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Chapter 148: Guardian Deity (2)

Chapter 148: Guardian Deity (2)

A large difference.

I collected 800,000 of the required one million magic power.

The number of creatures had shrunk so they were much more difficult to find now.

The number of humans joining increased steadily. It already exceeded 20,000. Some became tired in the middle and dropped out.

They wanted to know about me. But I had an invisible wall around me and nobody could approach.

'There is no need to reveal my identity.'

It wasn't necessary to reveal that I was a demon or the captain of Devil Hunters.

The important thing was the mystery. A veil was needed in order to sublimate my existence.

In that sense, Rose was quite helpful.

She maximized their curiosity and I became a 'religious' figure for some humans.

Putting their faith in a demon. It was funny but it wasn't bad considering what I needed to do in the future.

Their origins were essential for summoning the guardian deity I desired. The guardian deity would move to a certain extent in accordance with the origin of humans. If they followed me even more, I might be able to exert influence on the guardian deity.

I followed this plan and more of the faithful gathered as I moved.

Late in the evening.

Once a full moon hung high in the sky, I discovered a group of people fighting.

"Water Boom!"

"Torpedo Sword!"



There were 50 humans present. All of them were Awakened engaged in battle against a number of creatures.

I stared at some faces among them.

"Eun-hye! Behind you!"

"Leave the orc lord for me!"


The familiar names rang in my ears.

The Devil Hunters raid group.

I moved my eyes over the creatures. There were quite a lot left.

There were common orcs, orc shamans, orc warriors and orc lords. There were a staggering 1,000 orcs.

However, the humans had the numerical advantage after my appearance. There were over 10,000 people behind me.

I raised my hand to tell them to stay still.

At the same time.


Pride's flames were created in the air. I pointed my finger and a black fireball flew towards an orc lord.


A huge explosion. The orc lord and the nearby orcs evaporated without leaving a single trace behind.

"Ohh, Saviour-nim..."


Many of the humans following me kneeled down and watched. They had been marching for a few days. Their stomachs were hurting and their stamina was low. It was the same for the Awakened. The driving force that moved them was their faith in me.

To them I was a messenger of God, or maybe God himself. A person who would punish evil. The defender of justice. It was clear that I was a deep 'existence' inside their hearts.

A saviour who appeared after one year of suffering! It didn't matter if he dragged both dark elves and humans with him. Rather, the inhuman appearance made their faith even stronger.

The more cruel and cold I was, the more attracted the humans became to me. It was a little odd but in the end, they wanted a monster.

A real monster to annihilate the monsters!

'It fits me.'

A hunter should know the monsters well. So I should be a monster. In that sense, I would fulfill their faith.

As far as I knew, humans have never put their faith in a demon. Demons normally made them feel anger, fear, etc.

It was a funny feeling but it wasn't bad.


The wings that absorbed the magic power were exquisite. They already exceeded five metres in length. Once I injected magic power into the wings, hundreds of small fireballs would pop out.

The skill'Pride'and Thousand Wings could be used together.

Kwang! Kwang! Kururung!

The fireballs hit the ground. The ground shook like an earthquake was occurring and there was a thick fog.



200 orcs were wiped away at once and the attention of the orcs turned towards me. An orc lord whose body was burnt enough to see the bones ran over with a big sword.

The Devil Hunters were busy dealing with their own opponents.But the orc lord never reached me.

Chaeeng! Puok!

M3 consecutively took down two orc lords.

In the aftermath of the fight, it was tired and injured but M3's strength was quite amazing.

"How dare an ugly orc run towards Master?"

"T-that's right."

Rose puffed angrily with both hands on her waist. Next to her, Roy gave a small nod.

In the meantime, the Devil Hunters raid group was still moving. Despite being pushed numerically, they used wise and resourceful methods. Being able to grasp an opportunity was a skill itself.

"Eun-hye! Water Boom!"

"Electronic Shock!"

The water magician Lee Ji-hye. She used a huge ball of water to form a bomb. Yoo Eun-hye followed with an intense burst of electricity. The combination caused a significant explosive power.



The water bomb exploded and then the electricity hit the water droplets on the orcs. The electricity penetrated their bodies and 30 orcs shook before collapsing.

Edward jumped between the panicking orcs. Every time he swung his longsword, an orc's head flew into the air.

The other team members weren't as good as these three. Out of the Awakened I had seen so far, they were the best.

'Great growth.'

After unintentionally leaving, Devil Hunters had become more solid. I decided to stop intervening in their battle and used Mind's Eye.

Name: Yoo Eun-hye

Occupation Hero (Lightning Magician) Title

* Dozen Lightning Strikes (R, Magic Power +4)

* Enlightened Lightning Spirit (U, Magic Power +7)

* Laid the Foundations for a Magic Swordsman (U, Strength, Agility and Stamina +3)


Strength 55 (+3) Intelligence 78

Agility 63 (+3) Stamina 61 (+3)

Magic Power 66 (+11)

Potential: (323 +20/423)

Uniqueness: Has received the protection of the spirit of lightning. A state received after being hit by lightning and standing in the doorway between life and death.

Skill: Lightning Sword (Ex U), Electronic Shock (U), Enhanced Strength (U, Passive)

Name: Lee Ji-hye

Occupation Hero (Water Magician) Title

* Walking on Water (U, Intelligence and Magic Power +4)


Strength 33 Intelligence 75 (+4)

Agility 29 Stamina 32

Magic Power 75 (+4)

Potential: (244+8/277)

Uniqueness: None

Skill: Water Barrier (Ex R), Water Boom (U), Water Mind (Ex U)

Name: Edward Windsor

Occupation Hero (Warrior) Title

* Warrior Pushed to a Corner (Ex U, Strength +8)

* Weapon Destroyer (U, Strength and Stamina +4)


Strength 67 (+18) Intelligence 49

Agility 60 Stamina 74 (+4)

Magic Power 41

Potential: (291+22/441)

Uniqueness: Chosen by the cursed sword 'Breaker.'

Skill: No Pain (U), Weapon Destruction (Ex U), Sprint (Ex R), Melee (U)

Skill and Item Effects: Magic Sword Breaker (Ex U, Strength +6)

The growth of Yoo Eun-hye and Edward Windsor was great. When simply looking at their stats, they had more than doubled. There were even moderately high grade skills so I could see how hard they pushed themselves.

They were worthy of being some of the strongest humans before I came back. Although Yoo Eun-hye was still weaker than me, I wasn't judging her against myself.

In her current condition, she would be able to fight against advanced creatures. In fact, Yoo Eun-hye was challenging an orc lord.


"Crazy orc scum! Don't suddenly pop out!"

She kept talking while fighting the orcs.

All of the team members were exhausted after the battle. Still, they were looking with interest at my side.

There was no other options. The humans following behind me like a religion were enough to reverse the situation...

The first one to approach was Lee Ji-hye.

"Thank you for the help. I am the temporary captain of the Devil Hunters raid group, Lee Ji-hye."

Lee Ji-hye extended her hand.

I was currently wearing Infinity Armour and Thousand Wings. There was also a skull mask so she failed to notice my identity.

Certainly, my 'outer' appearance had changed. My stature had increased so they probably wouldn't be able to easily notice.

I stared at her hand before turning around.