-hye gazed at the long procession and asked.

"Where are we going?"

The answer came from elsewhere.

"The land of heaven. Saviour-nim is leading us to a place with no worries."

A passerby said while shedding tears.

But Lee Ji-hye refuted these words.

"Don't you see the angels? They believe that it is more important to destroy the demons. Humans aren't a high priority."

"They are fake angels! Saviour-nim is the only one who knows the real road to heaven! According to Saviour-nim and his children, we can go to heaven."

"I am too young to go there already."

"You who lack faith! Do you still have doubts about Saviour-nim?"

Lee Ji-hye replied.

"I know that he is strong. He took care of the creatures that we couldn't so I am thankful. But it is unlikely that he is leading us to heaven."

The passerby sighed like he was grieving. Then other people joined and surrounded Lee Ji-hye.

"You don't deserve to be in this line!"



A fiery reaction. Lee Ji-hye was forced to panic at the sudden crisis.

"I am a heretic just because I don't believe? Wait a minute, stop!"

Lee Ji-hye couldn't stay still any longer because people started grabbing at her hair and clothes. The Devil Hunters raid team rescued Lee Ji-hye and confronted the group.

"Ugly woman!"

At that moment, a voice was heard.


"Ohh, Saviour-nim's child..."

It was like looking at Moses' miracle.

The people immediately gave way for the dark elf girl.

They stopped criticizing Lee Ji-hye.

The girl stood in front of Lee Ji-hye and the Devil Hunters.

"Master says we are moving. All the people around you as well! However, Rose won't forgive you if you stab Master in the back. Only Queen-nim can stay beside Master. Do you understand?"

They didn't know who Queen-nim was.

But the previous atmosphere had gone away.

Rose left after saying those words.




The people flattened their bodies like frogs and bowed.

"Unni. Let's go."

Yoo Eun-hye's voice broke through to Lee Ji-hye.

"Y-yes. Go..."

Lee Ji-hye swallowed her saliva and walked away.

She felt like she was walking into a lion's mouth.